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DuckDice Casino is a platform for gambling online from the comfort of your homes or anywhere else, all you need is an online account on the platform and some money, in the form of bitcoins, to be added as a deposit into the account. With the option to gamble with some of the most trending cryptocurrencies, DuckDice Casino has been gaining a lot of popularity recently, and there is no reason not to believe that.

But is it just hearsay of is the DuckDice Casino surely one to watch out for? Is all the good being said about it too good to be true? Let’s find out.

DuckDice Casino is an online platform for gambling. It allows its players to use Cryptocurrencies to make deposits, place bets, and make the withdrawals. It has a collection of three casino games for the players, and each of the three games provides a unique experience to the players that the player may not have experienced on other online gambling sites.

When you visit the homepage of the website, you are greeted with a registration form that allows new users to create a free account. The account creation process is quite simple; all you need is an email and need to choose a strong password. Once the mail is verified through the link that you receive in a confirmation mail, you are all set!

The home page of the DuckDice platform also displays live gamers, their live bets as well as live results. All the bets and results showcased have a unique bet ID, the unique user ID of the players that have placed the bet, bet amount as well as the profit or loss that the player has encountered.


The overall appearance of the website is unique to the eye. It has a materialistic design and a flat and fluent finish to it. It does not have fancy colors that catch the eyes of the user, but all the graphics in the game look very intuitive and encourage players to engage. Game graphics look beautiful, and we liked how the website is presented to the end-user.

All of the three games are well designed and have a nice presentation. The spots with the information like user ID, bet amount and scores, profits or losses as well as placeholders for bonus bets or side bets are placed well and can be looked up easily. Overall a new user can easily adapt the look and feel of the platform without much hassle.

DuckDice website

Selection of games and countries supported

The platform allows the players to choose from the three games that can be played using one of some of the most popular cryptocurrencies. All the three games are provably fair, a bonus for gambling enthusiasts that look particularly for provably fair games.

Here are the available Games:

Dice Game:

The player has to guess the random number from 0000 to 9999 using the win chance or the payout typing boxes. The player can pick LOW or HIGH depending on what the player thinks about the number that will appear on the screen.

Then the player needs to select the bet amount and depending upon the chances of winning, payouts are decided. Lower the chances of winning, higher the payout!

For example, if chances of winning are 50%, the winning payout will be 1.98 times the initial bet that the player has placed. With a 10% chance of winning, the payout is 9.9 times the original bet.

Lottery Game:

The DuckDice platform has a lottery every day at about 15:00 UTC. The tickets sale for this everyday lottery stop 10 minutes before the results are out, that is, at 14:50 UTC. Players can buy an unlimited number of tickets before the closing of the sale, with either random ticket numbers or ticket numbers of user’s choices.

All the ducklings as the platform call them or the players, with 5 matching numbers share 50% of the total bankroll. Ducklings with 4 matching numbers and 3 matching numbers will share 30% and 20% of the bankroll respectively.

Sniper Game:

This is one of the games that can be played with other online players. You can create online game sessions by selecting the time, contributions per participating player in BTC.

After players have joined, you need to select a roll between 0000 and 9999. After the dice are rolled, the closest player to the result wins the whole pot, after subtracting the house edge of course.

The DuckDice Casino has been made illegal to use for the public by the governments of Netherlands, Dutch Caribbean Islands, France, Curacao, United States as well as all the countries in which online gambling or cryptocurrency trading has been made illegal.

If you belong to any of the countries mentioned, you cannot participate in any of the online casino games that the platform provides. It is recommended to consult with anyone from the DuckDice Casino support before you start to play to check if the region you belong to permits the use of DuckDice Casino for gambling.


The Duckdice platform allows the players to enjoy benefits of free bonuses as they play the games, without any promo codes or coupons. Here are some of them:


Awarded to the most active writers in the online chat. The Rain bonus selects any random message from the chat and rewards the writer. Increase in a number of messages increases the probability of getting selected. Although, you can win even if you have sent only one message.

Wagering Contests

The 15 most wagering ducklings or the players get rewarded from 0.01 BTC for 1st place to 0.0000016 BTC to the 15th best wagerer.

Lucky Bet

Lucky Bet awarded according to the randomly generated unique bet IDs of players.

Bitcoin Faucet

For trying out the Tic Tac Toe with free coins provided. You just have not to lose three games against a computer or other player.

Duck Hunt

Interactive game with 0.00001 BTC reward per duck shot.

Dice Progressive Jackpot

Adds all the bets and rewards the winner with the accumulated amount, resets to 0.25BTC after someone wins. To win, the last number of your unique bet ID must be 7.


The DuckDice Casino has made life easier for many of the online gamblers out there. But what are its key selling points? Let us have a look.

The three games that the platform allows the users to choose from are pretty unique. There are many positive reviews about the games, and the games being provably fair only adds to the popularity.

The customer support choices are many, and they are pretty reliable too. If you have any concerns, you can easily contact them and get your concerns resolved in no time.

Quick and easy withdrawals. The average withdrawal time being 10 minutes, the withdrawals do not take a lot of time and hence make the platform very convenient.

Ease of use of the platform. The website has a simple design, and even for gamblers that have low experience of gambling online, they can find it easy to play the games that are available on DuckDice Casino.


No platform is totally perfect, and DuckDice Casino is no exception. Here are some of the many things that we thought could be improved upon.

Even though all the games are provably fair, there are only three games to choose from. They are a unique and very good experience as a player, but a better collection of games in terms of games available would have been better.

The graphics are minimalistic and simple. As some people may not like this approach due to the fact that all the casinos have flashy lightings and color filled decorations, hence we had to mention it here.

Limited countries supported. Due to the fact that the DuckDice Casino is illegal to use for gambling in the Netherlands, Dutch Caribbean Islands, France, Curacao, United States; many players have to miss out on playing on the platform simply because of their nationality.

The wagering scheme, in some ways, hinders the optimum use of the bonuses received on registration. The wagering scheme is difficult to digest sometimes.

The casino platform shuts down accounts that have been idle for more than six months. They retain all the cryptocurrency present in the online account, and hence players have to make sure they do not leave their accounts idle or withdraw everything in such case.

DuckDice promotions


The DuckDice Casino is an online casino platform run by a company that has more than a decade of experience in online gambling. It allows the players to play three unique online casino games. The platform was established in 2016 under the casino license Curacao. It uses software that was created in-house by the developers of the platform.

The website is comparatively easy to use and can be accessed using a smart device like a tablet, smartphone, or a computer using an internet connection through the browser. The comfort of playing casino games from the comfort of the homes of the player has invited many players into the online gambling arena, and DuckDice Casino continues to do so with exciting joining bonuses and free spins on creating a new account, and also provides free spins even if you decide not to deposit any Bitcoins into your online account!

The transactions made using the cryptocurrencies are very secure. They are practically untraceable, and hence cannot be hacked or spied upon. This has put the online gambling scenario into a secure spot, due to the security of withdrawals and deposit option using the cryptocurrencies.

DuckDice Casino continues to be one of the favored online gaming websites for many users, due to its easy to use and beautifully crafted platform. If the government policies and DuckDice Casino policies allow you are playing online on the platform in your country or region, you should definitely check it out. You would not be disappointed at all!

3.5 rating

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