Baccarat Betting System

Baccarat Deluxe – a game that has ruled the casinos for decades remains as popular as it once was. This thrilling game garners a lot of attention and speculation for its unbreakable structure. You can find it any brick-and-mortar casino, and it is widely available at online casinos along. We are yet to find a single casino goer who has not tried Baccarat.

If you know how to play Baccarat, you must be aware that Baccarat does not have a high casino house edge. While a player can walk away with a cash prize at times with or without a proper strategy, baccarat, along with any game with a casino house edge, is designed to burn a hole in pockets in the long run.

However, there are Baccarat betting systems and strategies that can help you in beating the Baccarat structure that can increase your chances of walking away as a winner.

Let’s find out these Baccarat strategies that will teach you how to win at Baccarat.

Strategies Of Baccarat

Before we look at specific baccarat betting strategies, let’s discuss some general strategies. Baccarat is a game of chance; no matter what approach you use, you cannot guarantee yourself a win. However, you do have control over the money that you are willing to wager.

If you have a bankroll to burn, by all means, you can spend it the way you want. But if you don’t, set a betting limit for yourself and stop once you have utilized your betting budget.

Remember, the house edge on a banker bet is 1.06%, while on a player wager, it is 1.24%. This means that in the long-run, you will win more, making banker bets than making player bets. However, if you win on a banker’s bet, you will pay a 5% commission. The end decision to choose the bet lies on you.

Also, a player should never bet on a Tie. Read and remember this as a mantra and tell it to any baccarat player you meet. With a house edge of 14.36%, your odds at winning big are narrow.

In general, most of these betting systems are based on two betting strategies- flat betting and progressive betting.

In a flat betting strategy, you decide a flat rate that you will bet on every hand, regardless of the outcome.

Progressive betting has two types:

In positive progression, you increase your wager every time you win and decrease it when you lose.

In negative progression, you decrease your bet every time you win and increase it whenever you lose.

Now, let’s move on to some of the most popular baccarat betting systems.


Martingale betting system is a mix of flat betting and negative progression betting systems. Proponents of the Martingale system suggest that a player makes a flat bet for every win, and double the amount in case of a loss.

This means that whenever you win, you will have a positive balance. For example, if you initially bet $5 and then lose four times consecutively increasing, you bet every time. But after that, when you win, you will win $160. However, because you lost four times, you have already lost $155 ($5+$10+$20+$40+$80). The idea of The Martingale betting system is that when you finally win, you will recover all the money that you wagered, and win the same additional amount as your initial bet.

However, the Martingale system as some very glaring cons that a player should know before utilizing this strategy:

If you enter a losing streak, and your bankroll finishes before you hit a win, you end up losing all the money you wagered.

Even if you have a considerably large bankroll, you might exceed the total limit that your casino allows and hence end up losing all your money.

Hence, this system is only recommended for short betting rounds and small profits.


Paroli betting system is one of the oldest Baccarat betting systems and is a mix between progressive betting and flat betting. However, unlike Martingale, Paroli has a positive progression. The benefit of learning the Paroli betting strategy is that a player can apply to various casino card games like Roulette, Bo, Pai Gow poker, etc. The betting system has existed since the 400 years, and we believe that its popularity is because of its easing and simplicity.

In the Paroli betting system, you need to decide your first bet. This bet can be anything that you choose, but ideally should not be more than 2% of your total bankroll. Now, if you lose, you make a flat bet. But if you win, you double your bet. You can increase your chance every time that you win; however, an experienced will only double for three consecutive wins. If you have a win on three successive bets, you will end up with seven times your initial stake.

However, like any other Baccarat strategy, Paroli offers no guarantee of a favorable outcome. Baccarat is a game of chance and is unpredictable. In case you enter a losing streak, you will likely end up with an empty bankroll.

However, the idea is to make a small initial bet and only double when you win. This has the potential to give you small wins. Unlike Martingale, Paroli does not have negative progressions, so the losses are minimized.

D’Alembert system

Derived from the martingale system, D’Alembert system, designed by mathematician Jean le Rond d’Alembert, takes up a mathematical approach to winning Baccarat. The D’Alembert betting system works when a player has an even number of wins and losses for a bet.

According to this, you increase your bet by one unit every time you lose and decrease by one unit every time you win. One unit here does not mean $1. One unit here is your initial bet.

For example, if you start with $1 as one unit:


So as you can see, when you bet $3 and win, $2 is your next bet.

So unlike the martingale system where you had to double your bet every time you lost, in D’Alembert, you have to increase your bet by one unit only. This system, thus, minimizes the loss that you can make.

However, like any other betting system, a game of chance cannot be predicted, and you can end up with a losing streak.


Labouchere is another negative progression method and was developed initially for roulette. The off-putting thing about the Labouchere system lies in its complexity.

The Labouchere betting system is based on a sequence of numbers decided by you. It can be any sequence, although we suggest using smaller numbers. You will wage your first and last number in the series, and if you win, you remove those numbers. But if you lose, you add your first and last number and put that in the sequence.

For example, if you make a sequence of 1,2,3. You will place a wager of $4 ($1+$3). So if you win the bet, cut off 1 and 3 from your sequence, but if you lose, add 4 (1+3) to the series.

You always have to bet the addition of the first and last number in the sequence, unless you have only one number remaining. If that is the case, then you wager that value alone. If you win that bet, you will have to start a new cycle.

The Labouchere Baccarat strategy aims to finish the chain of numbers. The problem is that if you enter a losing streak, your bets will increase rapidly.

Labouchere system is hard to understand, but it allows you to be flexible. You can always tweak your initial sequence and hence adjust the risk that you are willing to take.


A great strategy amongst Roulette players, Fibonacci, can be applied to other even-odd casino games, such as baccarat, as well. It is also a negative progression strategy, like Martingale and Lebouchere. It is less aggressive than Martingale, so the losses are lower. In addition to this, it is not as complicated to understand as the Lebochere strategy.

The idea behind the Fibonacci strategy for baccarat is to use the Fibonacci sequence. In the Fibonacci sequence, each number is the sum of the preceding numbers. The Fibonacci sequence in betting looks like:


While Fibonacci can start with zero, in betting, it begins with a 1. Again, in this strategy, you have to decide the value that each unit holds before you start playing.

You will wager one unit in your first turn; then, if you lose, you bet the next number in the sequence. So you bet one unit in your second turn. If you lose again, you bet two units, then three units, and so on – until you win.

If you win, you lower your bet by two numbers. Reducing your bet by two units applies to all situations except if you win on the first number.

For example, if you win when you bet five units, in your next bet, you will lessen your bet by two numbers, meaning now you will bet two units.

What Is The Best Betting System For Baccarat?

The best betting system for Baccarat is the one the player chooses. Now, the million-dollar question, which is the best Baccarat betting system amongst all? Well, every player chooses his/her betting strategy according to what suits them in different situations. Not every player will choose that betting strategy that you prefer because of his bankroll or his personal preference.

Despite what betting strategy you use, the problem with any game of chance is that they are unpredictable. A player can follow strategies to the tee and still end up losing.

What you can do to minimize losses is only betting what you are willing to lose. If you are bent on winning, choose to play online slots because they have a better RTP than Baccarat or Blackjack because it is beatable. But while playing Baccarat, keep an open mind about losing. Some people fear that they might be getting cheated in an online casino game; however, if you play Bitcoin provably fair at Bspin studios, you can check the fairness of the game.

What we can assure you of that having a strategy will make you keep a cool head. You will not have to worry about what bet you should make at every hand. Hence, we advise all players to have a strategy.

Now once you have chosen your strategy, it is time to get rolling. If you are playing at an online casino, like, you can read tips to win in an online casino to have better chances.

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