Different Online Casino Scams

Tired of getting scammed of your hard-earned money? Find out more on how these fraudsters do it, how to avoid and report scams. Or don’t at your own peril.

Online gambling is all the craze right now. All you need is a device, be it your computer or smartphone and steady internet and you are good to go. Complete online gaming action. Gamblers have taken their love for the minesweeper game online. And for a time, they have been enjoying every spin, roll, and turn of the handle. But there are a few black sheep among us who seek to ruin the game. Casino scams are a vice that has cheated players of their hard-earned money. But no more! In this comprehensive article, we break down all that involves online casino scams. We will list to you the tips and tricks used to scam you, how to avoid online scams, and more importantly how to report. A comprehensive casino scam guide. You read it here first. All rights reserved! So get out your special casino notebook, kick it back and scroll down.

List of online casino scams

Online casino scams

Deposit Thieving

First, they entice you with the bonuses which are common in casinos. The most typically used in the casino is the registration bonus. Once you have played the bonus away, you make your first deposit. Out of the blue, the game freezes up or closes your account. An attempt to log in even from a different account is futile. Customer service will, of course, string you along, with no commitment claims or plainly ignoring your calls.

The trick is to keep the operator frustrated over a small amount of deposited cash. The amount stolen will be a minimum figure that you can easily forget about. Will you be calling every day for a month for $10 that they conned you? No? We thought so and they probably have as well.

Identity Theft

Rogue casinos are the main perpetrators in this scam. Identity theft comes up when someone adopts a different person’s identity by using some personal information such as their identification information or credit card number. A person’s identification information is obtained from identification documents that are typically uploaded to casino gaming sites. Scammers may as well obtain data from your email address and credit card information. In most cases, the goal is to commit fraud, other crimes, or perform transactions. In this setup, identity thieves work with rogue casinos or are the casino operators. They work in concert to obtain personal information. The reason this scam is well played is because of “Know Your Customer” and anti-money laundering laws. Casinos are required to confirm the identity of players. Our only defense here is the legitimacy of the casinos we use.

Withholding of winnings

While we are discussing scams and tips to win in online casinos. The withholding of winnings is important. This scam has to be the ball-breaker of all casino scams. Imagine a scenario where you have just lined up perfect symbols in that video slot. Jackpot! You are overflowing with joy. When you go to withdraw the money, the casino refuses to honor their side of the bargain. You hit up their customer service night and day with your issues and comments trying to get your payments processed. They either don’t respond to your insistent demands or they refer you to some shady clause in their terms of reference. What does the clause in the terms and conditions state? That they don’t have an obligation to pay up. Bummer, right?


Scams come in many forms and sizes. This particular scam comes in the form of a fellow person. The angle in this specific scam is from a psychological standpoint. The scammer uses the players’ love for the casinos against them. It is well known that players love to win big money. Fraudsters will approach the gamblers using various social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter so on) or through a group chat. He will suggest a winning formula or a cheat sheet that could make a play win big. As per usual, you will be urged and coerced to take advantage of this last-minute offer. We know you need all the help to get that big money.

Game Rigging

There is a common casino fact and say that the house always wins. But in this case, these scammers have taken it to a whole new level. As gamblers, we all know that the owners always want to maintain an advantage over how the game is conducted. But in a fair and legitimate scene, gambling commissions ensure that it is doing fairly. Rogue Casinos, on the other hand, create a game that makes it impossible for the players to win. To make it even harder to spot, they make use of pirated versions of well-loved games. Players rush to these games to obtain a true online gambling experience; only to find out that the games have been laced with tweaked codes.

How To Avoid The Online Casino Scam


This is the chief method of any player avoiding online scams. Do your homework. The internet has provided us with a ton of information on almost everything under the sun. There are reputable gambling newsletters and forums that review online casino sites. Be a member and subscribe to them. Read through them to establish the validity of a casino. The Yukon gold casino Canada review is such a site. Players are able to make use of reviews of casinos that are available to them on watchdog sites and online player forums.

In addition, casino players can check the establishment and incorporation of the company as well as if it bears the all rights reserved/ copyright marker. You will be kept abreast of any rogue casino that is out to get you.

Customer Service

Problems are atypical and expected experience, especially in online gaming. There are so many variables that could go wrong from either the players’ end or the operator’s end. A legit casino would be hell-bent on ensuring that a player’s complaints are handled promptly. There will be a dedicated and professional team to hear out any errors and offer appropriate support.

A message which is not returned or an unavailable phone line could be proof of a scam casino. The “online casino” is not interested in its own operations.

Regulation for Online Casinos

Never gamble on an online casino that has no registration or license. A legit casino must be regulated by a gambling commission or licensing board which governs how they act towards players among other rules. In addition, choose casinos that are licensed by strict gaming commissions. By virtue of the penalty that will be handed to them, a reputable casino will fight to protect your confidential information and gaming data.

Independent Testing Authorities.

We are not talking about regulatory bodies here. These are private testing firms that have taken upon themselves to test the operational capabilities of online games. The companies make use of highly technical staff. Mathematicians, software developers, actuaries, and engineers test the going-one of the casino. Casino websites stamped with the approval of these authorities are taken to be legit. Technical Systems Testing, Gaming Laboratories International, eCogra, and Gaming Associates are some of the reputable authorities involved in testing online casinos and games.


Most casino gamblers have a behavior of making deposits by using their debit or credit cards. Although the payment technology companies have tried to secure the casino players’ personal information, hundreds of cases of data insecurity have been on the rise. Here is where cryptocurrencies and bitcoin come in. Cryptocurrency came into the know in 2009 courtesy of one Satoshi Nakomoto. Cryptocurrency makes use of blockchain technology. When transactions are made between two parties, the action is recorded down. Each party will then have to approve of the transaction with private keys. This method is a much more secure method of a transaction to the riskier option of credit cards. Bitcoin was also made specifically for use online. This makes the currency efficient for use on online casino gambling sites and with other casino software. Another advantage that bitcoin is that it is not an orthodox method of payment thus it is less targeted. A number of casinos have already begun the use of bitcoin.

Alternative payment method.

Transferring cash to your casino account to an online gambling site is a prerequisite for any casino. There is no other way to experience the games in the casinos. Casino players have typically been making use of cards linked to their bank accounts to transfer money. To better secure your money and avoid scam casinos, we recommend the use of alternative payment options that will allow you to breathe more. Making use of online payment services allows you to keep your money safe and secure.

In addition, these reduce all those additional charges that the bank system place on you.

How To Report The Online Casino Scam

Using gambling commissions

This is one of the surest methods in the playbook. To make use of this method, the assumption is that the casino is regulated by a gambling commission. This way, casino players are protected from fraudulent business practices regarding any games, withdrawal, bet, or revenues gained.

FAQs on online casinos

1.     Is Yukon Gold Casino legit?

Gambling site

Yukon Gold Casino is a legitimate online casino that was established in the year 2004. It is licensed by the Kahnawake Gambling Commission of Canada. In addition, it has the stamp of approval from one of the best testing authorities, eCogra. Yukon Gold Casino Canada Reviews and Yukon Gold Casino Review give more information on the legitimacy of the casino. With the use of legit bitcoin casino technology, this casino has become very safe for the players.

2.     Are online casinos legit?

Just like in any industry, there are legit and illegitimate entities. The only way to tell if a casino is legit is by checking if it has a valid gambling license from a renowned Gambling Commission. This should be one of the key requirements considered by all casino players.

3.     Is Yukon Gold Casino real?

As part of the Casino Rewards Group Company, Yukon Gold Casino operates a legitimate online casino website that offers a variety of casino games, slot machines, and poker games.

4.     Are online slots rigged?

The answer to this question is no. The slots all make use of casino software called a Random Number Generator. It is a sophisticated algorithm that ensures randomness in every casino game. Your odds of winning a particular round of slots never changes. Whether it is the first or thirtieth game. Yukon gold casino reviews are an example of an online gambling casino that offers online slots games.


The gambling world is full of gambling scandals and scams. There you have it. All the casino scam tactics, facts, and details. Tricks and mischief in any form and manner. We hope you are now aware of the types of trickery fraudsters are cooking out there. Remember the adage; knowledge is power. The onus remains with you as the casino players to remove all possibilities of you being scammed. Use every possible casino affiliate resource for research. YouTube Videos, Gaming Commission articles, and many more resources. The goal is to reduce the odds of those crooks getting your money. And if you see any signs or threats, don’t be afraid to report.

Hope to see you next time at the gaming slots. Or the blackjack table. Whichever you prefer! Stay safe and avoid the scam!

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