Diamond Reels Casino Review

Diamond Reels Casino has been in the field of betting for online gaming for the past 4 years, since their foundations from 2015. Now, they have currently opened their gates for adding up the trending Bitcoin depositions that can be easily transformed into the Euros or US Dollars for playing any games.

Every game from Diamond Reels Casino is absolutely unique on its own kind and rules from one another. They also have such a fantastic bunch of plays out of which 300 Casino games are based upon real-time gaming experience.
The games from Diamond Reels Casino are well-known for their performance, and features since a few of them are exclusively found only here and not from other online Bitcoin Casino gaming platforms.

Diamond Reels Website

Features of Diamond Reels Casino

The casino play from Diamond Reels Casino roots its experience inside the industries of gaming fields, and they have opened their online platform branding themselves from 2015 onwards. They have their Curacao license needed for every gaming source online to players globally.

Even though the games are somewhat old and clumsy, they have a lot of positive reviews and customer service choices based upon individual needs and deeds respectively. The deposit bonuses from Diamond Reels Casino are not so big. However, the skills and functionalities of their experience in the gaming industry make people get more expectation about the future gameplay options and features for their subscribers, customers, and the regular players and gamblers as well.

Twitter, Google Plus (G+), and YouTube are the active social media sites that Diamond Reels Casino uses to interact and stay connected with its regular players and usual customers globally. They even have the super-trendy option of a mobile-friendly feature of playing gambling and betting games through Diamond Reels Casino.

Diamond Reels Casino’s Bonuses

Diamond Reels Casino typically has a few main types of deposit bonuses:

You have a first deposit bonus of 200% where you avail up to 100 Euros or US dollars in Bitcoin. Additionally, you also get 75 free spins with it.

For your deposit bonus a second time, you get 100% offer availed up to 150 Euros or US dollars respectively. Like the previous one, here also you get these in terms of Bitcoin and also additional free spinning option with a count of 50. Your bonus code here will be DR100.

Your third Bitcoin deposit bonus is precisely similar to the first time deposition, with 200% Euros and 75 free spins. Just to add up, you have the bonus code as DR200 here.

Your total deposit on the bonus would be 350 US dollars or Euros along with free spins which adds up to 200.
For your wagering terms, you have the following notable pointers.

Just keep in mind that your Minimum deposit is about 25 Euros or US dollars.

Along with your bonus and deposit, your wagering requirement is about 30 times. Which means that- the total is about 60x times that of your wagering value when written in a standard manner.

There are no maximum restrictions or prohibition on cash-out options.

All the gameplays from slots and bingo are to get a contribution of 100% in its betting or wagering from players. It is also estimated to be 25% for the scratch type of games and 10% for the gaming features like Keno from Diamond Reels Casino.

Except for the stated games, other plays and competitions do not even contribute to any form of personal or public wagering features to its players.

It is also to be noted here that, unfortunately, the Casino bonuses cannot be available for the Casino players from nations of Japan, Finland, Mexico, Poland, South Africa, Turkey, Chile, Philippines, United Kingdom (UK), Denmark, Australia, Antilles, and the Netherlands.

Neutrality in Comments from People

There were a good number of reviews points concerning the pros and cons of Diamond Reels Casino. Apparently, there are no precise comments or feedback over 2 prime facets;

  • Not being real in Bitcoin– Some feel that the real Bitcoin cash is not accepted by Diamond Reels Casino and is problematic to them personally. Whereas, on the other hand, some may feel this as a vital value since they have now started their system for converting this Bitcoin into Euros and US dollars.
  • Password– You must very strictly have a password which is more than 10 characters. It is highly essential to keep in mind that, securing the player’s privacy and maintaining your confidentiality of personal details that you provide, in areas like online gambling and playing is very much crucial.

This may also be a reason for the brand Diamond Reels Casino has about 10 characters to keep password compelling. Apparently, some individuals feel it too be a bit longer or may suffer from issues of uniqueness and forgetting the given codes itself.

Terms of conditions on Withdrawing from Diamond Reels Casino

As said before, Diamond Reels Casino accepts the trending technology of cryptocurrencies Bitcoin. Additionally, they also permit using customers and players Visa or MasterCard for any sort of payment and withdrawal option on various games selectively.

In short, for terms on your game deposits, you can have a minimum deposit of Bitcoin as 25 Euros or US dollars and the maximum limit of depositing Bitcoin as 2000 Euros or US dollars respectively. There are some significant norms and regulations that are to be stringently followed and appraised during your period of withdrawal that leads below;

First and foremost rule, that if you do not log into your account from Diamond Reels Casino, for the past 180 days, then all your money balance will be forfeited by the company itself from your account.

You are charged with a fee value of €35 from Diamond Reels Casino for every draws below the amount of €500 as withdrawal from bank wire.

You also have to give your copies of your credit and debit card’s front and back sides. You would be asked to block your middle digits, and so making only your first 6 and last 4 values visible like ######*******####; The Government has given identity proofs such as Passport or driving license; Your bank statement’s or utility bills’ recent 3-month transactions;

Again depending upon your state of residence and other personal details, you will also be called upon for verification from the company’s customer care. This is more like a verification call for your game’s Bitcoin money withdrawal from Diamond Reels Casino.

Games offered from Diamond Reels Casino

The following may be helpful for the ones who are searching for the exact count of games that are presented from Diamond Reels Casino to its players:

  • 181 Slot games in total
  • 2 Bingo games
  • 13 Jackpot slots
  • 1 Craps and 1 Sic Bo game
  • 4 Blackjack games
  • 81 Video poker games
  • 154 Video Slots
  • 4 types of 3D slots
  • 6 Table poker games
  • 4 Roulette games
  • 1 Baccarat games
  • 1 Game provider
  • 10 Classic or fruit slots
  • 1 Keno games
  • 8 Other casual games

Total game title count: 279

The only point of con observed apart from these games notably from Diamond Reels Casino is that they still do not offer any live Casino games for playing from live game providers and dealers to various players across nations.

On point, one can conclude by saying that, even though you have so many rules and regulations from opening an account to betting on games, playing it entirely, and winning the games as yours- it is all worthy of your time.

Remember, every game has both pro and con. The same way, understand that the brand Diamond Reels Casino has been in the industry for the past 10 years and so their rules will be as strict as possible. Never minding, you can always play the top games from Diamond Reels Casino to spend your time escaping from your routine mechanical living.

3.5 rating

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