Top 10 Best Gambling Tattoo Designs You’ll Ever See

Did you think that tattoos are only for athletes and artistes? Well, sorry to prove you wrong. Gamblers have a beautiful way of showing their love for the game. Gambling tattoos can be designed in so many ways and have several themes. If you’re not getting the slot machines design, you’ll see playing cards, poker, dice, money, sexy women, roulette wheels, and so many other brilliant ideas. Some will even contain a witty phrase about gambling and Las Vegas.

Let’s take a look at some of the coolest tattoo images that I’ve found.

Life’s a gamble

Lifes a gamble. Image source: Pinterest

Indeed, life is a massive casino with different casino players from various works of life. The size of this gambling tattoo, coupled with the color red’s sparing use, makes it super cute. Although tattoo only uses a pair of dice and some playing cards, it covers the casino’s ideas being a thing by comparing it with life itself.

Roulette Wheels

Roulette Wheel tattoo. Image source: Pinterest

This tattoo is specifically for Roulette lovers. This one covers everything about the Roulette game. Anyone who sees this wouldn’t need to ask you what it is for. The placement is top-notch, the colors, the shading, everything about this tattoo looks appealing to the eyes.

Lady Luck

Lady Luck tattoo. Image source:

Some say she’s the goddess of good fortune. Others have proven it and believe it to be true. Whichever tale is accurate, I think the image of the woman makes every tattoo beautiful. Have this tattoo on your playing hand and maybe with some luck, you could win thousands of dollars or hundreds of Bitcoin.

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Las Vegas-themed

Las Vegas tattoo. Image source: Pinterest

Well, you can argue that casino games aren’t centered around Las Vegas, but one thing you can’t do is take Las Vegas out of casinos. This gambling tattoo artist isn’t the usual tattoo artist, I guess. It looks like they’re probably casino lovers themselves. The artistry is top-notch, the inking, shading, design, everything about this tattoo screams “SUPERB.”

Ace of Spades

Ace of Spades tattoo. Source: Next Luxury

Like the Lady Luck, the Ace of Spades tattoo is a gambling tattoo associated with good luck and fortune. Although there’s a misconception that notorious people, prostitutes, strippers, and gangs wear the tattoo, it doesn’t take away its ability to add beauty to your body and good luck charm to your casino experience. So, express your love for gambling with a few beautifully placed Aces.

King and Queen of hearts

King and Queen of Hearts tattoo. Image source: Styles at life

This is the kind you can proudly wear with your spouse or your lover. It doesn’t depict any card or any detail too closely related to a casino tattoo. It just shows the king and queen sign and symbol. Both the wearer and the artist of this tattoo have a cute sense of style.

Sleeve tattoo

Sleeve tattoo. Image source: Pinterest

A sleeve tattoo design can go from anything depicting card games, Roulette Wheels, playing cards, Slot machines, or just anything other tattoo ideas to help with gambling addiction. Gambling tattoos should speak more than just the tattoo design, they should be able to pass a message too, and that’s exactly something you can use this tattoo for. Your tattoo design can cover the full length of your arm or just your forearm. Whatever you’re choosing, just ensure that it’s passing smart information about gambling and the casino.

Gamblers Tattoo

Gambler tattoo. Image source:

Gambling tattoos can come in any design. This one covers everything about the casino and even has an inscription of Las Vegas to crown it all. The only thing missing here, in my opinion, is the dice. Nothing tells the gambling story than the dice. It’s an all-black tattoo design with flames at the ending part of it to depict some casino games’ fiery nature and the feelings they leave you with.

Don’t gamble with love.

Gambling with love. Image source. Tattooswin

What better way to show your restrictions and limits in gambling than to have it across your chest? Gambling comes with many risks, whether you’re doing it with your business, education, or romantic relationship. This list will not be complete without adding this gorgeous gambling tattoo. It passes sensible information and to make it more relatable to casino players, it also features dice, cards, and the heart. This tattoo design is just like the other Lifes-a-gamble tattoo that was mentioned earlier.

Joker tattoos

Joker. Image source: Pinterest

Gambling cannot be complete without the joker. Seeing joker cards alone can brighten up your mood even if you’re losing. There’s always a smart trick you can perform with them. In this tattoo design, we see the joker rolling dice at the Roulette Wheel. Gambling tattoos should be able to represent your person, style, and choice. Some people have Joker tattoos on because they believe that they have a great sense of humor.

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Gambling tattoos are meant to help you express your love for the casino and favorite games. However, there are certain gambling tattoo ideas that also just use casino themes to express other feelings.

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