The Best Poker Players In The World

No matter what the game is, there will always be a list of individuals who stand out in that field and have made a name for themselves. So, let’s talk about poker today! A game based on mathematical frequency, cognitive skills, and a pinch of luck. Many people have been in sucked into the world of this game and came out bankrupt and homeless. However, on the parallel, some have a passion for this card game and have become prominent figures when it comes to the infamous game called poker.

The question of who is the best poker player of all time is a hugely subjective one, and it varies from person to person. Some might say it is Bryn Kenny because of his nonstop winning streaks, but others may believe that it is Fedor Holz for his impeccable skills and poker face, no pun intended. However, leaving subjectivity aside, the only way to rank the capabilities of poker players is through their winnings. Whoever makes the most is the best poker player.

This article focuses on the top ten best poker players, which include some fascinating and skillful individuals such as, Justin Bonomo, Daniel Negreanu, Erik Seidel, Johnny Chan, and many more.

Who Are The Best Poker Players?

In the world of cards, chips, and a deal button, a question that will always remain is who the best poker players are? The reason why that is is that answering this question is different for everyone. Numerous aspects go into assessing the poker rankings. To make a decision, one must inspect the player’s ability to evaluate an opponent, their capacity to control their nerves under pressure, the amount of cash they have won in a tournament, and so much more. Lucky for you, you will not have to go through the tedious task of doing that because we have done that for you. Take a look at who the best poker players are, the number of poker tournaments they won, and their achievements in the thrilling game of poker. Let’s see how much cash they have reeled in their way!

Bryan Kenny (Net Worth: $5.5 Million)

Bryan Kenny

Born and raised in New York, Kenny always had a passion for playing poker. He first started his poker career with online poker players, under an account he made with his mother’s name when he was seventeen years old. As soon as Kenny turned eighteen, he registered under his name and started on his journey to becoming a full-fledged poker player. Kenny had become so involved with the game of poker, the payrolls, and the feeling of accomplishment he got from playing poker tournaments that he dropped out of college just after a few weeks and jumped straight into building a professional career for himself in the field of poker. Lucky for him, this decision was not all wrong for him; he excelled very quickly.

Through a series of poker games, he was adding to high bank balance with $20,000 to over $1,000,000. His winning streak was going on for quite a while until he took a hit of $2.5 million. Kenney started the year with under 30,000,000 in career cash, but in the last six months, it has made $28,890,525 in live tournaments. In 2014 Kenney won the first of many WSOP bracelets at the $1,500 10-Game Mix 6-Handed event. Over the years, he has excelled in his career as a professional poker player; he has made seven final tables and has cashed around 32 times. Not only that, but he came 28th place in the WSOP main event in 2010. When asked in an interview whether he believed that poker was a skill or a game of luck, he responded that poker is a game that is mostly of power. It includes the mathematical decisions made in it and the cognitive essence. However, there is a spray of luck involved in it, too, in the short-run.

To this date, when it comes to the player who has made the most money while playing poker is Bryan Kenny, he has accumulated a total net worth of $5.5 million, which he gained through a series of poker tournaments. Some of his biggest winnings include $1,946,911 from the €100,000 No-Limit Hold ’em – Super High Roller Eight MaxPoker Stars Championship main event in 2017. He also won a considerable cash storm of $1,687,800 while crushing $100,000 No-Limit Hold ’em – Super High Roller 8-Handed PCA, in 2016. His most significant winnings do not just stop there, in 2018 he won a cash prize of $1,484,024 while defeating some of the greatest players in the world during HK$2,000,000 + 100,000 No-Limit Hold ’em Super High Roller Bowl China. It proves that you can most definitely get rich from poker if you are the best at it!

Justin Bonomo (Net Worth: $4.4 Million)

Justin Bonomo

Much like Bryan Kenny, Justin Bonomo, too, was fascinated by the experience of playing at a big green table at a very young age. Bonomo had realized his calling to the game at the age of 16 years old when he skillfully multiplied a $500 deposit at Paradise Poker into a massive $10,000 load of cash! Ever since then, this man knew that professional poker was the way he had to go. Throughout his career, he depended on many tips and tricks to good at poker. While entering a match, he always knew his position and would never flop for free; he would take his opponents to such a point that they would fold just through his confidence. It was not until 2018 when he took the spot of number 1 on the All-Time Money Win, with his impressive triumph during 2018 WSOP $1 million Big One for One Drop. His winning streak did not just stop there, the three-time winner of the WSOP Bracelets increased his poker ratings with ten times winning streak in various high profile series of poker tournaments all across the world, in many of them he made it to the main event.

Up against some of the greatest players in the world, this ultimate player brought home $5,000,000, while playing in Las Vegas during the $300,000 No-Limit Hold ’em Super High Roller Bowl, in 2017. In another tournament, Bonomo managed to win $4,823,077 during HK$2,000,000 + 100,000 No-Limit Hold ’em Super High Roller Bowl China. In 2019 the best poker player was Bonomo, but he dropped down to third place, however in less than a year, he has brought his net-worth up to $44 million, Justin Bonomo is not so far behind from being number once again.

Daniel Negreanu (Net Worth: $41.8 Million)

Daniel Negreanu

The king known by the name of Kid Poker had always dreamed of being rich; no matter what that source of income was, he just wanted to be a wealthy individual. When he turned 16, he threw himself into small scale snooker tournaments where he ended up meeting influential people who lead him into the path of big games, poker. Since it was Negreanu’s lifetime dream to become rich, he dropped out of college and dedicated his life entirely to playing professional poker. Much like others, Negreanu had to work extremely hard in the field until he caught his big break. He decided to move away from his home town in Canada to Las Vegas to fulfill his dreams, but after only a year, he was bankrupt and had to hit the curb.

He returned to Canada, but he still had a passion for poker, so he did not quit on the game entirely, he returned to Las Vegas and finally got his big break. Kid Poker was then known as the youngest person to win the WSOP bracelet while playing a WSOP main event, and over the years, he has collected five more WSOP Bracelets!

He has made quite a name for himself, in the world of poker, through his poker figures from 2004- 2013. With his uncanny ability to read a player, Daniel Negreanu has completed many series of poker games. over the years, tournament after tournament, he has managed to put aside a cash figure of 41.8 million. You must be wondering which games he won to get to such a grand number, well here they are. In 2014 he won the $1,000,000 No-Limit Hold ’em – The Big One for One Drop WSOP main event in Las Vegas, where he received a total winning of $8,288,001. Then he headed on over to the world series of poker where he was bombarded with a cash prize of $300,000 in the $300,000 No-Limit Hold ’em Super High Roller Bowl. With each tournament he plays, greater success comes his way.

Dan Smith (Net Worth: $36.7 Million)

Dan Smith

Another great talent who has an everlasting passion for poker is no other than Dan Smith. His growing love is not only aiding him in winning one poker tournament after the other match, but also pushing him up in the All-Time Money List. Over the years, Smith was doing alright in the field of poker, but it was not until 2012 when his career took a massive turn for the better. He was victorious in the Aussie Millions Poker Championship $100,000 NHLE, a poker tournament that included some of the best poker players in the industry. That night after winning, Smith slept peacefully, knowing that he has a load of $1.04 in his bank account. Ever since that win, it has been nothing but upwards acceleration for this man.

Over the years, Dan Smith has earned a total of 36.7 million dollars, and that could not have been if he had not picked poker as his profession. The game of mathematics, skills, and observation had him winning a world series of poker games, and each poker tournament had its thrill for Smith! In 2014 he played the WSOP Main Event, finished 20th among other players, and won a prize of $286,900. His most recent triumph was that of winning  WSOP Big One for One Drop for $4 million, followed by cashing in a 3rd place payday of $8,765,628 at the Triton Million.

Fedor Holz (Net Worth: $32.6 Million)

Fedor Holz

Although he does not have the highest net-worth, when it comes to the best poker player of all time, Fedor Holz has to be the one. He not only uses his smartness to his advantage during a poker tournament, but he uses precision and skills too. So, if you are wondering if you have to be smart to be a poker player, the answer is yes, but smartness is not everything you have to have tactics and skills too. This 25-year-old genius has taken part in poker tournament after poker tournament and won vast chunks of cash within a year. It is without a doubt that in 2016-2017 was most definitely a year to remember for poker players all around the world.

His recent accomplishments include finishing in second place after the 2nd highest poker player in the world, Justin Bonomo. Holz won $6 million in the tournament, $1,000,000 No-Limit Hold ’em – The Big One for One Drop WSOP, in Las Vegas, 2018. Fedor Holz has played against many great players on multiple occasions, such as the $1,000,000 No-Limit Hold ’em – The Big One for One Drop WSOP, where he won $4,981,775. Not only did he win a cash prize during that poker tournament, but Holz also won his first WSOP Bracelet. Taking part in many world series of poker, this young man has undoubtedly made a name for himself and has cashed in a high payroll over the years. Holz’s net-worth is equivalent to $32.6 million, and it keeps increasing. Let’s see which great poker players have to face this young talent next.

Stephen Chidwick (Net Worth: $31.1 Million)

Stephan Chidwick

Chidwick is the kind of person who is on the down-low. There is not much to tell about his history, how he got into poker, or what his earlier experience was. Quite a mysterious, right? However, many players in the world of poker do acknowledge the fact that Stephan Chidwick is, without a doubt, an exceptional player. Takin part in world series of poker and winning masses of tournaments, Chidwick has attained magnitudes of winnings. In today’s world, Stephen Chidwick is currently worth $31.1 million. Now the question is, what did he do to gather so much over the years?

This man got rick from poker because of hard-work, passion, and determination. All his efforts were paid off when he got the first of many world series of poker bracelets, also known as the WSOP bracelets. He was handed this bracelet in 2019 WSOP. Not only does he depend on real tournaments, but he has also made banks because of his impeccable skills, which playing poker against online players, through various high profile online poker sites.

Phil Ivey (Net Worth: $26.2 Million)

Phil Ivey

Some might know him as Phil Ivey, but others know him as the Tiger Woods of the poker world! He entered into the card game with a bang, he won his first WSOP bracelet in 2000, and he did not stop there. He continues to gain nine more. Phil Ivey centered his winnings around the premise of Australia, where he made more than $1 million in several games against experienced players.

Although he quit the game in the middle, that did not put a halt on his earrings, Phil Ivey continued to grow his net-worth. Ivey has accumulated a total net worth of $26.2 million, and it is still growing. How is that possible, because of poker tournaments, Some of his greatest achievements till this date include $3,582,753 from the $250,000 No-Limit Hold ’em – $250,000 Challenge Aussie Millions Poker Championship, in 2014. Before that success, he banked $2,058,948 from $250,000 No-Limit Hold ’em – $250,000 Challenge Aussie Millions Poker Championship. His most recent winning was of $1,710,854 through $245,000 + 5,000 – The LK Boutique Challenge Aussie Millions Poker Championship.

Phil Hellmuth (Net Worth: $23.0 Million)

Phil Hellmuth

Ranking on number 19 of the All-Time Money is Phil Hellmuth, who categorizes himself as a professional poker player. Throughout his ongoing career, Hellmuth has collected 15 WSOP bracelets, out of which 13 of them were, which he won through Texas Hold’Em.

Hellmuth’s total net-worth is 23 million and is still growing. Some of the major poker tournaments and events that contributed to his growing net-worth include $10,000 No-Limit Hold ’em World Championship, where he won a prize of $755,000 and the 7-Card Stud tournament in the world which led to a $106,250 rise in his payroll.

If you want to give poker a try, why not play online and learn as much as you can about it!

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