Drinking Roulette: What Is It and How To Play It?

Ever wondered if a game that is not only fun but also has fewer risks. Then you have found it. Roulette game has existed since the 18th century. It started in France and later spread to other countries including the Netherlands.

This shot glasses game can be enjoyed in any event in a casino whether it’s a birthday party, meet-together gathering, or any other event of your choice. Common forms of the game include the Vodka Roulette from Russia, French Roulette, European Roulette, and American Roulette.

How to play roulette drinking games

Before playing the shots drinking game, it is important to check its rules to avoid troubles in the end. You can check the the rules of roulette slot from Betcoin casino.

Rules of the shot glasses drinking roulette

Shot roulette can only be played with adults. This means you have to be 18+ in the UK and the rest of the countries and 21+ in the United States. In short, you must have your national identification card for you to play as it involves a lot of drinking and is also a part of the gambling process.

You must also check your alcohol consumption as too much of it can affect your health negatively. You are also advised not to drive after drinking to save both your life and others’ lives.

How to play the roulette drinking party game

This drinking roulette game consists of a spinning roulette wheel, 2 balls, and 16 glasses labeled with two numbers simultaneously. The two numbers on the shot glasses correspond to the numbers on the roulette wheel. You can fill these glasses with alcohol of your choice.

To start the shot roulette, you must first assign the first player to spin the wheel. Once the spinning stops and the number of the wheel corresponds to your shot glass, you will empty the glass and continue with the spin.

Each person will take a turn until all the shot glasses are emptied. If the content in the glass has been taken, then you will have to wait for another round. You can play the game in spin and drink, pick your glass, or mix and match methods.

For the spin and drink roulette shots, the wheel is span and once the spinning has stopped, a participant will drink the content in the glass if the numbers match. If the glass is empty or has been consumed, a player will have to wait for another round.

For the pick your glass shot roulette, each participant takes a number corresponding to a number on one of the glasses. Any random player can spin the wheel. If the wheel stops at your number, you will take the content in your shot glass.

In this roulette drinking game, everyone will have to drink the content in the shot glasses. No one takes more content than the other as the glasses equals the number of participants.

For the mix and match shot roulette, you can mix the contents in the glass. This means that different players will drink different content.

How to make the game more fun and engaging

Since playing these party games severally can lead to boredom, you can add some extra activities to make it more fun, longer, and even use it as one of the best gambling movies of all time.

  • Incorporate truth or dare game

This can be incorporated in that, when the number on the wheel matches with the number on your glass, you can be asked to pick truth or dare activities. These activities should be fun and not dangerous.

You can also ask other questions like choosing between football or basketball, credit or cash, paparazzi pizza, or cheese pizza. Once you choose an activity, you will have to perform it at that time or later on.

  • Add background music

Background music can be a form of entertainment as you continue with the drinking roulette. Players can decide to set a challenge that the loser (one who will take the least shot or won’t get any shot in the spin and drink game) will either sing or dance to specified music.

You can then take a video and share it with other friends on social media.

  • Play with real money

Players can decide to place a bet. The winner (one who gets the most shots) takes a certain large amount and the value decreases with positions until you get to the last person with the least shots or one who gets nothing. The players can also agree that the money is shared with the top three players.

  • Invite more friends to the shot drinking game

More friends mean a longer game and the engagement increases the fun. This will especially come from the shouting once the spinning has stopped and one has to take a shot or have to do a truth or dare activity.

  • Incorporate mix and match drinking roulette

You can decide to mix contents with different liquids such that some glasses have strong liquor, others relatively strong liquor, others wine, others juices, and the remaining with water.

The fun part comes when the spin is over and the glass with water matches your number. You will have to drink plain water while your friends are laughing at you.


Is shot roulette legal?

Yes. Drinking roulette is legal as long as you play it in a licensed casino. The only thing you have to avoid is playing it if you are underage as this can get you and the casino owner in trouble.

Can I play the shot roulette online?

Yes. Although this game of chance is enjoyed more when played in a land-based casino, you can also play it with your friends online. Online casinos such as Bspi.io and others offer it online. To get more information about how to play shot roulette online, check the review of Bitcoin casinos.

I want to include my kids in the drink shot game, is that possible?

Drinking roulette is meant for adults who have their national identification card due to alcohol consumption and the fact that it’s also a part of gambling activity. If you want to include your kids, you can play a similar spinning game (not in any casino whether land-based or online) with contents like juice, water, or tea.

You can do this by creating your own spinning game.

Are there other games similar to the shot roulette?

Yes. Players can decide to play other games like Boat Race Drinking game, Truth or Dare game, Tyrion’s Drinking game, and many more. Bspi.io provides an endless list of these games and other bitcoin table games. It can also teach you how to play Live European Roulette.


Roulette Drinking game is a fun game to play with your friends. All you have to do is place your bet, spin the wheel, and drink the content in the glass. Be sure to read the rules before playing it.

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