Gambling is no doubt a huge industry and the online platform has been thriving continuously. With the fast-paced innovation in technology, bitcoin casinos have now become a more stable platform for gambling.

Today, the concept of blockchain technology has become one of the most innovative technologies the world has seen. It started from a relatively obscure and abstract concept and now tech companies base its foundation to this technology.

The impact of blockchain technology has crept its way across many industries and the gambling industry is definitely not one to miss. While its use seems to focus mostly on cryptocurrencies, the gambling industry has received great benefits from this technology. In fact, its use has been very significant in making provably fair games and casinos available in the market. Its application is a great benefit to both the players and online casino providers as it maintains fair and secure gaming in the gambling platforms.

EOS Blockchain

EOS is a decentralized operating system that works via its blockchain system to support industrial-scale gambling applications such as online casinos. This blockchain system uses a consensus algorithm called “Delegated Proof-of-Stake” a.k.a DPoS as a security measure for its blockchain. With tough security, transactions between EOS is relatively fast and it is free.

With decentralized systems in the gambling industry, advantages such as fairness, security, and transparency are maintained. These are the reasons why online casinos today are trying to incorporate their platform on the blockchain.

Aside from the gambling industry, other industries including digital media, healthcare, finance, supply chains, marketplaces, and even the government can take advantage of EOS. Its main aim is to solve technical issues, allow secured and smooth transactions, and eliminate transaction fees for the users.

Gambling with EOS

Blockchain technology allows online casinos to have a verifiable and permanent transaction record. This provides players an assurance that the results generated are fair and the payouts are guaranteed since the funds go directly into a smart contract that EOS provides without needing a middleman.

EOS is used in various industries, however, its overall traffic came mostly from cryptocurrency betting and EOS-based DApps are gambling-related platforms. In online casinos, EOS.IO is one of the widely used blockchain networks since it guarantees online casinos with high security, and gamblers are also able to get dividends.

Here are some of the most popular gambling DApps that operates on EOS blockchain:

SKR EOS – This DApp is the world’s first-ever EOS-based ladder game and is very popular in Korea and Taiwan among lottery players.

Dice – A popular social gaming platform that offers dividends and DICE tokens to players.

EOS Poker – Allows players to play dice, poker, and blackjack on a decentralized gaming platform

EOS Play – One of the most popular lottery platform on EOS; allows players to play lottery, dice, and slots

BetDice – the largest gaming platform on EOS Blockchain where users can get DICE tokens and dividends from staking in Dice, Sicbo, Baccarat, and Lucky Draw;

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