Bitcoin Minesweeper

Minesweeper is one of the most popular classic single-player video games. The prime aim of the game is to clear an entire board that has hidden bombs or “mines” without clicking on them, or in other words without detonating them. You can identify the location of these mines or bombs using the clues. These clues will tell you in the number of mines that are present in the neighboring cells. If you’re able to clear out the entire rectangle without hitting a bomb, you’re a winner!

The game has its origin in the late 1960s. It has been modified and written in many computing platforms that are used even today. This single player game has many versions and variations. At the start, the player is given with a grid of undifferentiated squares. Randomly selected Squares that are not known to the player or designed by the player contain mines.

Usually, the size and the number of squares of the rectangle is selected by the player. In addition to selecting the number of squares, the player can also select the number of mines that are present. This variation can be done in two methods, first, by manually entering the numbers to select the number of mines that a player would like. Second, by selecting the defined skill level. The define skill level could vary from one software to another.

To play the game, the player must start by revealing squares of the grid or rectangle by clicking on the particular square. If the player clicks on a square containing a mine the player immediately loses the game. If I know mine is selected and a digit is revealed instead and is displayed inside the square this indicates how many adjacent squares contained miles. Hence if the numbers show “1”, it is understood that 1 adjacent square has a mine. If there are no mines on the selected Square, it becomes blank, and all adjacent Squares will be revealed.

From here, the player had to use all the given information and clues to figure out the position of the hidden mines and safely has to reveal each square. Another way to win the game is to mark all the squares that you think has a mine on it. This can be done using the help of the clues provided.

Different versions of the game also let you place a question mark on the square that is not revealed yet. This helps you think and lets you logically deduce the position on the mines. Some versions also let you clear around a revealed square if the number of mines has been flagged on the neighboring squares.

A lot of versions of minesweeper and set in such a manner where the first click or the first square revealed will not have a mine. Players always have the option of changing the settings, where the first square will not be protected.


As mentioned above, minesweeper started between the 1960s and the 1970s. The main ancestor of a minesweeper was Jerimac Ratliff’s cube. This basic style of gameplay became very popular due to the segment of the puzzle games during the 1980s. RLogic has a lot of similarities to minesweeper than the cube. But they all have their own differences that set them apart from one another. Minesweeper is considered a classic game because it is simple to play and easily accessible by everyone and is free!

The Bitcoin Minesweeper Game

We have spoken about minesweeper but let’s dive into what is bitcoin minesweeper. Minesweeper has always been a fun game, and that’s why it’s become a fun part of bitcoin. Even though this is not considered a casino game, there is a fair share of betting involved. For all you know you might find yourself playing this bitcoin minesweeper game all lot more than poker for even slot machines.

According to statistical data, the number of replays is very high. This is mainly because it is not like the old version on a minesweeper. This has an element of money. Hence, everyone’s thought process would be, ‘what if I clicked on the other box, I could have won some money.’ This is the thought that keeps you hooked to the game.

The first thing you realize as soon as you open up a bitcoin minesweeper game, it is not the old version of minesweeper. This looks more attractive and nothing like the old grandfather version. The evolution of minesweeper has come a long way. The version of bitcoin minesweeper is much more than bombs and flags. It had 3D effects, different variables, and the best element, gambling.

The graphics and effects are remarkable, and the game offers a fun experience that is quite of reprieve from casino games or slots. It’s an interesting new take on new gen’s Bitcoin gaming, but after being supported by an influx of fans of the original one, as well as those looking for some immediate fun, Minesweeper would do well for itself in the Bitcoin gaming world.

Just imagine playing on a surface where you have to figure out where a bunch of mines is located logically, and one wrong move could cost you a huge amount. Bitcoin minesweeper is largely built around the traditional game that is known as a minesweeper. The classic game of minesweeper was introduced in 1989 as a strategy and fun game that requires you to locate all the hidden minds. In today’s world, you can play minesweeper for free on the internet.

How Does Bitcoin Minesweeper Work?

The method of playing the game is relatively similar to the original and classical minesweeper. You will be given a large field that you can play with. You will always be given the option to select the particular size you want your field to be. This field will consist of a number of squares that you can select or click on.

Under all these squares are hidden mines. Your main aim is to click or select all the mines and mark them by taking as little time as possible. If you are able to mark all the mines without detonating any, you will win the game. To click or mark the squares that have mines, you will have to use the right click. If you have a single button mouse, you will have to use the space bar on the keyboard or any other key that works.

If you have to figure out where the mines are positioned, then you’ll have to use the left click and click on different squares on the field. If you click on a square that has no mine, a number will be displayed to you. This number will indicate the number of mines around that particular square. Bitcoin minesweeper requires you to use strategy and mark the places that could have mines. At the same time, the game requires you to have a little amount of luck.

Easy to Play:

The best part about this game is that it can be played on any software and does not require additional installments and downloads. Everything will be loaded and available to you online within your web browser. This makes the interface very user-friendly and easy to play. Make sure you right click on the boxes or squares that you think contain mines and left click on other squares to reveal what it contains. If it does not have mine, you will be presented with a number, that gives you clues on where the mines might be located.

How to Bet:

All you have to do is set the amount of money that you’re willing to gamble. Remember that you will be playing with bitcoin money. Select the number of mines you would place on the field. The higher the number of mines, the higher the payout. Some websites also decided the amount of payout depending on the time you have spent playing the game. For example, if you play the game for 5 hours, your payout will be higher when compared to playing for 1 hour.
Once these factors are set, click on play, and you’re good to go. To play the game, make sure you click on the squares that do not have mines in them and click only on empty spaces. Once you are done playing and clicking on all the squares and avoiding mines, you can look for the cashout button. This will cash out your bitcoins, and you’re done. You can come back at any time and continue playing. It is due to this phenomena that the re-play rates are very high and a majority of people prefer this over casino gambling and slot machines. Since a lot of people believe that slot machines are rigged and gets repetitive over a period. Bitcoin minesweeper keeps the game exciting and fun in all ways possible.


The only thing that you have to remember is that, stay away from the mines and clear the entire field without detonating a mine. You can also use logical reasoning and play strategically to avoid clicking on mines and winning more bitcoin. This will help you win money and be a winner!

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