What is Bitcoin Roulette

Roulette is one of the most popular games among casino players. The game has been featured already in many iconic movies and TV series. It definitely is one of the most popular games at any casino, and hence almost all casinos have it. Whether it is its popularity or your keen interest in winning money that has brought you here, you might be wondering is Roulette just a game of chance? Or Is there anything you can do to be better at it? That is what we will try to find out today.

Roulette at a real gambling floor is fun. But as fun, as it seems, it has some of the other disadvantages. There is always some influence of the ambiance around you, the people sitting next to you, and so many other things. To counter that, many online platforms have started online tables for Roulette that deal in Bitcoins rather than any traceable currency. This helps in making the gameplay anonymous, and hence more fair, transparent and completely private. There is no need to give your credit card info to a third party even!

Bitcoin Roulette Tutorial

Bitcoin Roulette is played keeping the basic rules similar to the Roulette we are all familiar with. There is a Roulette wheel. You have to spin after adjusting your bets, and based on where the small ball on the wheel stops. You get returns for a bet. Simple, right? Well, Bitcoin Roulette is the same except for the fact that the bets are made using Bitcoins as the currency and not the actual money.

The spinning wheel of roulette contains 36 numbers with black or red labels alternatively. You can place your bets on a number or some rule for numbers, and payouts will be decided according to where the ball stops on the Roulette Wheel.

You can place bets on a single number, that has the least of odds but highest payouts for a bet, or a couple of numbers, three numbers at a time, four numbers simultaneously or even eight or twelve or eighteen numbers at once. All such bets have diminishing returns but higher odds in the same order mentioned here.

Rules of the game

The game begins when the player puts a bet on any of the numbers or a group of numbers. There is a grid in front of the player on the platform with spots that match numbers on the spinning roulette wheel. The players place bets on these spots to indicate what they are betting for.

The bets are in the form of fractions of a cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, and deducted from the online account of the player. Hence to play Bitcoin Roulette with real cryptocurrency, you need to transfer the Bitcoins into your game account first.

Once all the bets have been placed, the player can proceed with the Roulette Spin. After the spin, if the ball stops on one of the spots corresponding to any of the bets, the respective payouts are made, and if it doesn’t stop on any of the spots related to the bets, the bets are lost.

The double street bet, which contains six numbers, can be placed on any of the two rows. The only condition it needs to satisfy is that it needs to cover the correct horizontal and vertical separating line.

There are two spots on the wheel, with numbers 0 and 00, which do not belong to either red or black color, and they do not participate in any of the group bets either. These give the best returns to the casino as their occurrence means that all bets except on straight 0 or 00 have lost and casino wins all the money placed on the bets.

When you want to cash in your winnings, there is some portion of the winning amount that has to be paid to the casino. It is known as the house edge. Different casinos can have different house edges even for the same games, and such amounts need to be known and understood before you begin the game. They are important because they affect how much money you are going to take home.

Payout Schemes

The payout schemes of Bitcoin Roulette game are very simple, and they are proportional to the initial bet you have placed in the bitcoin currency. Payout is earned only if the bet you placed matches with the outcome of the wheel spin of Roulette. Most common payout schemes of Bitcoin Roulette are as follows:

  • Odd numbers (called impair): one is to one.
  • Even numbers (called pair): one is to one.
  • Black numbers (called as Noir): one is to one.
  • Red numbers (called Rouge): one is to one.
  • 1 to 18 (Low, Manqué): one is to one.
  • 19 to 36 (High, Passe): one is to one.
  • 1 to 12 (P12, first dozen): two is to one.
  • From 13 to 24 (M12, second dozen): two is to one.
  • 25 to 36 (D12, third dozen): two is to one.
  • Column bet: Two is to one.
  • Single Number / Straight: Thirty-five is to one.
  • Split (Two Numbers): Seventeen is to one.
  • Street (Three numbers): Eleven is to one.
  • Corner / Square (Four Numbers): Eight is to one.
  • Six lines/ Double street (Six numbers): Five is to one.

You can clearly see that if you bet on the outcome of a single place or a single number, you win the most amount of money back, but such scenario is very rare (actually odds are thirty-seven is to one due to the introduction of 0 or 00 spot).

Strategies and Tricks for Bitcoin Roulette

Roulette is a game of chance after all, but the rules of probabilities and some strategies did not hurt anybody. You might have seen some of the movie or TV series characters mastering the game of Roulette, is that all fake? Yes, it is highly dramatized, but you can surely increase your chances of winning more consistently if you follow any of these well-known Roulette Strategies:

The Martingale Strategy. The martingale strategy has been proven and believed to work every time by many gamblers out there. It states that if you lose on one spot, you should double up your bet for the same spot until you win again. That way, you can cover up for your previous losses too. Although this strategy seems very easy, a long losing streak can end your run, as you may either run out of money or may cross the limit for the highest bet. Hence, this strategy works best on platforms that have a small minimum bet and a big maximum bet.

Reverse Martingale strategy. It is exactly the opposite of Martingale strategy and involves doubling your bet every time you win and resetting it to low every time you lose. This strategy will help in increasing your winnings on a winning streak while keeping the losses at a minimum on your losing streaks.

The D’Alembert Roulette Strategy. It involves increasing the wager or the bet by one portion after a loss and decreasing it by one portion after everyone. Usually, such bets are made on spots with near 50% probabilities, for example, reds, or blacks, or even or odd, 1-18 or 19-36. It suggests the player should walk away when he has had at least as many wins as losses.

The James Bond Roulette Strategy. You can bet 14 portions on high numbers (Numbers 19-36), 5 portions on numbers 13 through the 18, and 1 portion on 0 for insurance. If anything from 19-36 pockets, you have earned 8 portions, if 13-18 shows up, you will earn 10 portions, and if 0 shows up, you will earn 16 portions. There’s a definite risk in this kind of strategy if anything from 1 to 12 shows up, but you can expect only risks from James Bond, right?

Fibonacci strategy. It starts with a small bet like 1 smallest portion possible and adding last two bets if you lose. For first two losses, you bet 1 portion each, and from third onwards, you bet 2 portions, 3 portions, 5 portions just like a Fibonacci series. When you win, this strategy tells to move back 2 positions in the Fibonacci sequence.

Before trying your luck with your real hard-earned money or hard mined cryptocurrency, it is always better to try the game for free on various platforms available. There are many sites that allow the players to play Roulette online, and playing online for free first will definitely help you understand the game better as well as to try out different strategies while letting you keep all the bitcoin you have.

The Bitcoin Roulette has brought privacy protection and zero-partiality to the Roulette gambling, and with the cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin being used as the currency, the payments have become secure too. As the Bitcoin transactions can never be tracked, there is no risk of any platform or person spying on your bank details to misuse that data. So, with security and privacy in the user’s control, the Bitcoin Roulette has a great future.

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