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Bitcoin casinos have skyrocketed in popularity in the past few years. There are lots of reasons why people are flocking towards bitcoin casinos. If you’re someone who just started out fresh in the online betting industry, bitcoin casinos are famous for giving free bitcoin bonuses and free spins to their customers. Not only that, but people love the privacy that comes with bitcoin casinos since you can withdraw, deposit, and win prizes while remaining anonymous at the same time!

Here are some bonuses that The Best Bitcoin Casinos offer!

10 free spin, 20 free spins, 25 free spins, 50 free spins, and great first deposit bonuses.  You name it and it's there!

Here’s some of the bitcoin bonus and free spins that TBBC offers:

Get 100% up to $100 + $88 no deposit bonus at Monte Casino

Get 100% up to $150 deposit bonus + 50 free spins at Play

Up to $500 deposit bonus + 50 free spins at Royal

Slots Casino: 100% up to $100 deposit bonus + 200 free spins

Get 10 no deposit free spins + 100% up to $200

Claim a 100% deposit bonus up to $250 + free spins

Claim a 100% deposit bonus up to $250 + free spins

Lucky Casino: Up to €800 deposit bonus & 100 free spins

Monte Casino: 10 free spins + $100 deposit bonus

Spades Casino: 200% up to $200 deposit bonus + up to 200 free spins!

Get 100% match deposit bonus up to $100 + 100 free spins

Get 100% up to $150 deposit bonus + 50 free spins at Space

Looking for more bonuses? We got you covered, here’s the complete list of bitcoin bonus and free spins from The Best Bitcoin Casinos that you can in the site.

Why Use Bitcoin Casinos?

Well, there are different benefits that you can get from using bitcoin casinos rather than having to go to websites that straight-up ask for flat currencies that you might have. Let’s look at the advantages that using bitcoin online casinos can give you:

Speedy Transactions

Let’s say that you’ve made a lot of winnings. If you’re going to be making a withdrawal with your traditional currency, most of the time, this will take days to a week since there’s a lot of bureaucracy that’s involved. But with the Bitcoin currency, you won’t need to wait for days or even weeks since it will just take MINUTES!

Moreover, there are no third-parties involved that might want to take a high percentage of your winnings. Low fees coupled with receiving bitcoin at a negligible cost makes this a more convenient way of withdrawing funds.


Contrary to what most people think that hacking and thefts are quite rampant in the cryptocurrency industry, this is not entirely the case when it comes to Bitcoin casinos. It’s worth noting that crypto exchanges are private and very secure.

As of this date, there has been no major theft on any Bitcoin casino.

It’s Fun And There are Free Bonuses

There are a plethora of different activities that you can do in bitcoin casinos. In our site, in particular, we’ve got bitcoin roulette, bitcoin minesweeper, bitcoin card games, and more! You should check out some of our games since we have a variety of different bonuses that can get you started.

Additionally, there are free spins and bonuses that you can enjoy. Can you just imagine not having to pay for anything and getting free spins, bonuses, and winnings?

Getting Started

So how do you get started in investing your bitcoins in an online casino? Well, first you have to start by picking an online casino that you are comfortable with, then, you’ll need to set up a bitcoin wallet for you to store your bitcoin funds and winnings at.

There are different forms of wallets and they usually come in the form of:

  1. Online
  2. Softwares (mobile applications and offline applications)
  3. hardware – hardware wallets are one of the most secure forms of wallets while online wallets are easier to use.

Lastly, once you have everything set up, you can start by inputting the online address of the casino into your wallet. In mere MINUTES, you’ll have the bitcoins in your casino’s balance and you’ll be able to play in no time!

Are Bitcoin Casinos Available On Mobile?

Yes, bitcoin online casinos are available on both Android and iOS platforms. If you’re going on a long road trip or you want to play while you’re shopping or at the gym, then you can definitely do that on your phone. Since there’s just so much bitcoin casinos that are available in play stores for both Android and iOS, we’ll be listing some of the best in the business.

Even though some of these online bitcoin casino games might not have a dedicated app for a certain operating system, they are quite aware that a majority of their market use their mobile phones as platforms and have optimized it for browser use for your phone.

Bet Online

Betonline has been serving its players for decades now with its roots going back to 1991. This online casino has been known for being one of the best in the industry. You’ll be able to bet from all the states in the United States and they have a widespread reputation for being responsive in terms of credit card deposits.

Just like other online casinos in the market, bet online is also known for having a variety of different banking options.

In terms of a deposit bonus, you’ll instantly get $125 in risk-free bets on your first deposit! Not only that, but the payouts are in the span of 48-hours. You won’t have to wait for weeks when you’ll be able to

This online bitcoin casino has been serving the US market for years now. The first time they officially launched was during April 2013. Betcoin is known for having one of the best state-of-the-art security and software while having a. aesthetically-pleasing web page. The sportsbook then branched out its services into the sports industry on the US betting markets. Betcoin is based on Costa Rica which is quite close to the United States. However, their servers are being hosted in Amsterdam. The people who are behind the Betcoin site have decades of experience and is one of the best in the offshore betting industry.

Most of the founders of this online casino are also known to own a multitude of other gambling networks with one notable poker network being one of the larger US-lined offshore poker rooms. This bitcoin casino has also recently added Android and iOS as platforms; you’ll be able to play Betcoin’s mobile games while you’re at the gym, at the office, or just chilling at the great outdoors.

Overall, we’ll give Betcoin around 3.5/5 for being consistent with their payments while also offering the bitcoin deposit and withdrawal method. Moreover, Betcoin showcases a plethora of different brands which can all be accessed on the same account. They offer a full-serve sportsbook with a Las Vegas-style online bitcoin casino, power areas and dices games. Not only does Betcoin accept bitcoin, but they also accept deposits from Litecoin. Despite seemingly being reliant on cryptocurrencies and being catered towards US customers, they are also welcoming of different players from different places around the globe. Check out our Betcoin review to find out more about this casino.

Vegas Crest Casino

From what we’ve found about Vegas Crest Casino so far, it’s a medium-sized bitcoin casino in terms of its revenue from players. It’s also part of a group of casinos that are managed by a team of veterans in the industry. Since it’s being ran by some of the best professionals in the market, you won’t have to worry about security issues. Moreover, it’s got some

To make the long story short about Vegas Crest Casino, it’s one high-tear online casinos that you can easily get into and get started. This online casino has one of the best reputations in the industry and has been getting non-stop praise ever since. This casino is also related to the other casinos that we have listed which means that it’s definitely legit.

If you go to their site now, you’ll be getting a 10 FREE spins with a 200% first deposit bonus + 30 free spins!

Betchain Casino

When you’re looking for games that will help you win tons of money in a bitcoin casino, it can be challenging since there’s a wide variety of options that are available for players. During the early beginnings of the online casino industry in the United States, it has taken a ‘nomadic’ lifestyle because of the federal laws that are associated with it. Because of this, you’ll notice that there are more online casinos than there are cryptocurrencies in the market.

Planning on starting out in Betchain Casino? Then they’re offering 200 FREE spins with a 225% deposit bonus!

Looking on spicing up your online casino experience with some unique mobile games and features? Then you should try out which is known for having a plethora of different games that you can choose from. Aside from having a wide variety of games, this bitcoin casino has received critical acclaim from a variety of different casino review sites while a lot of mind-boggling promotions.

If you’re going to start out in their site, you’ll receive a 50% deposit bonus + 20 free spins on their ‘Five Star Luxury’ game. On your second reload, you’ll be getting an additional 75% bonus up to 1.000.000 μBTC + 20 free spins on the same game! also has a blog were they upload daily content to keep their users engaged most of the time.

DuckDice Casino

This casino is one of the newer online casinos in the industry. This bitcoin casino was established in the 4th quarter of 2016 and has been growing as a business ever since. One of the shining benefits of using this online casino is that you can play using a plethora of currencies which include: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Monero, Ripple, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Gold, Stellar and Zcash. Even though duck dive casino doesn’t necessarily have free spins, they have different features that will dispense FREE coins every time that you play. They also have a progressive jackpot system where your likelihood of winning will increase every time that you try it out!

Since DuckDice casino is new to the betting industry, we’ll give it around a 3.5/5 for being a fair and responsible bitcoin casino. Compared to other sites, this site also provides a multitude of different casino games while providing a forum where players can consolidate in.


This casino is owned by the same team that’s currently operating CyberDice from 2016. The online casino is based in Curacao and operates under their law. One thing that OneHash is known for is that has one of the best security in the industry and the gaming hub’s data is being managed by a team that works around the clock. Even though these online casinos are leaning towards players that are based in the United States, they also accept a plethora of different players from different parts of the globe. Not only that, but OneHash is also proud of utilizing the mobile platform and their site works perfectly on the browser.

These are just the tip of the iceberg! There are some really good top-of-the-line bitcoin casinos out there. If you’re looking for the complete list of bitcoin casinos that we enjoy, you can visit them here.

How Secure Are Bitcoin Casinos?

We understand that bitcoin casinos and any other online sites that deal with money need to be as secure as possible. Bitcoin online casinos have been skyrocketing in popularity in the past years since bitcoin tends to have more benefits as a currency than your traditional currencies. Contrary to what people believe about online betting sites and bitcoin online casinos being not secure, it’s actually one of the most secure websites on the internet! In fact, it can even be argued that bitcoin casinos are even more secure than gambling with your traditional currency. It is worth noting that bitcoin transactions are encrypted and are manually verified by a team several times before being confirmed.

If there are people who do attempt to hack into a certain transaction, they’ll be greeted by a lengthy, incomprehensible, and extremely difficult code to use and decrypt which might even take years. Arguably, some people have also been saying that a bitcoin casino’s encryption is so secure that it might be stronger than a credit card’s security.

Despite this, gambling with Bitcoin isn’t necessarily as perilous as you might think. It could even be argued it’s more secure than gambling with fiat currency.

Which Ones Should I Avoid?

Since there are a plethora of different bitcoin casinos out there, it’s always rational to be careful about what you’re going to choose. There’s no doubt in anyone’s minds that there are good bitcoin casinos and there are also some bad bitcoin casinos. The first thing that you have to keep an eye out for is having a legitimate license and accreditation. For example, if a site claims to be situated in the United Kingdom, then it’s only appropriate to look for accreditation that’s issued by the UK Gambling Commission. Being able to do a quick background check on a site can land you a lot of results.

Another known way of knowing that a bitcoin casino is secure is if it associated with other legitimate and well-known bitcoin casinos in the market.

Lastly, one of the best ways to determine if a bitcoin casino is legit is by looking at the reviews and feedback of the casino. In most cases, an online casino will make sure that its reputation is not tarnished and will need to keep a good reputation.

Since there are a plethora of different bitcoin casino sites on the web, it’s recommended that you pick one that you’re very comfortable with.

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