10 Best Poker Movies on Netflix

Do you like gambling and the thrill of winning exciting rewards? The game brings with itself a lot of excitement and risk at the same time. If you have not yet visited casinos due to budget then look no further than this list of best gambling movies.

Poker movies or gambling movies offer the same amount of thrill and excitement as a real casino. You can enjoy a lot of these Poker Movies. Before moving ahead also checkout Intertops casino review.

So sit back, relax, and choose one of these poker movies.

(1) Croupier

Croupier is a poker movie that brings forward the mindset of a professional dealer. This film delves deep into the dark side of a poker game and poker players. It also paints a different portrait of casinos.

The poker movie revolves around an aspiring writer known as Jack Manfred. He takes up the job of a croupier to manage his day to day expenses.

However, he soon finds himself drawn to the casino world in the lust of making big money. He starts drinking and the gambling job soon takes upon his life.

What follows is even worse in this movie. He cheats on his girlfriend and sleeps with a fellow croupier for a casino policy. Her girlfriend finally finds about it through his book and also breaks up with him.

The director of this movie is Mike Hodge. He narrates the story from the perspective of the dealer. This story is different from other casino movies as it does not talk about the lavish luxury that casinos follow in Las Vegas.

This movie shows the small card rooms found in London. In this movie, a rough gambling world is shown to you. It allows you to see the poker world separated from the luxury of gambling.

Croupier Gambling movies on Netflix

(2) James Bond: Casino Royale

This movie is a spy comedy movie. James Bond after his retirement goes on a mission to find out the reason behind the disappearance of other spies.

If you like mysterious poker movies then this one is the perfect fit for you.

James goes on to find out that many agents all across the world have been defeated by their enemies due to one weakness that is sex.

However Bond is successful in rejecting the sexual advances of many gorgeous women he meets in the movie. As a result of this, he ends up befriending a LADY Fiona who then assists him to track Le Chriffe. Do not forget to also check out our choices for online casinos that will help you to earn money from the comfort of your homes.

He is the main culprit in the movie who raises money for terrorists by cheating in the casino game Baccarat.

James Bond: Casino Royale

(3) Ocean 11

This Netflix casino movie is a remake of the classic Rat Pack comedy movie. This movie does the work of both an action movie as well as a comedy movie.

The movie cast includes Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Matt Damon, Andi Gracia, Bernie Mac, and Don Cheadle.

This movie about gambling has about eleven professional criminals. The criminals are on a mission to collect 150 million dollars from a bank. The bank has the money from the casinos of Las Vegas.

The owner of these casinos is Terry Benedict. He is dating Tess. Tess is the old girlfriend of Dan who is the Ocean 11 leader. The plot of the movie is quite simple and can be easily understood by people.

This makes the entire movie more personal. However, you will find many funny instances in this movie.