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What do you do when your bonus is tied up with several types of slot games? Sounds pretty intimidating, right? Sounds like something that you wouldn’t even touch with a ten-foot pole, right? Yeah, we thought so too. That’s why we decided to go deep into’ Free Spin bonus. Let’s explore this bonus scheme and weigh down the pros and the cons.

The Free Spin Ladder

Like most free spin bonuses, BitcoinCasino’s free spin bonus starts with depositing Bitcoin into your account. Now, most bonuses out there will have their bonuses revolve on how many times you deposit in a span of a week, this free spin bonus is a bit different. BitcoinCasino’s free spin system revolves around how much bitcoin you deposit on your account. Depending on the amount of bitcoin you deposit, you will get specific numbers of free spin on different games.

We know, it’s a bit controlling on BitcoinCasino’s part to pre-determine what game we need to spend our well-earned free spins but that’s just how they designed their system. The only negative thing about this whole thing is that you, as a player, is just bound to play these pre-selected games just to spend your free spins.

The First Tier

First of all, when you deposit 0.01-0.02 BTC you’ll get 10 free spins on their Frankenslots Monster game. That’s a pretty good start, just make sure you learn how to play the game first so you don’t waste your ten free spins all at once while trying the game for the first time.

The Second Tier

Then, when you deposit 0.02-0.05 BTC on your account, you can get 15 free spins on the Stampede game. The game offers different art and music. It’s a bit more exciting to play so you will definitely go through your 15 free spins.

The Third Tier

Now we’re going up to the ladder BitcoinCasino constructed for their BTC players. Deposit 0.05-0.1 BTC and get 25 free spins on their Greedy Goblins game. Now the free spins are starting to pick-up. Those 25 free spins are actually enough for someone who wants a better chance of hitting a win.

The Fourth Tier

If you liked the game on the first tier, this is the tier you want to get the advantage of. Once you deposit 0.1-0.24 BTC, you will get 35 free spins on the Frankenslots Monster game. It’s a great opportunity to go back to that first game that you tried and get some free spin!

The Fifth and Last Tier

Now, this is the cream of the crop. Bitcoin Casino offers 75 free spins on one of their premier games, SlotFather 2 if you deposit 0.24+ BTC on your account. That is a lot of free spins on one of their best games on the site. That’s a premium tier that you really want to take advantage of if you are planning to play using only your Bitcoin.

Terms and Schedule

One drawback of this free spin bonus is when you can get your free spins. BitcoinCasino only releases these free spins on a Friday. Your deposits on Monday through Thursdays are included and all your free spins will accumulate so you can use them all on Friday. That’s one trick that you can use if you want to maximize your free spins at BitcoinCasino. Never deposit on a Friday, Friday is when you get all the freebies you accumulated through the week! Now you are ready for a fun weekend on BitcoinCasino!

In Conclusion…

Do we recommend BitcoinCasino ‘s Bitcoin Freespin promo? Of course. You can have a large number of free spins throughout the week and use them all weekend. One set back that we see is you need to be familiar with the games that the free spins are for. It’s a good thing that they have a guide for every game that they have so it’s not all bad. With the number of games they tied with this promo, there will be a lot of variety that you can choose from and we all know that players like us will definitely need the variety when playing.

If you are a player that deposits frequently this is definitely a free spin system that you should exploit. Every amount your deposit will give a bonus that can suit your playing style. Plus, they are all available firstly on a weekend, what else can you ask for? Go and create an account and deposit your BTC on!

If you’re looking for the best games to try as a beginner or any other topics that you are interested in, feel free to stay tuned and keep an eye out for our in-depth reviews of casinos, games, and the best online casino offers out there. Stay on the lookout for The Best Bitcoin Casinos out there!

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