Do Casinos Track Your Winnings?

Do casinos track your winnings? Yes, they do. Does it strike you when it’s your lucky day, and you’re winning big? Well, some of them can know every single move on the casino premises. While every player on a streak may think that the casino is after them, it may not be the case. The casino has its reasons to track your winnings. After all, there are casino secrets, which they don’t want you to know and get much out of them.

How Casinos Track Winnings and Losses

Casinos have multiple ways to track winnings and losses. One of the easiest ways is through video surveillance, where cameras are equipped with advanced face recognition and artificial intelligence technology. The casino area is already under full supervision to mitigate security risks and avoid any unforeseen circumstances. The same surveillance system can be used to identify and subsequently monitor who enters and exits.

A second way to follow up on winning and losses is through digitally-enabled chips that can be tracked even if the players move across tables. Originally this technology was used to disable any chips that were stolen from them. Whether you’re betting with bitcoins or you end up with a jackpot.

Another alternative is to use the players card method. When a players card is inserted into a gambling machine, the casino system triggers itself and lets the casino know player movements including the frequency of betting, winning, and losing amounts as well as game preferences. They can analyze your gambling habits and predict your algorithm behavior based on the player’s card technology.

How To Track Winnings and Losses in Baccarat

Baccarat Card Game

If you are playing a Baccarat game, casinos resort to different mechanisms to monitor down your card movement because baccarat has a low house edge. Therefore casinos fear losing money to high rollers playing baccarat. In an attempt to monitor their progress, a casino often sets them in private rooms already an already dealt card deck with video surveillance and specialized staffers. Similarly, when you play Bitcoin Baccarat online, different bitcoin casinos monitor your gameplay and card selection online.

How To Avoid Tracking In Baccarat

If you know how to play Baccarat, you are probably aware of a few baccarat strategies. The dealer can easily predict your next possible bet, which can either be a player or a banker bet. But you can easily intimidate the dealer by raising your wager. As much as they like to make money out of baccarat, they equally fear losing more money from the game itself. When the tracking system won`t be able to predict your next move, they’ll probably start watching someone else.

How To Track Winnings and Losses In Bitcoin Casinos

Bitcoin Casino Payment Gateways

list of Bitcoin casinos reveals that they monitor all digital transactions performed by the players to check for casino revenues. Like all other online market places, a bitcoin casino asks you to make an account and provide them with relevant credentials. Once you give them digital access, they monitor your movement, identify your preferences, and then come up with exclusive offers.

Check out this Betcoin casino review that explains how it attracts players and offers them exclusive pathways to a VIP club.

Why They Keep Tracks of Winnings and Losses?

They track winnings and losses to spot potential players, who can generate the most income for them in terms of gambling wins. By identifying such players, casinos can always offer them various incentives in terms of exclusive offers, discounts, meals, and whatever works to make them keep playing. Remember, everything that you see is to keep you within the premises as long as possible.

Casinos keep a lookout for players:

  • Who is betting in high stakes to target them as a potential business shortly?
  • Who is going ‘hot,’ they would want them to stay longer so they can try to win some money back from the player.
  • Who is a high profile like property investors and business tycoons?

While tracking winnings and losses, they do not restrict themselves to particular games such as a slot machine or a card game.

How Much Does The Average Person Lose In A Casino?

An average person loses between $500 to $800 in a casino. It is following the calculation made for the United States in 2018. Contrary to the famous saying that the house gets all the money in the end, you can make a lot of money, especially if you enter and exit at the right time. The house doesn’t want you to get it all because it lowers its revenue.

What Happens When You Win Big At A Casino?

Hitting A Jackpot

Several things happen when you win big at a casino. Winning big is every gambler’s dream. Now to earn big does not necessarily entail winning a free jackpot. It can be other hands or a substantial slot machine win. Here is what happens when you win a jackpot:

  • They ask you to fill out a tax form. You are not getting all that money without paying much to the government. You are invited to fill specific IRS forms designated for certain winnings. To avoid the bureaucracy taking over, you need to keep a record of your play, respective winnings, losses, and your expenditure until winning a jackpot. Read these casino secrets.
  • Since they will be watching you, they will immediately send someone to greet you, verify your credentials, and stop you from playing temporarily.
  • A check of your winnings issued if it’s higher than the cashable amount.
  • They might watch you if you continue to gamble even after winning big.
  • They will make you wait. For instance, after winning, staffers will not only verify your credentials; they will check the slot machine you were playing on. They will time your presence and fulfill a detailed list of protocols by the state.

Even after winning big, there are chances that you don’t get much instead of taxes and rights reserved or worse, a machine malfunction.

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