Bitcoin Games: Android

Amidst the rise of the Internet, there is a continuous effort to digitize almost everything that can go online. Things like music, movies, and tv shows are now accessible through the use of streaming services in the form of free websites, or a free mobile app. The use of credit cards was revolutionary because it allowed people to access loans through the use of a small piece of plastic that contains data. You can order any entertainment, and it’ll become available. Their central role in the emergence of electronic commerce has enabled different levels of enterprises to thrive.

Bitcoin Games on Android

Can You Earn Bitcoins By Playing Games?

has anyone ever asked you if you can earn bitcoins by playing games? Well, the answer is yes you can! An even more significant evolution of money on the Internet, though, is the creation of bitcoin or BTC, which is a brand of cryptocurrency that allows users to make transactions directly to their fellow peers. It is an entity that, unlike real money, does not answer to the regulations and decisions of any central bank in the world.

BTC was invented sometime in 2009 by an individual or group, ‘Satoshi Nakamoto.’ Just like real money, it is also a means of paying for different commodities and services on the Internet. One of these services is gambling. Bitcoins can also be used as a bet for gambling, just like any physical currency around the world, and its nature allows players to play games and win free games through the use of their cellular phones, making it free money, that is not only great, but it is the best way to gamble. So can you earn bitcoins by playing games? The answer is that yes, you can!

Thanks to the proliferation of cell phones with Android OS, people can easily play games that use BTC. This fun and inciting games are easily accessible through the Google Play Store, and players can earn and lose bitcoins.

How Can I Earn Bitcoins On Android?

The basic premise of gambling is for a player to take his or her chances to increase whatever money he or she put in during the game, which can be blackjack, poker, or any slot machine. The first step, however, is to find a way to convert physical cash into BTC in the game. That is what this review will help you with understanding! If you want to earn bitcoins on Android, there are a lot of bitcoin apps that can exchange cold hard cash to BTC, such as Bitcoin Basketball, Bitcoin Crush, Bitcoin Flopper, and many more. It is just a matter of finding which is trustworthy and very easy to use. Once a person gets the amount of BTC he or she needs to use, then it is now time for him or her to decide what mobile app to use to start playing. When a person has sufficient bitcoin, he or she can now freely play games for bitcoin. There are applications in the Google Play Store that reward users with specific amounts of bitcoin just because they watch individual videos or play games.

Bitcoin Basketball

Notably, playing bitcoin games can yield a varying amount of bitcoins for their users. Imagine playing a sport to get BTC that is fun and thrilling! One such developer of this app is BitPlay Today. One of the products of this company is a game called BitCoin Basketball, which we will review for you right here, right now!

Bitcoin Basketball Android game

BitCoin Basketball is different from other gaming apps, so it is no wonder that this app is considered the best game. It has the player use his or her fingers to ensure that the ball goes inside the hoop. It is the fundamental premise for any basketball game. However, the twist in this game is that it is a multiplayer game, and the winning algorithm in it makes it hard for the player to score points through the wind effects in it. You can get access to a mass of bitcoins, and add a load of cash to your payroll with each win! To do so, you must download the game through the site and give it a try without wasting any time. If you do not believe us, read a review about it, and it will assure you that this is the best game out there, not only is it fun, but it is highly addictive!

Bitcoin Crush

Similarly, Bitcoin Crush is a game wherein a player needs to connect specific figures to eliminate them from the main picture in the given time. This game can be played through an app and is extremely user-friendly. It is one of the best games in terms of activity and usage.

Bitcoin Crush Android game

Bitcoin Flapper

Lastly, the final game in this list that we would like to review for you is Bitcoin Flapper. Just like the popular game Flappy Bird, the player takes control of a bird and navigates it past different obstacles. In this challenging yet interactive game, the players can win great rewards in the form of bitcoins. You don’t always get a chance to earn through games, but when you do, you should avail of it! Mobile applications such as Bovada, which is used for sports, Bitcoin Penguin, which contains different casino games, and Nitrogen Sports, which is only suitable for poker.

Coin flapper android game

What Is The Best Bitcoin Mining App For Android?

Ultimately, while bitcoin is essentially a digital currency that has no physical form whatsoever, some entities ensure the security and trustworthiness of transactions that involve it. This process is called bitcoin mining, and it is possible to courtesy of applications available in the Google Play Store. Perhaps the most prominent and the best bitcoin mining app for Android is the site MinerGate Mobile Miner.

What bitcoin mining does is that it prevents cyberattacks, hastens the affirmation of numerous transactions, and creates bitcoins for people to transact. It very much does what a central bank should do except that computers and different programs are the ones who fulfill them.

It is also an accounting tool of sorts because it is the avatar that keeps track of all bitcoin transactions. It does this in a way that conjoins different deals together, which becomes a blockchain. Since it is a digitized process, users can easily use Android applications to mine their bitcoin.

The Best Bitcoin Mining App is MinerGate

Different reviewers have praised MinerGate Mobile Miner as an application that is very easy to use for those individuals who are trying it out. Once you install it in an Android phone, users need to make an account and the personal password in order to operate it. When everything is working, then the user can start to mine bitcoin through the application. The application is convenient when it comes to saving battery and the overall performance. The site, MinerGate Mobile Miner, allows its users to know the fees they earn whenever they mine bitcoin. It also helps them by providing a means to contact their more experienced peers in case any complications arise out of nowhere.

There is a feature that allows users to earn small amounts of bitcoin! Lastly, MinerGate Mobile Miner helps its users convert their mined bitcoin into real money in the real world through the use of an electronic wallet such as PayPal.

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