Satoshi Dice Review – Simple Bitcoin Dice Game!

Satoshi Dice is the oldest Bitcoin casino site which was established in April 2012 and known as the earliest blockchain dice game in the online game history. Nowadays, Satoshi is the most popular casino site because of its premiere dice games. And they are known for providing the best security during the gameplay as they make sure all things such as longevity, security and it’s all overall trustworthiness.

They don’t use 6-sided dice, as they prefer the random dice system for the gameplay. You have to select a number from 0 to 65335 it’s all up to you if the dice is rolled and if it is below the number which you picked, you will win definitely. Choosing a lower number can make your payout bigger because of low probability chances.

Satoshi Dice is one of the most reputed casinos which is known for offering the best dice game in the history of bitcoin. Also known as the most innovative online casino as it offers various games and everyone knows about the dice game because of Satoshi dice casino as they are a pioneer in blockchain gambling. As all, we know Satoshi site is a Dice game where the players place a bet after choosing any number if the number is bigger than the number shown by the service then the player will win.

As per the security restrictions, you cannot use additional software to play games at satoshi dice site. After registering on site and making a transaction to the sites deposit address. Player will get his betting account where they will get his payouts in case he wins. All transactions are done easily, and you no need to worry about the failure transaction problems as their payment mechanism is faster as compared to other online Bitcoin casino sites. And their system works on hash, and their all services work on the hash combination when the players do wager transaction.

How to play Satoshi Dice games

To play this game, the steps are very simple. Player just have to place a bit by depositing amount on the necessarily listed address. After this process the dice is then rolled and depending on the result, the payout will be sent to the players betting account directly. As for example if the lucky number is small, then the game player will win the amazing amount which is generally multiplied by the prize. And if the result is a big number, then the player will lose the game, and the placed bet is multiplied by around 0.005 or send it to the player’s account.

Sign up process for Satoshi Dice

The signup process is just very simple. You need to fill the required details like your email address, date of birth, and password. Generally, many casino sites don’t ask for date of birth, and they just tell you to agree that you are 18 years old or more. Once you fill all the details, you just need to click on the agreement button which says you agree to the mentioned terms and conditions.

After this process, you registered easily by just clicking the register button. All the registration process will be done within a month. And the main thing you should know about this site is ”it only accepts bitcoins, and there is no currency option were available to choose at the time of registration.

Game Experience and Important features

Well, playing this game is such a great experience for anyone as it’s easy to play and simple to understand. Players can go through the Satoshi Dice web page to play this game as it is not a board dice game. Players enjoy the games because of its user-friendly design, and players have just need to select the bet type they want to use. After that, by adjusting the amounts, they have to select the amount of bet which they want to take. In the end, the final result will be displayed on the screen, which is automatically calculated by the system.

Well, it is the unique game with unique features because of these features the Satoshi Casino is stand out as best as compared to other casinos. The dice structure is uniquely designed to attract many players, and the important thing you should know is it doesn’t count on the traditional six-sided dice. Players can choose any number from 1 to 65536 after that they have to place a bet on their selected integer number.

They have to go on with their own strategy to play this game if they select a low number, then it has some chances to receive the higher payout. Anything can happen on this game so select your number wisely. And it’s the most interesting game of current times, or it is designed upon the probably fair mechanism so no need to worry about the outcome, it always is true as all results are verified and authenticated by the latest technology standards from the blockchain-reliant system.

Why choose Satoshi Dice?

  • As it the oldest casino site with many years of serving Dice games, all these things make Satoshi Dice site on top as compared to other sites.
  • No need to create your account, you can connect your bitcoin wallet, and all the deposits and withdrawal can be done easily without any hassle.
  • Satoshi Dice site supports many languages such as English, Russian, German, Chinese, Brazilian, Spanish, Swedish, Portuguese, and French.
  • They provide fast payouts without any time break. You can receive your money within 40 seconds.
  • Mobile responsive site, so any mobile players can play their games by using their smartphones or iPhones.

Bets of Satoshi Dice Game

It is the most played online game and the main online bet games which are known for a unique design. As this game is easy to understand and players should know how to bet, and they should know the odds range, which is around from 97.65% down to 0.0015% for the ongoing payouts.

They have set the house edge value around 1.9%, which is higher than any other online casino sites. As this game also offers multiple bets at a time in a single Bitcoin transaction which is such a great thing for any player. All these things can be done by just placing various outputs to the user’s account, and every winning amount is paid separately as because of different lucky numbers were attached.

Satoshi website

Deposits and Withdrawals

You can easily deposit the Bitcoin amount by just copying the address mentioned on the deposit page of the Satoshi site and paste it to your Bitcoin client. That’s it. Now you can place bets. All things are done easily because the site is automatic and you can bet directly while interacting between addresses. All the placed bets go through the web-based designed interface, which is basically according to the results. If the player wins the winning amount will be transferred to the player’s account directly without any hassle.

As it is a simple Bitcoin casino betting system, many players choose this site to play games as it contains multiple addresses. And it is the most efficient way to use blockchain based approach for the bitcoin transfer system during the gameplay.

You can withdraw your account balance directly by just entering the receiving address and the required amount you want to withdraw in the displayed fields on washout page. And all these transactions were done in seconds as the system is automatic, which attracts many players to play their favorite games on this site.


Satoshi Dice is the most trusted Bitcoin betting sites, and its user-friendly design attracts players to play many games on their site. All the site implementation were done by the team of experts who have designed their site in the most innovative way to bring out the bitcoin scene and many other amazing features.

Satoshi Dive was established on 24 April 2012, and it is based on the blockchain powered betting mechanism. This site has many things to show out, such as the automated address to address withdrawals and deposits. All you need to play your game with your strategy to win on Satoshi Dice. This website easily passes out all tests such as security testes, technical features, and reliability.

Customer Support of Satoshi Dice site

Satoshi Dice customer support, as per the current statistics there is no live chat option is available on site to solve your problems online during your visits the site. But there are many other ways you can contact the Satoshi Dice team by sending a mail at email. And it will take some time to get back to you with the most effective solution of your doubts. And they have also put an option. FAQ such as how to play sections was answers of some common questions are already mentioned.

You can also use the Bitcointalk forum to send them a private message, and they reply on your questions 24 hours, they are also available on holidays and weekends you can also ask during the holidays you will get your answer shortly. You can mail them for any clarification or general guidance at the team executive will get back to you with a unique solution.

3.5 rating

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