The Best Bitcoin Casinos The Best Bitcoin Casinos Wed, 10 Jun 2020 03:47:48 +0000 en-US hourly 1 The Best Bitcoin Casinos 32 32 Bitcoin Casino Free Spins Sun, 31 May 2020 13:26:02 +0000 Bitcoin casinos have skyrocketed in popularity in the past few years. There are lots of reasons why people are flocking towards bitcoin casinos. If you’re someone who just started out fresh in the online betting industry, bitcoin casinos are famous for giving free bitcoin bonuses and free spins to their customers. Not only that, but people love the privacy that comes with bitcoin casinos since you can withdraw, deposit, and win prizes while remaining anonymous at the same time!

Here are some bonuses that The Best Bitcoin Casinos offer!

10 free spin, 20 free spins, 25 free spins, 50 free spins, and great first deposit bonuses.  You name it and it's there!

Here’s some of the bitcoin bonus and free spins that TBBC offers:

Get 100% up to $100 + $88 no deposit bonus at Monte Casino

Get 100% up to $150 deposit bonus + 50 free spins at Play

Up to $500 deposit bonus + 50 free spins at Royal

Slots Casino: 100% up to $100 deposit bonus + 200 free spins

Get 10 no deposit free spins + 100% up to $200

Claim a 100% deposit bonus up to $250 + free spins

Claim a 100% deposit bonus up to $250 + free spins

Lucky Casino: Up to €800 deposit bonus & 100 free spins

Monte Casino: 10 free spins + $100 deposit bonus

Spades Casino: 200% up to $200 deposit bonus + up to 200 free spins!

Get 100% match deposit bonus up to $100 + 100 free spins

Get 100% up to $150 deposit bonus + 50 free spins at Space

Looking for more bonuses? We got you covered, here’s the complete list of bitcoin bonus and free spins from The Best Bitcoin Casinos that you can in the site.

Why Use Bitcoin Casinos?

Well, there are different benefits that you can get from using bitcoin casinos rather than having to go to websites that straight-up ask for flat currencies that you might have. Let’s look at the advantages that using bitcoin online casinos can give you:

Speedy Transactions

Let’s say that you’ve made a lot of winnings. If you’re going to be making a withdrawal with your traditional currency, most of the time, this will take days to a week since there’s a lot of bureaucracy that’s involved. But with the Bitcoin currency, you won’t need to wait for days or even weeks since it will just take MINUTES!

Moreover, there are no third-parties involved that might want to take a high percentage of your winnings. Low fees coupled with receiving bitcoin at a negligible cost makes this a more convenient way of withdrawing funds.


Contrary to what most people think that hacking and thefts are quite rampant in the cryptocurrency industry, this is not entirely the case when it comes to Bitcoin casinos. It’s worth noting that crypto exchanges are private and very secure.

As of this date, there has been no major theft on any Bitcoin casino.

It’s Fun And There are Free Bonuses

There are a plethora of different activities that you can do in bitcoin casinos. In our site, in particular, we’ve got bitcoin roulette, bitcoin minesweeper, bitcoin card games, and more! You should check out some of our games since we have a variety of different bonuses that can get you started.

Additionally, there are free spins and bonuses that you can enjoy. Can you just imagine not having to pay for anything and getting free spins, bonuses, and winnings?

Getting Started

So how do you get started in investing your bitcoins in an online casino? Well, first you have to start by picking an online casino that you are comfortable with, then, you’ll need to set up a bitcoin wallet for you to store your bitcoin funds and winnings at.

There are different forms of wallets and they usually come in the form of:

  1. Online
  2. Softwares (mobile applications and offline applications)
  3. hardware – hardware wallets are one of the most secure forms of wallets while online wallets are easier to use.

Lastly, once you have everything set up, you can start by inputting the online address of the casino into your wallet. In mere MINUTES, you’ll have the bitcoins in your casino’s balance and you’ll be able to play in no time!

Are Bitcoin Casinos Available On Mobile?

Yes, bitcoin online casinos are available on both Android and iOS platforms. If you’re going on a long road trip or you want to play while you’re shopping or at the gym, then you can definitely do that on your phone. Since there’s just so much bitcoin casinos that are available in play stores for both Android and iOS, we’ll be listing some of the best in the business.

Even though some of these online bitcoin casino games might not have a dedicated app for a certain operating system, they are quite aware that a majority of their market use their mobile phones as platforms and have optimized it for browser use for your phone.

Bet Online

Betonline has been serving its players for decades now with its roots going back to 1991. This online casino has been known for being one of the best in the industry. You’ll be able to bet from all the states in the United States and they have a widespread reputation for being responsive in terms of credit card deposits.

Just like other online casinos in the market, bet online is also known for having a variety of different banking options.

In terms of a deposit bonus, you’ll instantly get $125 in risk-free bets on your first deposit! Not only that, but the payouts are in the span of 48-hours. You won’t have to wait for weeks when you’ll be able to

This online bitcoin casino has been serving the US market for years now. The first time they officially launched was during April 2013. Betcoin is known for having one of the best state-of-the-art security and software while having a. aesthetically-pleasing web page. The sportsbook then branched out its services into the sports industry on the US betting markets. Betcoin is based on Costa Rica which is quite close to the United States. However, their servers are being hosted in Amsterdam. The people who are behind the Betcoin site have decades of experience and is one of the best in the offshore betting industry.

Most of the founders of this online casino are also known to own a multitude of other gambling networks with one notable poker network being one of the larger US-lined offshore poker rooms. This bitcoin casino has also recently added Android and iOS as platforms; you’ll be able to play Betcoin’s mobile games while you’re at the gym, at the office, or just chilling at the great outdoors.

Overall, we’ll give Betcoin around 3.5/5 for being consistent with their payments while also offering the bitcoin deposit and withdrawal method. Moreover, Betcoin showcases a plethora of different brands which can all be accessed on the same account. They offer a full-serve sportsbook with a Las Vegas-style online bitcoin casino, power areas and dices games. Not only does Betcoin accept bitcoin, but they also accept deposits from Litecoin. Despite seemingly being reliant on cryptocurrencies and being catered towards US customers, they are also welcoming of different players from different places around the globe. Check out our Betcoin review to find out more about this casino.

Vegas Crest Casino

From what we’ve found about Vegas Crest Casino so far, it’s a medium-sized bitcoin casino in terms of its revenue from players. It’s also part of a group of casinos that are managed by a team of veterans in the industry. Since it’s being ran by some of the best professionals in the market, you won’t have to worry about security issues. Moreover, it’s got some

To make the long story short about Vegas Crest Casino, it’s one high-tear online casinos that you can easily get into and get started. This online casino has one of the best reputations in the industry and has been getting non-stop praise ever since. This casino is also related to the other casinos that we have listed which means that it’s definitely legit.

If you go to their site now, you’ll be getting a 10 FREE spins with a 200% first deposit bonus + 30 free spins!

Betchain Casino

When you’re looking for games that will help you win tons of money in a bitcoin casino, it can be challenging since there’s a wide variety of options that are available for players. During the early beginnings of the online casino industry in the United States, it has taken a ‘nomadic’ lifestyle because of the federal laws that are associated with it. Because of this, you’ll notice that there are more online casinos than there are cryptocurrencies in the market.

Planning on starting out in Betchain Casino? Then they’re offering 200 FREE spins with a 225% deposit bonus!

Looking on spicing up your online casino experience with some unique mobile games and features? Then you should try out which is known for having a plethora of different games that you can choose from. Aside from having a wide variety of games, this bitcoin casino has received critical acclaim from a variety of different casino review sites while a lot of mind-boggling promotions.

If you’re going to start out in their site, you’ll receive a 50% deposit bonus + 20 free spins on their ‘Five Star Luxury’ game. On your second reload, you’ll be getting an additional 75% bonus up to 1.000.000 μBTC + 20 free spins on the same game! also has a blog were they upload daily content to keep their users engaged most of the time.

DuckDice Casino

This casino is one of the newer online casinos in the industry. This bitcoin casino was established in the 4th quarter of 2016 and has been growing as a business ever since. One of the shining benefits of using this online casino is that you can play using a plethora of currencies which include: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Monero, Ripple, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Gold, Stellar and Zcash. Even though duck dive casino doesn’t necessarily have free spins, they have different features that will dispense FREE coins every time that you play. They also have a progressive jackpot system where your likelihood of winning will increase every time that you try it out!

Since DuckDice casino is new to the betting industry, we’ll give it around a 3.5/5 for being a fair and responsible bitcoin casino. Compared to other sites, this site also provides a multitude of different casino games while providing a forum where players can consolidate in.


This casino is owned by the same team that’s currently operating CyberDice from 2016. The online casino is based in Curacao and operates under their law. One thing that OneHash is known for is that has one of the best security in the industry and the gaming hub’s data is being managed by a team that works around the clock. Even though these online casinos are leaning towards players that are based in the United States, they also accept a plethora of different players from different parts of the globe. Not only that, but OneHash is also proud of utilizing the mobile platform and their site works perfectly on the browser.

These are just the tip of the iceberg! There are some really good top-of-the-line bitcoin casinos out there. If you’re looking for the complete list of bitcoin casinos that we enjoy, you can visit them here.

How Secure Are Bitcoin Casinos?

We understand that bitcoin casinos and any other online sites that deal with money need to be as secure as possible. Bitcoin online casinos have been skyrocketing in popularity in the past years since bitcoin tends to have more benefits as a currency than your traditional currencies. Contrary to what people believe about online betting sites and bitcoin online casinos being not secure, it’s actually one of the most secure websites on the internet! In fact, it can even be argued that bitcoin casinos are even more secure than gambling with your traditional currency. It is worth noting that bitcoin transactions are encrypted and are manually verified by a team several times before being confirmed.

If there are people who do attempt to hack into a certain transaction, they’ll be greeted by a lengthy, incomprehensible, and extremely difficult code to use and decrypt which might even take years. Arguably, some people have also been saying that a bitcoin casino’s encryption is so secure that it might be stronger than a credit card’s security.

Despite this, gambling with Bitcoin isn’t necessarily as perilous as you might think. It could even be argued it’s more secure than gambling with fiat currency.

Which Ones Should I Avoid?

Since there are a plethora of different bitcoin casinos out there, it’s always rational to be careful about what you’re going to choose. There’s no doubt in anyone’s minds that there are good bitcoin casinos and there are also some bad bitcoin casinos. The first thing that you have to keep an eye out for is having a legitimate license and accreditation. For example, if a site claims to be situated in the United Kingdom, then it’s only appropriate to look for accreditation that’s issued by the UK Gambling Commission. Being able to do a quick background check on a site can land you a lot of results.

Another known way of knowing that a bitcoin casino is secure is if it associated with other legitimate and well-known bitcoin casinos in the market.

Lastly, one of the best ways to determine if a bitcoin casino is legit is by looking at the reviews and feedback of the casino. In most cases, an online casino will make sure that its reputation is not tarnished and will need to keep a good reputation.

Since there are a plethora of different bitcoin casino sites on the web, it’s recommended that you pick one that you’re very comfortable with.

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How to Get a Gaming License Sat, 30 May 2020 14:17:15 +0000 The best casinos in the world are only a click away! But you have to know which ones are legitimate so that you don’t have to risk losing your money either through unscrupulous gaming practices or downright criminality. Therefore, it stands to reason that if you must toss a coin to your Witcher, that is, your online casino, the first thing you need to be cognizant of is whether they are licensed. As a matter of fact, for an online casino, for instance, Bspin (check out the review of Bspin), to get a gaming license, the regulatory institution has to test each gaming content during the application process to determine whether the online casino is provably fair. So, is getting a gaming license easy? Yes, if you play by the rules. Suffice it to say, there are a set of things you need to get in order before you initiate your gambling license process, most of which people overlook and until you sit down with a gaming commissioner do you note them.

What are Some of the Terms of Service and Licensing Requirements?

Online Gambling Legislation and Regulation

The most critical thing for you to remember when it comes to the business of online gambling legislation and regulation is how it pertains to you. And as such, there are two things to think about in that regard. First, it is particularly rare for there to be an explicit expression of illegality in the USE of an online gambling site. Second, a gambling business site that is licensed and regulated is by all accounts the safest.

eGambling is a dynamic and fast-paced industry. Thus, in 2018, the International Association of Gaming Regulators put out some guidelines on the same. The guidelines cut across seven regulatory principles, viz: Player protection; Exclusions; Licensing controls; Operational and technical standards; Advertising; Player registration; and Financial transactions. The casino business can be a murky world; to get a more concrete viewpoint, let’s look at the most crucial aspect of an eGambling business: the customer and three important requirements.

Customer Terms of Service and Requirements

At the outset, the website of the gambling business must include crystal clear information that allows the customer to understand in which gambling jurisdictions the particular operator and product are licensed and regulated. Hyperlinks or the use of a logo that belongs to a regulator to direct the user to the regulator issued licensee or website may further convince the customer of the authenticity of the gambling business.

Moreover, on the matter of customer funds controls, each transaction must be uniquely tagged and sustained in a system audit log. Also, a deposit into a customer account must not be active for gambling until the transaction is approved by the suitable issuing authority. Additionally, an Internet gaming operator may maintain a ringfenced accredited bank account from all other operating accounts to ensure that the funds held in patron Internet gaming accounts are secure.

Third, the use of customer data must be handled with the highest form of care. Consequently, operators must keep the information of a customer’s account confidential unless such information is relevant to the rule of law. Importantly, the operator must make sure that the information gained about the gambling behaviour of the customer is not deployed against them to encourage irresponsible gambling.

Now that you understand some basic rules that are meant to protect you as a player in an online casino, go check out some tips to win in online casinos.

Responsible Service of Gambling

When making a gambling license application, in some quarters, it is mandatory to make sure that certain people involved in gaming industries to possess the apropos certification in the responsible service of gambling (RSG).

What Are The Different Types of Gaming Licenses?

The different types of gaming licenses range from an employee license to one concerning software providers. Gambling licenses are some of the coveted licenses in the world. A gaming license lets you know that it is okay to operate run a gaming establishment without the risk of having the Feds raid your proverbial gambling den.

Remote General Betting Operating Licenses (Standard and Virtual Events)

There is a remote operating gambling license for each type of gambling activity you might want to provide. This business license allows you to provide facilities for remote (online) gambling to consumers. For example, the licensing requirements in the United Kingdom concerning this type of gambling license necessitate that the gaming commission allows the offering of facilities for betting on competitions, virtual races or any other event or process other than a game of opportunity, utilizing remote communication-in this case-a website.

Remote Casino Operating License

Effectively, the remote casino operating license grants you permission to offer casino games (e.g., Baccarat) to customers through a website, mobile phone, TV, or other services online. A Bitcoin casino has to get this license and a bunch of others before they start operations. If you are not familiar with any Bitcoin casino or not sure about them in terms of what’s worth your time, go check out this review of different Bitcoin casinos.

Remote Gambling Software License

Still, in the United Kingdom, if you provide remote gambling facilitation, you must get your gambling architecture from software providers that have a license from the Gambling Commission.

Employee License

According to the New Jersey Casino Control Commission, people who are employed in casinos, Internet gaming or sports pools may require a license or registration, entirely dependent on the sort of work they do. To make a license application for a casino employee, you must submit an application with the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement. All you need to do is download the application and follow the instructions.

In Summary

So what are some of the basic things you need to start your gambling business application process? Well, one of them is a business plan (it would be ludicrous to start heaving over applications if you didn’t have a sound business plan). One of the other things you need in this business is a clean background because the regulatory body will conduct a background check at some point. And one of the most vital things you need is money, for the license; for instance, the State of New Jersey requires an amount not less than $200,000.

Undoubtedly, licensure [1] is the fundament of the regulatory system.

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Top 8 Best Gifts for Gamblers Fri, 29 May 2020 14:21:10 +0000 If you have any friends and family who love to gamble, then you know how obsessed they must be with it! Well, one of those friends have their birthday coming up, and you know they will love something related to gambling. It is hard, isn’t it, buying gifts for gamblers.

Before you go right in, in buying gifts for your audacious gambling friends, do you exactly know what do they like, because there are many gambling games out there.

How many gambling games are there?

There are hundreds of gambling games but divided into three general categories including casino games, electronic gaming machines, and random number ticket games. Maybe your friend loves roulette or is a blackjack person. Now, this necessary because a roulette person will go for a roulette clock while your blackjack friend will prefer a customized playing deck. If you want to know all about occasion games, check out Bspin review. Once you are sure about the gambling game your friend is interested in, you may proceed with buying gambling themed gifts.

But before you do, try to categorize your choice, for example, a category for online gamblers, slots players, roulette players, craps players, card players, and general gamblers.

Whatever gift your buying, first, you need to place your friend in any of those categories, and you can do it for more than one group. For instance, if your friend is a poker player with occasional love for roulette. You can get a roulette customized playing deck.

Here are some of the suggestions[1] right out of the gambling gift basket.

1) Gamblers Keychain

Remember, a gambler has an identity, and its essential to keep up with it. Here is the thing, even something as small as a keychain means a lot to a player. For instance, the theme, whether it is craps or a slot machine or roulette, for that matter.

2) Custom Playing Cards

Custom Playing Cards

What makes a gift unique is an intention, not the dollar value associated with it, get you to friend a custom playing deck, you can imprint your friend’s picture or be creative about it. Add motivational quotes or tips to win in online casinos on the card.

3) Personalized Mug

While searching for gift ideas, remember everything does not have to be about las vegas or money clips. Gambling is just like any other habit. Choose a gambling gift, but it can be something as simple as a coffee mug with an ace of spades. Who does not like coffee mugs, right beside their gaming laptop?

4) A Real Slot Machine

Slot Machine

For a slot player, there is nothing more important than the slot machines. In that case, a customized real slot machine will have an everlasting impact. Firstly your friend does not have to go to a casino now and then and can enjoy back at home. That lowers his dependence on going to a casino

5) Casino themed lighter

Imagine your friend at a casino table, and when that fuel lighter flicks, the sound of it, its a call to attention notice for every other gambler. You’re wondering if your friend is a nonsmoker, so what? Imagine your friend is at the table with a casino themed lighter, and someone else needs one to light a cigarette. That lighter would do wonders. And who says lighters are exclusively for smoking, fire up a kitchen stove or barbecue grill in a garden, who cares until it is useful.

6)Lined notepad

When you are pursuing any card game. Get your friend a lined pad to work on strategy, enter details after every card game, and make pointers to ace those long card games.

7) Dice Bracelet

There is this certain aura attached to a gambler in general and a card player in particular. That includes a bracelet and not just any bracelet. A casino themed dice bracelet. You know what the best part is, it is more of a unisex bracelet and suits both men and women, makes them look more gallant.

8) A trip to the casino

Trip to the Casino

Out of all the gamblers gifts, what can be more adventurous than an all-expense-paid trip to  Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Macau or Monte Carlo for that matter. It does not matter until and unless the one gift recipient lands in a casino. You can also sign up for your friend for an online bitcoin casino if that applies. Just enter a search query at bitcoin casinos review, and there you go, chose one. Remember, if the casino is in vegas or an online casino, make sure that it says all rights reserved, and you cant use casino property for any personal endeavor.

What do you get a poker player as their birthday gift?

You should get a customizable poker set for a poker player for their birthday. You know, why? Because Poker players are unique. One can tell that from their facial expressions on the table. From poker chips to every aspect of the game, everything holds a significant value to them. And if your friend is one of that weekly poker night folk, next thing, you can turn the home turns into a mini-casino from that poker set of yours, sounds about right.

How much does a poker set cost?

Poker Set

A decent poker set from Amazon costs from 50$ to $100, there may be more expensive sets but you need to look for the right theme. You must be wondering that’s not possible, poker sets are damn expensive and way out of your league poker set has several features such as poker chips, now lightweight chips are cheaper but heavier chips are more durable. It depends on what you are looking for, you need to chose a set appropriate for your friend. Again while buying gifts for casino players, look at the overall value instead of the dollar value.

What do you get a gambler for Christmas?

You should get a lucky charm for your gambler friend for Christmas. There is something a gambler always needs, and that is luck or perhaps good luck. If you want to a particular gambler’s gift for Christmas, buy a good luck charm such as a laughing buddha or a blue-eyed amulet. Maybe you are not that superstitious, or you think these charms don’t work, but believe me, your gambling friend needs one. Get a charm bracelet, and while you are at it, customize it to different games. You can add chips or blackjack cards, whatever suits your gambler friend.

Forget birthdays, this time, it is the holiday season, and your gambler friends are spending most of their time in a real casino or playing on an online bitcoin casino. It can be as simple as playing a minesweeper game because you know what, a courageous gambler never stops.

While you’re looking for gambling gifts, and if your friend is a regular casino goer, you can opt for a casino gift card for Christmas. It is ideal for holidays, with a gift card you can cover up or at least partake in giving your friend an excellent time in a casino city. Gift cards are beneficial for you as well. If you are unable to choose between those dices and customized sets, go for a gift card, and your friend can opt whatever deems fit.

Do casinos have gift cards?

Yes, casinos have gift cards, a personalized gift card, or you can email one to your friend, it is just like an Apple gift card with a gambling connotation. Remember, these casino gift cards are not restricted to the casino itself. They go beyond it. Gift cards apply to restaurants, accommodation, souvenir shops, etc.

You don’t have to buy an expensive gift card, start with small denominations, get your friend a 50$ or a100$ gift card. After all, its the intention that matters, not your gift card denomination. What if your gift card turns out to be 500$ or perhaps 5000$, you never know in a casino

The perfect gift for gamblers

When you are looking to buy a gift, firstly, there is no such thing as a perfect gift for gamblers. And really, why does it matter, something as simple as a good luck charm can land your friend thousands of dollars in winnings. It depends on your friends and their love for gambling.

Make sure you gift them something special if you can look out for their interest in a particular gambling game, which means you know what you are doing. It is often hard to determine a person’s gambling interest, what looks a roulette person to you might be into slots. When you are buying your gift, just to be on the safe side, look out for the general categories like mugs or bracelets.

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Top 10 Best Gambling Movies Thu, 28 May 2020 12:51:36 +0000 If you have been around people who love gambling, then you will often hear arguments about several gambling topics; one of the most common ones being on which 10 gambling movies are the best ones. These movies are unique in their plots and delivery as they expose viewers, particularly gamblers to the risk involved in gambling, how to understand these risks, and beat them for success. Having learned about online casinos and seen a comprehensive Bspin review, it is common to wonder why people love this activity so much; and these movies play a huge part. These are the cinematic tools that keep viewers glued to their screens for hours. In these films, you would watch different characters being prudent and also exercising the utmost caution with every step that is taken. However, these films show how a person can constantly risk the things they hold on dearly, to get something bigger.

The top 10 best gambling movies are not just one of those James Bond Casino Royale, Cincinnati kid, James Caan, Robert de Niro, or Matt Damon action-themed casino movies that are usually about poker and set in Las Vegas. Although everyone acknowledges the greats like Sharon Stone, Steve McQueen, or Clive Owen and their works, this list is compiled based on the representation of the gambling arts.

Gambling movies always express pain, determination, and the happiness that comes from having a big win. Gamblers in these films always want that big win and every poker game always seems to them like the last. The twisting side to the lives of these gamblers in these films is that they always don’t end up with the lives they desire. They work so hard to get that big win by studying poker odds and taking the risk. When the win comes, they want to use it to take another risk because they feel every big win can produce another big win.

How will watching gambling films help you as a gambler understand the game better? You can read all you want about it or study all that there is to study, but none of it can be compared to the knowledge of watching the game of poker in a casino setting. Gambling films open you up to the dynamics of the game as well as the life of the gambler. Through this, you can learn a lot of lessons that will help you avoid the negativity of the game and build up your abilities in no small ways for your next casino appearance.

This compilation of the top 10 best movies focuses not only or the art of gambling but the lives of gamblers and that of their families.

This list comprises of carefully selected movies that will surely help you improve as a gambler. With that said, let us get to the analysis of the best gambling movies.

Here is the list of the 10 Best Gambling Movies:

Uncut Gems

Uncut Gems movie poster

Uncut Gems might not be a Robert De Niro film, but it is a recent gambling movie that was released in 2019. This thriller starring Josh and Benny Safdie was not only intense, but it was also nerve-wracking. In this film, Adam Sandler plays the role of Howard who was a hopeless gambling addict. Howard became so addicted to gambling that he started threading on the part of utter self-destruction. At a point in the film, Howard placed a bet in himself after he had nothing to secure a bet.

The interesting thing about this film is how well Howard can paint addiction deeply giving us the hope that he will get out of it while in reality, he was getting deeper into it. Watching the finale of the film and how addiction paid off for Howard might just want to make your search deep and get back into addiction.

The point this film looks to stress to gamblers is that addiction continues because the game always gives you something to hold on to. Addiction may not be good for gamblers, but it is not always easy to come out of it because you always look up to that big win even when it is not forthcoming.

Vegas Vacation

Vegas Vacation movie poster

This might not be the best film when you see it as a vacation film set in a Las Vegas casino but it has been included on this list because of how funny and illustrative it is. This film is reputed most probably to be the single best funniest and dumbest casino film of all time. One of the classical parts of this comedy film has to be the terrible reboot with Ed Helms – everyone is sure going to love that.

The major character in this classic is Clark Griswold who from the start of the film is said to have a gambling addiction. Clark all of his life was being tormented by Wallace Shawn who was a car dealer. In this film, Clark wasn’t a good gambler and this resulted in him losing a lot of his earnings. He wasn’t good at it, but because of his addiction, he just couldn’t stop. The movie sums up what gambling is like in a Las Vegas casino and the type of players and games like minesweeper game that exist there like the “Pick a number between 1 and 10” where Clark once lost about $20. It might not be James Caan, Matt Damon, or Cincinnati Kid related, but Vegas Vacation remains one must-watch movie for all gamblers.

Owning Mahowny

Owning Mahowny movie

There are several sides to gambling that many movies focus on. While some focus on the glamour and flamboyant lifestyle that comes from its proceeds, others focus on explaining the mathematics behind gambling. There are, however, very few movies that stress extensively on the danger of addiction and ‘Owning Mahowny – a 2003 crime thriller is one of such.

Based on a true story of Phillip Hoffman – a Canadian bank Manager, Owning Mahowny takes viewers through the process of being a gambler and how addiction sets in. Phillip who was able to steal a lot of money in his time as a bank manager used all of it to bet in Atlantic City. The first few years were great for Hoffman because he made use of his brilliance and intuition in betting. After a while of continuous betting, Hoffman began to experience oppressive addiction which not only caused him to lose all his money but he began being aggressive to himself and others. Sadly, this is the true story of many gamblers across the globe who started nice like Hoffman but have become dangerously addicted now.

Lucky You

Lucky You movie

‘Lucky you’ is a hackneyed story of a superstar poker player by the name Eric Bana. This movie that was released in 2007 shows the somewhat complicated relationship that existed between Eric Bana and his father Robert Duvall who was in himself a bigger superstar in the poker playing arts. At several points in the movie, there were disagreements between these two individuals as to who is better. The movie, however, portrays two different characters of gamblers through both of them. They had different playing tactics but shared a similar desire for achieving a win at all times and staying on top of the game. In the end, these two men had to go against each other in what became a Big Game. While this game was a very tough one for both characters, it revealed certain truths that were unknown about their characters.

This movie helps you as a gambler to see gambling from the lens of two different gamblers who knew the game, played the game, and continuously won the game. Lucky you are not just one of those casino themed poker movies, but one highly recommended movie for gamblers. This movie will upgrade your poker and betting skills in no small way.

The Color of Money

The Color of Money movie poster

Released in 1986, The Color of Money earned Paul Newman what later went on to become his only Oscar award. This movie revisited the phenomenal character of Fast Eddie Felson a player in The Hustler. So this movie is more of a sequel and it centers on an aging pool shark who was at the crossroad of deciding whether or not to stop gambling. Seeing gambling as a hustle, the major character in this movie had to make a decision either to continue gambling or quit it and go on with his business of selling liquor. While Eddie Felson wanted to quit gambling, he didn’t want to miss the fun of the game as is with many gamblers in today’s world.

This movie is more of a cautionary one than it is of an informative one. It looks to expose to gamblers the addiction that comes with gambling over a long period. It gets to a stage where the game becomes difficult to quit because of the fear that you might miss the joy the game gives.

The movie also stresses the need to have around you those who are magnetic to gambling and almost cannot quit it. They have through several years of experience gathered the right knowledge that can help you thrive in the world of gambling.

Twenty One

Twenty One novie

Released in 2008, 21 is a true life experience story of the MIT BlackJack Team. The MIT BlackJack Team is a made up of professional individuals who did many great things together as a team. This team beat the house (casino) for almost a decade and had many of their experiences later authored into books by Ben Mezrich. 21 is simply a story about maths and business with a little gambling twist. Featuring the likes of Jim Sturgess, Aaron Yoo, Josh Gad, and Jacob Pitts as its cast, this movie is a must-watch for all gamblers out there.

Though largely criticized by many especially for whitewashing by turning Asian-Americans into generic white people, this movie has one of the richest plots in gambling history. For several parts of the movie, major characters were seen trying to pull one over on Kevin Spacey. At a point, Spacey was kidnapped and subjected to torture.

Watching this movie as a gambler will help you understand the science and mathematics behind gambling in real life casino settings. Through this, you will no doubt become a better and more careful gambler.

Molly’s Game

Molly's Game movie

Released in 2017, Molly’s Game is a gambling movie and the directorial debut of Aaron Sorkin. This movie is said to be based on the memoir of a former champion skier – Molly Bloom. Molly at the height of her career as a renowned skier who suffered a terrible accident. This accident forced her into changing careers and becoming an underground poker game organizer. Molly was so good at an underground poker game that this film was fashioned after her. This film showed that you didn’t need to go to casinos to gamble.

One major character in the film is Jessica Chastain who exposed the illegal but lucrative ecosystem run by Molly to viewers. She was in charge of organizing high stakes games for gamblers and following through on their winners. You are also going to meet heartbreaking characters in this film like Bill Camp. Bill was a very hopeless gambler who suffered terrible losses but was still always ready to bet on himself.

All these characters put together in their unique differences exposes you as a gambler to a better view of the world of gambling. This film also gives you a holistic understanding of how the ecosystem works to benefit a select few and the expense of many others. With this film, you will learn that it is possible to be a gambler at any poker table, make the most of the game without necessarily being addicted.


Maverick movie poster

No doubt one of the most popular gambling movies of all time, Maverick was released in 1994 by Mel Gibson. Since its release, this film has remained relevant and helped many gamblers across the globe understand the art of gambling better. Mel Gibson, the brain behind this film was considered to be a lively man that was full of light. This film, is largely based on the popular ‘50s television series, which is seen as a bloated contraption. With every event carefully linked to the other, viewers need to pay rapt attention to get the gist of the movie and appreciate it. While you might find some scenes in this film quite unnecessary to the storyline, you will surely find every scene played by Jodie Foster very interesting.

Jodie in this film had a blast for playing the damsel-in-distress role living off the hard earnings of her gambling pal. She did not pay attention to the source of the income and wasn’t so interested when Gibson tried talking to her about it. Not so much of her was seen when a loss was recorded. From this movie, you are going to have a sneak peek into the inner lives of gamblers and see how pleasurable and stressful it can be.

The Cooler

The Cooler movie

The Cooler, a gambling movie that was premiered in 2003 expresses the life and everyday living of a professional loser named Bennie. Bernie was seen all through this film for being responsible for ruining hot streak because he played at the craps table. It was quite surprising that despite the many gambling experiences gathered by Bernie, he still kept on losing. This goes on to show that beyond experience in the game of gambling, there is a mathematic to it that needs to be understood.

Starting as a depressing study of a gambling addict who has lost almost all of his earnings to the casino, the film expressed a fair balance of loss and win. Bernie at the start of the movie was largely indebted to Alec Baldwin who was a very tough casino owner. Bernie had to continually work to offset his debt for Baldwin and also become his go-to guy. After a while, he met a woman he loved Maria Bello – a waitress whose love turned his fortune around and spelled a season of luck for him. Bernie though being a failure at gambling, never stopped placing a bet and this shows the place of consistency. Many times, that painful act of consistency in gambling might just be all you need for a breakthrough in gambling.

Ocean’s Eleven

Ocean's Eleven movie poster

There is one thing that is common to almost all gambling movies and that is presenting its character as always being sober. Steven Soderbergh was able to look the other side and was able to convert creaky rat pack caper into an amazing piece. In the early scene of this film, George Clooney and Brad Pitt started as really cool characters who squared themselves up at the card table. However, as the film went on, a lot of things began to change between these two individuals.

Ocean eleven not only expressed the gambling spirit in Las Vegas but also shows viewers how adult pleasures are achieved. Gamblers are portrayed in this film as having ‘swag’ as they are always seen well-dressed in very expensive clothes and gold chains. Kind of like that in the James Bond movie, Casino Royale. The best moment and what has remained the major highlight of this film shows how gambling metaphors are not only silly but also not as difficult as they are portrayed to be. This is must probably why this movie did not delve into the deep substances of gambling instead focused on the fancy lives of gamblers.


With the top 10 best gambling movies and their IMDB links provided above, you need to get yourself together and start watching these movies. They have enjoyed positive reviews and ratings from many online casinos and players across the globe. These movies will not only teach you about the positives of gambling including how to dominate the poker table at the casino, how to master bitcoin casino slot, but it also highlights the negatives of the art as well. You will also learn how gamblers live and what addiction can do to you as a gambler. There are many resources online to teach you how to become a professional poker player and you can take advantage of them.

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Different Types of Gambling Thu, 28 May 2020 12:49:33 +0000 You must have a friend or a relative who you always find gambling. You have seen them being invested in it so much that it is an active part of their life. Admittedly, it must make you wonder about several questions. So, if you have been looking for the answers related to gambling and its types, then consider this your lucky day! This guide will brief you on all kinds of gamblings.

What does gambling mean?

Gambling means to bet money or anything valuable when there are a risk and uncertainty associated with the outcome. When you hear about gambling, usually what comes to your mind are card games, slots, and casino games. When in reality, there is way more to gaming than what we’ve seen in movies. In actuality, there are various types of gambling that include understanding the odds since gambling is games of chance.

Gambling in our current day and age has grown as compared to the older times and has been diversified. Now, the gamblers have options for all kinds of gambling. From slot machines to blackjack and poker to online betting, they have access to all. Today, one can make use of technology and indulge in various forms of gambling with just a click away.

What are the effects of gambling?

There are a lot of effects of gambling as it comes with a specific negative connotation as playing games of chance come with a particular rush to the gamblers. A gambler who lives in a hurry to gamble can become a gambling addict. However, this problem gambling while leading to inevitable rush and problems for the players can be controlled. While some people have problem gambling, others have a gambling problem. One has to do with just hard luck while the other has to do with the rush the gamblers get form taking risk gambling.

How can you stop gambling?

You can stop gambling when it loses the aspect of being fun and exciting. When it starts to become more of impulsive behavior, you should seek help and know that you have a problem gambling. Addiction is just one of the effects of gambling, while others, as mentioned, are the thrill or the rush the players get playing against the risks and uncertainty. So always be careful with your money, your behavior, and make sure you are a responsible person just like when you are responsible gaming.

How many gambling games are there?

There are over 50 gambling games out there, but its hard to get an exact count. These include a casino, sports, poker, lottery, and the stock market. If you’re new to gambling or you only know the gamble you’ve seen in movies, you’ll be amazed to see how many different types of gambling games are there. Gambling has advanced so much that now there are even casinos who accept different cryptocurrencies. Some of the gambling types are as follows.

Casino Gambling

different video slots used for gambling

Casino gambling or money gambling is a prevalent and popular gambling type. Casino involves a lot of table games such as Blackjack, Roulette, and poker, etc. Players playing dice is just one example of casino gambling. Another example is of gaming machines and casino games that are even available online or one’s mobile device with just a tap away. These gambling games involve slot machines, blackjack, video poker games, and roulette wheels, among many. These games are usually short, and the chances of winning increase with the number of games played. All kinds of people indulge in these gambling games from all over the world. Especially after they have been moved online, these gambling games are even more accessible, gaining more popularity than ever with countless websites on the internet.

Slot machines are the widespread and simple kind where you just have to match the symbols on a computer. They are available in the online casinos who accept bitcoin as payment as well and involves a high degree of luck. While several games in the casino don’t require skills, blackjack is a type of casino game that does. It’s also commonly known as 21. Players are dealt with cards against the dealer, the first or the closest to 21 wins. It requires more in-depth calculation and probability to win, but the basic sit in mechanics to play is simple.

When it comes to letting lady luck take the wheel entirely, roulette should be your choice of game. There’s a spinning table just like a spinning wheel, and you bet on either black or red, and let the dice roll. Video poker, just like Poker, is a top-rated and lucrative game. It is played just like traditional poker, which is discussed later. Baccarat is also a standard casino game, which has been widely popular with gamblers throughout history and is a high roller game where people bet on player and banker. Whoever rolls a nine or closest to a nice win after their score is added from the card they’re dealt.

Sports Betting

Sports betting falls under one of the most rapidly growing types of gambling. It involves different kinds of sports events like football games, world series of poker, horse racing, and all categories of other competitions. Sports betting has evolved over a long period, from people betting and gambling on chicken fights to sports betting during a football game. The sporting event provides players various forms to participating in gambling activities using multiple different channels. Sports betting has also gone online where gamblers can observe and bet on multiple gambling odds.

Other types include point spread, totals, and Moneyline. Moneyline is the purest form of gambling in sports where you just pick one team or player and bet on them. High-risk, high rewards strategy applies here since betting on an underdog usually reaps more significant rewards. Therefore a certain level of research, knowledge, and policy comes in handy. In Totals, you bet on the scores and other numbers that’ll be a result at the end of the game. It is the hardest to predict the type of betting, but people are known to win at this as well. Point spread, while very confusing yet the most popular and with the highest return type of betting. In this, you predict the point margin by which the team they’re betting on will win by. If a particular basketball team wins, they’ll win by 14 points advantage. It is complicated yet accessible because this involves more skill and knowledge.

What is the most popular gambling game?

Poker game is the most popular gambling game. It is one of those types of gambling that involves cards. The most common example of poker is Texas Hold em, this type of betting requires money just like any other, and the uncertainty of the outcomes is based on luck and skill. People research a lot on various kinds of strategies that can be implied in Texas Hold em to win. This card game involves you trying to get the upper hand on your opponents by getting the best five cards hand. This gambling is also widely considered skill-based, but gamblers tend to ignore the skill and depend on lady luck to win these games. Other types of games played in Poker are a seven-card stud, which is still played at World Series of Poker every year, and another example is Omaha. In 7 card stud, the objective is the same just in all types of poker games, which is to get the best five-card hand, the only difference is there are no additional cards, you play with the hand you’re dealt with. In Omaha, being a poker game, the objective is again for the poker players to get the best five-card side, but this involves four hole cards that play a role in what your odds are. There a lot of online casinos as well where you can play this game online. Be sure to check reviews of those online websites beforehand such as Bspin Review.

Lottery Games

Lottery games are a significant part of the gambling market where people buy lottery tickets, play bingo, or buy scratch-offs. This type of gambling is played at even the state level with the state lottery and big leagues. In the state lottery, there’s prize money, and you have to pick a number from the pool of available numbers. Unlike playing card games or poker machines, this is an entirely luck-based gambling game where the risk and uncertainty are high. Sometimes, the higher the risk higher the rewards, which are right in the case of Lottery games and gambling. In case of scratch-offs, you have to match different symbols, and the odds are usually low, but due to the low price entry, people tend to participate in these games widely.

Another widely popular game is Bingo, we have seen this in movies or in Las Vegas casinos where old ladies hold up bingo cards or are said to be collecting them. After the move to online, this has become more common due to accessibility, and people of all walks play this game. In this game, the players need to get a winning pattern by marking off different numbers as they are called off. Traditionally, players playing would yell BINGO! When they win. Keno is another type of lottery game which is also found in casinos, in a hopper machine you get shown 20 numbers and players predict these number, the odds are very low in this lotto game, but people widely enjoy it. You can win money and prizes on matching even just two numbers.

Stock Market

Among all types of gambling, the stock market is the highest tier, with very high exclusivity. Buying stocks, commodity trading, bonds, and binary options while many would agree with it as being gambling, the entire act, the risks and rewards, the uncertainty, and the chance plays makes it a gambling type. This gambling also has the best odds since if you’re participating, it’ll require huge capital and knowledge about market trends. The odds are studied widely and a tremendous amount of research. It then coupled with experience, analyzing market trends, and understanding of these trends can help you measure and understand the odds. Stock markets also play by the rules of high risk and high rewards strategy. Therefore the gambling odds are lucrative.

What type of gambling has the best odds?

Skill-based gambling has the best odds as people gamble for all sorts of reasons. It can be fun, the rush and the thrill of facing uncertainty. Some people who gamble for fun prefer to play games like online slots, roulette, and video slots. These games require little to no skills or thought; they can just relax and enjoy the game. The rush or thrill of going on a winning streak in these games is unmatched. There are people who play games to test their skills and win games. They play games that are skill-intensive such as Poker, Blackjack, sports betting, and even stock markets. Some players make an earning out of it, and this gambling type has the best odds for the players who understand them and know how to play them. These players use their different strategies, knowledge, and improve over time to play the odds. For instance, sports enthusiasts who understand the games and players are at an advantage and can play the odds.

Similarly, some of these players play to win money or make money. While those play it professionally and knows how to play the odds play these games to earn or make some money. Others who want to make or win money widely go for the lottery, there the chances of winning big are higher despite the odds being low. These players want more responsibility and, with various sites out there to bet on sports, have indirectly boosted the sports betting domain as a whole.

Poker chips falling on green felt roulette table


Gambling is about choice and taste. It has different types of games, and you can only know your piece of cake once you start playing it. There are no limitations as to what you can work or what cannot suit you. It is a matter of preference or what hits the bucket. Some do it for the sports, some do it for a legitimate interest and passion for a particular game, some do it for the thrill, and unmatched euphoria of going on a winning streak and some do it just for the gamble. In the end, whatever gambling you decide on, you’ll need to know your limit and your luck.

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Sports Gambling Podcast Thu, 28 May 2020 12:25:58 +0000 Sports gambling podcasts have become incredibly popular over the years as sports gambling is now a global activity where individuals predict the outcomes of sporting activities and place a wager on such predictions for expected output. Individuals can now place sports bets online via various casinos using cash deposits or cryptocurrencies. The frequency of sports gambling varies from place to place depending on the type of game and the culture dominant in specific regions.

However, on average, football has been the most widely gambled sport but extends to other non-athletic sporting events like NBA, NFL, Madden Mayhem horse racing, fantasy league, and cockfighting among others. The internet space is filled with a lot of sportsbooks, football gambling tips, and gambling podcasts that can help you succeed in sports betting.

In this article, we shall be looking at a list of top sports gambling podcasts and what you can make of it for your gambling benefits.

Payne Insider and Todd Fuhrman’s ‘Bet the Board’

Bet The Board Podcast logo

If you need valuable insights with regards to match-ups, injuries, gameplay and player analysis, coaching, player line-up, and projections. This podcast is run by Payne and Fuhrman. While Payne is a professional bettor with many years of sports betting experience, Fuhrman is in charge of media and anything that has to do with interviewing. These two guys are intelligent people that you want to listen to. ‘Bet the Board’ runs for about an hour on Monday and Thursday in anticipation of the weekend action. Before listening to this sport betting podcast, you must know that these individuals will not drive you to take sides. The podcasts just provide the required analysis and understanding of the sports betting market and game. You are free to place your wages based on your understanding of the analysis.

Listen to ‘Bet the Board’  here.

‘Beating the Book’ by Gill Alexander

Beating The Book with Gill Alexander Podcast logo

‘Beating the Book’ is a popular sports gambling podcast and one of the best picks that is hosted by Gill Alexander. Alexander Gill is a host on the Vegas Stats and Information Network and a renowned figure when it comes to using sabermetrics in MLB handicapping. Gill’s major drive for starting this outlet is to help sports bettors get better at gambling. This outlet covers a wide range of related topics ranging from NBA, golf, college football, Madden Mayhem, NFL, to Major League Baseball. This podcast is listed on the top 100 category chart on iTunes but is also made available for non-iTuners. Through ‘Beating The Book’, Alexander provides you with an in-depth analysis of sporting competitions which enhances your gambling knowledge. He also provides listeners with the best sports betting strategies for each competition without forcing you to a particular side.

Listen to ‘Beating the Book’  here.

‘Behind the Bets’ by ESPN Chalk

Behind the Bets with Doug Kezirian podcast

‘Behind the Bets’ sports gambling podcasts is hosted by Ben Fawkes, Doug Kezirian, Stanford Steve and Chris Fallica. These individuals work together as a crew and over the years have been able to explore several sport gambling cultures. Considering that they are a team, they provide listeners with a wider and more holistic view of sports gambling, the best picks, and amazing strategies to always be on the winning side. With regards to individual experiences, these guys have been rated as being one of the best when it comes to analyzing sporting events like NFL. If you long for a rich conversation on sports betting, then you just have to get on ‘Behind the Bets’.

Listen to ‘Behind the Bets’  here.

‘Bang the Book’ by Adam Burke

Bang the Book Radio Podcast logo

Adam Burke’s ‘Bang the Book’ is another great outlet that has a very interactive tone offering the best football college and NFL picks. This sports gambling podcast is aired every week on Wednesday and though hosted by Adam, it features intelligent guests from time to time. Adam always makes sure he gets the best of the best on ‘Bang The Book’ at all times ranging from handicappers to writers and analysts. Every week, they make sure to discuss the sporting world, analyze how opinions are formed and proffer amazing tips to listeners. When listening to ‘Bang The Book’, you don’t just become aware of the game, you feel like you are a part of it. Adam Burke always makes sure his outlet doesn’t coerce anyone to take sides, instead, it provides the best analysis of all sides for its listeners to follow and have the best picks.

Listen to ‘Bang the Book’ here.

‘Bet the Process’ with Rufus Peabody and Jeff Ma

Bet The Process Podcast logo

‘Bet the Process’ is a sports gambling podcast that is run by two amazing sports enthusiasts – Rufus Peabody and Jeff Ma every week. Rufus, on the one hand, is a professional bettor while Jeff is known with the famous MIT blackjack team. The most distinguishing feature of ‘Bet the Process’ is that it makes it one you should follow, is how much attention is paid to the details of the game. These two individuals believe that to succeed in this gambling realm, attention should be paid to details. In this outlet, all angles of sports like NFL, golf, football, last dance, Madden Mayhem and others are covered as well as this industry. These two guys always try to ensure that you as a bettor, is informed about the pros and cons of betting including regulations governing it every week.

Listen to ‘Bet the Process’ here.

GT’s ‘Cash Considerations’

GT's Cash Considerations Podcast logo

As a sports bettor, you are missing a lot if you do not follow Dave Sharapan’s ‘GT’s Cash Considerations’ podcast. This sports betting podcast is considered to be one of the most comprehensive sports gambling TBBC. Big Dave, with several experiences from New Jersey, is a known oddsmaker who offers an intelligible analysis of the game – NBA, football, last dance and madden mayhem. On this podcast, he is joined by his very good friends Motoi Pearson and Alan Berg. When listening to this, you will hear legendary stories of game players and the game itself. You will also have insights about the previous week and projections for the coming week. This podcast spans for about two hours thereby allowing for enough time to follow through on different analyses.

Listen to this podcast here.


Now you have 6 of the best sports gambling podcast TBBC that covers college football NBA, NFL, and other sporting events and no excuse to not have your betting streak improve. As a bettor, you cannot thrive on your knowledge of the game alone. You need to ride on the wings and follow the knowledge of individuals who not only understand the game but can provide an adequate analysis of it. This analysis helps you pay attention to the details and minimizes the risk of you suffering losses from either physical betting or virtual sports betting. Don’t just enjoy football, find the best football betting podcast and earn from the game. For more on sports gambling podcast, visit our website here.

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How to Bet on Horses Wed, 27 May 2020 10:52:45 +0000 Horses are one of the most magnificent animals, and watching a horse race can be a thrilling activity! Your eyes move from one horse to the other through consecutive races, trying to see which one is better or which horse will win. The answer is they are all amazing! Horse racing is also a popular type of race that has been going on for years. Jockeys ride more than two horses over a specific distance to win the race. It is also organized for racing bets and gambling on the outcome of the competition. A considerable amount of money is generated by the organizers from gambling and by online wagering websites. Most of the money goes back into the sport. However, the rush horse racing cannot be compared.

Is it illegal to bet on every horse in a race?

When it comes to betting on the horse to win, it’s not illegal to bet on every horse in a race. However, if you start betting on more than one horse, it can result in you losing more money as you will lose money on all the horses except the horse that won. Types of bets and helpful facts for horse racing can give you a better understanding of how things work.

There are mainly two types of bets that gamblers make on horses. They include straight wagers and exotic wagers. For starters, it’s recommended to only stick with straight wagers as they are straightforward and are cheap. In straight bets, you simply choose a horse and make a betting on which position they will come in. As at most tracks, the straight wagers start as low as only 2 dollars. No matter even if your bet on racing is on the horse that placed first second or even third in the last race, straight wagers start as low as 2.

In comparison, exotic wagers are very complex as they let you make multiple bets on various horses with a single wager. They are harder to win as compared to straight wagers even in consecutive races. It’s only recommended to make exotic wagers if you are well informed about horse racing. There are also top online betting apps nowadays that let you wager from within the comfort of your own home.

Two racehorses race on a racetrack

Types of horse racing bets

Let’s discuss the types of bets you can make on horses so we can develop a better understanding when we get down to the business of placing wagers. First of all, there is one key factor to remember regarding straight wagers. That is, you are always betting on one horse only.

The types of bets in straight wagers include the following. The first one is called a win. As the name suggests, you are making a wager that your horse is going to secure the first position. Hence, if your horse wins, you collect the payout. The second one is known as a place bet. In this wager, you are betting that your horse will secure either the first or second place. The odds of this one happening as compared to the other one are more significant. Therefore the payout of a place bet is less as compared to the winning wager. Another one is called the show. In Show, you are wagering that your horse may come in any place in the top three. The probability of this one happening is even higher than the Place one.

There is another one called across the board. In this, you make all three of the win, place and show wager. So this wager costs three times as you are making three bets. The payout depends on which of the three bets you win. Lastly, you can also make two bets at the same time. They can be either win and place or place and show. In these cases, you are again making two bets; therefore, they will cost you twice. The outcome depends on the wagers you win even for consecutive races.

Moving on from more straightforward straight betting to more complex betting, exotic wagers allow a gambler to place a bet or multiple bets on various horses in a single betting. It will enable the gambler to maximize their profits but at higher stakes as they can be costly. This high-risk, high reward wager requires an advanced level of skill and knowledge regarding horse racing and horses in general. It’s not recommended to place exotic wagers for first-timers who don’t know a thing about how to bet on racehorses. As betting on racing can cost you real money. So placing race bets, one has to be very careful with his own money. One can start going for exotic wagers if they have straightened their hand out in achieving the mastery of straight wagers.

Types of exotic wagers

There are several types of exotic wagers. The first one is the Exacta. In this wager, you are betting on two different horses to win that will secure the first and second place in the exact order you placed your bet in. A gambler can also box their exacta bet meaning the law may not matter, but the boxed exacta bet costs more. Exacta bet being an exotic wager requires more. Therefore, the payouts are desirable as well.

Another exotic wager is also known as Quinella. In this bet, you are betting on two horses to come in the top 2 spots. It’s very similar to the boxed exacta bet except for the exacta bet costs and pays more, but quinella chances don’t. Trifecta, as the name suggests, is an exotic wager that you bet on three horses securing top 3 positions in a specific order. Just like an exacta, you can also box your trifecta bet. As in trifecta bets, you pick three horses. In the boxed trifecta bet, the request of the top 3 horses won’t matter. But it also costs more as compared to a usual trifecta bet.

Superfecta is another exotic wager that you can place in which you are betting on four horses putting on the top 4 positions in a specific order. Just like the other bets, the superfecta bet can also be boxed. As there are going to be horses, the play first and second. So these bets exist for gamblers to place bets on daily double or first, second-order kind of specific bets.

Can you bet on a horse to lose?

You can bet on a horse to lose. It’s called a lay bet. Bets can also be traded with other bets while the race is going on. No matter your bet on a horse to win or lose, finish first, second or third. You place and show, or you pick three horses betting them to put in a specific order, also known as a trifecta. You need to know your horses, jockeys, and the tracks to make a well-informed bet. There are a lot of factors that professional gamblers look at before making their bet in horse racing. No matter they bet on one horse or two horses to finish first, or in a specific order, they always keep an eye out for all the variables that may influence the outcome.

First of all, they keep track of trainers. They keep a record for the trainers that train the horses as a pattern can be found in the horses that perform the best that are maybe trained by a specific trainer. They analyze the statistics in detail regarding their training, for example, which breed of horses did they have the best result with, etc. A trainer can only train the horse to perform well, but the driver behind the seat can’t be overlooked. If a horse is to finish first, this means a jockey must be playing some kind of role to achieve such results. In horse racing, there are times when horses even place second or third, but there can be times when some jockeys can always be seen on top of the leader board as jockeys are usually committed to specific barns if they are seen changing horses. There are even jockeys who perform their best under specific track conditions such as distances or level. So keep an eye for details like these as they may play a crucial part in your betting choices.

Gate positions is another variable that can sometimes affect the outcome of the consecutive races and decide the horse to win. Different positions provide various distances and conditions that can be deemed advantageous to certain jockeys or horses. Make use of online websites for betting as they also have a lot of fun statistics that can give you a competitive advantage. They even have data on the speeds of horses in the exact order. All of this can prove to be vital information that may help you choose your winning horse, who will finish first. Remember to place a bet while keeping this information in mind.

What is the best way to bet on horses?

The best way to bet on horses is to keep track of all the data regarding horse racing and analyze it to make a well-calculated judgment. Apart from that, making multiple bets on various races but not all of them can prove to earn you more money from wagers in the long run. As exotic wagers are where you get to start cashing in, but one cannot merely just underestimate straight bets in racing bets.

How do you place a horse bet online?

There are a lot of websites and applications online that you can use to place a horse bet online. These include BetAmerica, TVG, Twinspires, and Xpressbet as they provide you the overwhelming luxury of enjoying your recreational gambling of betting on horse racing. So why not indulge yourself in virtual sports betting. Remember always to keep a bankroll, so you are smart with your money. Always remember to never bet with money that you simply cannot afford to lose, especially during consecutive races.

online horse betting

What is the best bet in horse racing?

The best bet in horse racing is the show bet. It is because the show bet has the highest odds of you, resulting in a win. The cost of placing the lottery isn’t very high, and the payout seems fair too. Apart from the show bet place and win bet are the next best thing. It’s always suggested to pair your show bet with a place for ultimately increasing your chance of winning with the best payout.

How much is a $2 Win Place Show bet?

A 2 dollars win place show bet, also known as across the board bet, will cost a person 6 dollars as you are making three bets in total. The odds of you winning one of the chance is very high hence giving a person a payout of some kind. It may or may not cut your looses depending on how many of the three bets you won and what the odds were on that specific horse.


Gambling on horse racing can be entertaining and exciting. The thrill that you get when you pick it is something that a person always gets to keep with him even after the race is over. Just always remember to be smart with your money and have the fun gambling with it. Don’t forget in this day and age you can even do it within the luxury of your own home as nowadays there are also bitcoin casinos with virtual sports betting!

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How to Bet on Baseball Wed, 27 May 2020 10:06:26 +0000 Betting on baseball is a favorite hobby for a lot of people who enjoy the game and also get rich while they are at it. Baseball is a popular and intense game that has a huge fan base too. It involves two teams who take turns batting and fielding. Baseball is so popular that the United States even has a professional baseball organization called the Major League Baseball that has a total of 30 teams playing. One of these 30 teams is also the globally well renowned Boston Red Sox that has won a total of 9 World Series Championships. These include who have win 100 and sometimes even more games. With such skyrocketing numbers and a wide range of fan base, the team generates a lot of attraction towards baseball betting just like a lot of other top online betting apps.

baseball balls all lined up

How do betting lines work?

The betting line works when a gambler bets on the margin of score a team may win or lose by. It’s common knowledge who the underdogs are and which team is most likely to win. So betting lines, also known as point spread baseball, not only encourages but increases the fun for the betting sides. Instead of just betting on the team that is likely to win, people also bet on the final margin of scores. For example, someone can bet that Boston Red Sox will win with a margin of X amounts of points or Los Angeles Dodgers may loose with a margin of X amounts of points. It is very much like you win online gambling games on other online websites such as Nitrogen Sports Review.

What does the run line mean in baseball betting?

Run Line in baseball betting means that you can bet on a team to win or lose a game by a specific margin. Run Line betting is very similar to the NFL’s Point Spread or Spread Betting system. A lot of people get confused and are utterly thrown off when they see a +1.5 or -1.5 in baseball betting. These numbers are the run line. You can place a wager on a specific team to win by two or more runs or the underdog team to lose by one run or to win the game. A run line bet is further categorized into reverse or alternate run line bets where the team switches sides for the same specific run lines or margins. This run line bets significantly even change the payout of your bet if you win.

Apart from run line bets, there are two other types of basic bets that are widely known in baseball betting. One of them is Money Line betting, which simply refers to which one of the two teams is going to win the game. The other type is known as Total. Total is betting regarding the total number of runs that are scored in a specific game. All these betting line terminologies help a starter to learn how to bet on baseball if he must win his bets. For example, the money line is the favorite starter pack bet.

There is another bet that can be placed, which is most commonly known as prop bets. These bets are not heavily influenced by the outcome of the game and are mostly seen made during playoffs. Prop bets are gamblers wagering on a specific instance that may take place during the game. For example, how many RBIs, bases, home runs, or strikeouts a particular player can make.

How to bet on baseball and win?

There are a couple of ways to bet on baseball and win. These involve having proper knowledge of how the betting system works in baseball. A good sense about the game and the standings of the league is a bonus that has proven to increase your baseball odds of winning. If you want to make a well-informed bet on a specific game that increases the probability of you winning the bet, a gambler should always keep track of statistics that can heavily influence a major league game.

For starters, it’s significantly essential to keep in account the rotations of pitches in the game and especially the starting pitcher. Most statistics show that the starting pitcher always delivers vastly variable results. There are a couple of pitching statistics that every gambler should always keep an eye out for any given player. These include innings pitched, walks plus hits per innings pitched, earned run average and wins above replacement player. It’s a well-known fact that calculated bets have the highest probability of resulting in a win in sports betting. The statistics to keep track of the batters involve plate appearances, weighted on-base average, on-base percentage, and isolated power. Knowing these statistics will help you win the game of betting as it allows you to predict which team is likely to win or must-win according to the track record.

How to make money betting baseball?

To make money by betting baseball, it’s always better to make well-informed bets by following a couple of strategies and tips related to sports betting. If you’re not aware of the game, it’s best first to make yourself acquainted with the rules of the game. To start, be smart about the kind of bet you place. Never bet with money that you cannot afford to lose, just like the mindset you have while gambling at online casinos.

Let’s go through some of the strategies that most gambler use regarding baseball betting.

money won from baseball betting

Never bet on Big Favorites:

Everyone knows that gamblers who bet for their amusement mostly bet on the favorite team as no one likes to lose money. It results in betting lines changing and popular teams like Yankees, Dodgers, and Red Sox being overpriced even if they are -150 or -200. However, you should never bet on the big favorites team because if they lose, you will suffer huge losses. Even if they win, your payout is going to be very small. Therefore, be smart about your bets and bet on a team that is likely to win, but even if they lose, it will not crush you.

Betting against the odds might turn odd in your favors:

Most of the time, an average recreational gambler plays favorites and chooses to bet on teams who may have performed well in the last world series or season. It is where your statistical analysis and knowledge of this current season and players come in. The payout of betting against the public with higher stakes can be worthwhile. If it performed well last time, he’d bet on it. If not, he is more likely to not. These are the moments you can take advantage of the situation and can capitalize on the public bias. Think of it this way – the higher chance you choose, the more profit you will earn at the end. Hence betting against the odds can sometimes turn the odds in your favor.

Know the atmosphere:

Bets sometimes are won by your knowledge of the variables that can change the outcome of the game. Such as the weather conditions that are likely to occur on that day. Keeping track of these variables can result in well-placed bets with better odds in your favor. We all know that these certain factors influence the game slowly and can often turn it around for teams. For example, a lot of times, at certain wind conditions and in specific stadiums, one side has an advantage over the other. Whether it may be the batting or fielding side, you can combine it with your knowledge of these conditions. This can then be paired with your experience of the teams that can take advantage of these conditions. It mostly helps you make a well-calculated bet that can increase the probability of you winning by letting you take a right judgment call on which team will win.

Apart from natural atmospheric conditions, baseball involves umpires that are in charge of the decisions made for both sides. We all have names of referees that come to mind when we think about umpires who give in during pressure or are easily influenced by the crowd. No matter what, umpires are humans at the end of the day and hence can be affected by the bias of the majority. They all have specific mentalities; for example, some have a tight strike zone, while some have significant strike zones, which can result in more strikeouts. These variables do influence the outcome of the game at the end of the day. So you taking advantage of these variables can improve your odds of winning. Therefore, make sure that you are well aware of the umpire who is in charge of the match so you can use it to your advantage.

One sportsbook might not be the best choice:

A lot of beginners in gambling make the mistake of always betting through the help of only one sportsbook. It is not the best idea as this limits your options of betting and forces you to bet according to numbers based on that book. It’s way better if you open multiple accounts at various sportsbooks. Having multiple accounts can help you place bets with the best betting lines available. This logic is pretty simple. Whenever you want to buy a prized possession, you don’t want to just buy it at the first shop you go to with the first offer they give. It’s always better to shop around look at all the deals and offers to go on. Then make a decision with the best deal and the highest payout you can get. Just like that, it’s a smarter option always to keep track of the best betting lines you can get.

Bet on the most valuable games:

It seems like common knowledge, but a lot of people don’t abide by it. If you want to see a future as being a successful long-term gambler, it’s always better to stay disciplined and keep your bets for the most valuable games. There are going to be a lot of games taking place throughout the season and the world series. To win more in quantity and value, you need to make bets with better and more consistent payouts. If you have a lot of knowledge and are well-informed about specific teams, their players and their matchups against each other, you have an idea of their performances and can keep an eye out for all the variables. The odds of you winning these bets are way higher than you betting on every baseball game that takes place even if you are just making money line bets. In sports betting, it always pays off in the end if you can show discipline and be smart regarding your chances. For you to win, your betting team must win.

Be smart with your money:

Gambling in sports is not a one-time thing, so for you to be successful in the long run, you have to be not only careful but also smart with your money. It means keeping specific percentages for the bets you make. You want to make a bet you are not sure about? Keep a particular limit for that. You are confident about a chance and want to be aggressive. Keep a deadline for that too. Therefore, to ensure you are making money line, keep track, and tally things at the end of the month. Set a budget for the month according to what you can manage to bet and stick to it. There are always going to be several ups and downs. We win some, and we lose some. But you being smart and managing everything can ensure that you can cut your losses but still come out earning something in the end. Hence, be careful with your money and always avoid parlays and teasers.


With this amount of knowledge on how to bet on baseball, a beginner can start things out slowly but surely! Sports betting, in general, has a steep learning curve, so with time, a gambler can get the hang of things. Just like things take time when you start gambling or play at this online casino, but with the time you know your favorites. Don’t lose hope if your team doesn’t win as there will be times when your team will win as well. For starters, sticking to money line bets would be helpful. Baseball is an entertaining game, after all, so during all the betting, e and one side will win. So don’t forget to enjoy yourself and be smart with your money!

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What are Pachislots? Wed, 27 May 2020 09:52:00 +0000 Playing Pachislots is quite a fun and thrilling experience that will keep you hooked. If you’re wondering about what it is, then think of the pachinko machines [1]. They originated in Japan, and though it was a recreational arcade game at first, it is now more commonly used in gambling. It brings us to Pachislots, also known as Pachinko’s little brother, are individual slot machines where a player has to guide a ball through what looks like a pinball machine to a hole through numerous brass pins and small cups. Unlike any other slot machine, Pachislot machines feature LED displays and animation throughout the game with customized editions featuring celebrities, movie franchises, etc. It’s perhaps these unique features, which have made the pachinko parlor more accessible than a Japanese casino.

How to play Pachislot?

For someone just looking to have fun or gamble away, pachislots maybe one of those popular slot games. Pachislot, on the other hand, looks similar to any other slot machine, but it differs in setting and payouts. You can see three reels featuring a variety of symbols.

Step by Step Guide to Pachislot Machines

Pachislot Machine

1) Insert medals into the insertion slot, where some slot machines have a credit function to hold up to 50 medals.

2) Pull the lever to spin the reel, now remember as soon as you pull the lever, reels spin at a breakneck pace until you push the stop button. Remember, it is a skill stop, and promoting the stop button is the most crucial bit.

3) if it is your lucky day, you hit the jackpot with the same line up on the machine.

Is there a strategy for Pachislot?

1)Pick your Pachislot cautiously

Now remember not every pachislot machine is for you to bet on, you must exercise caution while choosing a pachislot machine for yourself. They are three typical machines. If you are just starting, then go for a Type A machine. Initially, you can collect a certain amount of medals by lining up the jackpot suits.

If you feel like taking up a challenge, then you should go for a Type A + Art machine, which has a navigation function. You can win more medals by following the navigation system. Now, if you love navigation systems, you should go for Type ART+ Type AT, where you have to follow the navigation buttons regardless of the suit line up. It comes up with complicated internal settings, and only an advanced player can figure out the navigation system.

Make sure to avoid machines and look out for three things, a cigarette, cigarette lighters, and a medal, because that means someone is keeping that machine. Play ‘Shindai’


Shindai means a new machine, which remains hot for a while. They are unique with no stats, so they payout without having to be fed.

2) Practice online

Before stepping into slot parlors, you can always practice online on bitcoin casino or play a free slot game. Whatever slot you are picking up, make sure you chose one with the same features and do not forget to sign up on Bspin review. It will help you in getting acquainted with your slot. As you practice, you get close to understanding the machine, gameplay, and features. You can learn how to land a bonus game that is rewarding in a real pachislot.

3) Select the right setting

Pachislots do look technical and challenging at times with all its unique features, but it is all about getting to know the slot machines. Once you step foot in a pachislot parlor, like any other slot, you need to select a machine with the right setting. An expert player can quickly grasp these settings to formulate a strategy on the playing field.

The parlor sets these settings in the morning, where machines have either six levels or four at times, depending on the parlor. An example of a particular set is for, ‘I’m juggler’ where it seems hard to win on level 1 but relatively easier on level 6.

4) Stick with your budget

If you want to make the most out of your slot game, you need to adhere to a budget, and you should know when to stop. Before spinning the wheels, set your budget for a game, and if you arrive at a sum, you should better quit because if you don’t, you might go down the drain.

5) Aim for smaller jackpots

We all know, slot players are obsessed with pots and rightly so, if you are here to play, you deserve to win. But here is the thing, no matter how much you are willing to spend, you need to go for a progressive jackpot. We all know, progressive jackpots are tempting, but what are the odds, won’t it be better to go for smaller jackpots where you can bag a few medals.

To play pachinko equivalent is equivalent to pinball machines in the West, but now they are gaining quite a popularity, particularly in the US. Now we all know Americans love slots and pachislots are one a heck of a slot but are they legal in the US?

Is pachinko legal in the US?

Pachinko Machine

Yes, pachinko is legal in the US but then again in some US states but not all of them. Now here is the thing, pachinko does not offer cash handouts. When you play pachinko the pachinko players redeem metal balls or equivalent gift cards. .There are not many pachinko machines or pachinko parlors in the North American Continent, let alone the country except for Pachinko World.

The state of Wahington specifies pachislot, pachinkos, and pachinko parlors as illegal. The state laws further determine that these machines can’t be operated using coupons, tokens coins, or tickets. Now that is harsh, but on the positive side, we have North Carolina, which also hosts the Pachinko World. Players pay upfront for the metal balls and later redeem them for an assortment of prizes.

Are Pachislots worth it?

Yes, pachislots are worth it, out of all the slot games you know off, how many of those have such exciting features? After all, you need luck and skill. Playing pachislot requires a certain skill level, and at the end of the day, you are not gambling for cash, you can redeem your balls for something you like, it can be chocolate bars or a bonus game for that matter.

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How much is a Professional Gambler’s Salary? Tue, 26 May 2020 15:36:34 +0000 A professional gambler’s salary varies from 40k to 100k USD per year. You can make a quick and fast fortune for yourself through gambling because online gambling is a 40 billion dollar industry today. If you gamble as a hobby, that means you play only to pass your time and earn some extra cash if you are good at it. However, if you take up gambling as a full-time profession, then the money is considered as your salary. So, how much does a professional gambler earn? Let’s take a look at what it means to be a part of the gambling profession?

people betting on the roulette table

What is a professional gambler?

A professional gambler is a person who uses gambling as the primary source of income. Professional gamblers earn their paycheck through gambling regularly for a certain period every day, allocating specific work hours to generate maximum income. But the question is, can you gamble for a living? That depends on how much income you can make at the end of the year.

How do you qualify as a professional gambler?

In order to qualify as a professional, a person has to know how the betting system works and know the basics of the sports/game they are betting on. As if you plan to start your gambling career as an alternate to a full time job, you must know beforehand whether you qualify to become one. To begin your career, you need to understand how the betting system works. You must learn the basics of gambling and find out which sort of game you are good at playing. Gambling is not just about winning games when you take it up as a profession. Many professional gamblers have set up specific niches where they find they can win most bets and choose their play very sensibly.

How do professional gamblers bet?

Professional gamblers bet by keeping track of all the variables that can affect the outcome of a specific game or sports. To understand how professional gamblers bet, let’s take up the example of one type of gambling, i.e., sports betting. Most of the sports bettors are big fans of the games and teams they bet on. It is not unusual for a sport better to gamble during the big leagues and sports seasons. However, professional sports betting is more than just betting on your favorite team based on fandom. To become a successful professional sports bettor, you must keep a close eye on the aspects like the team, injuries of the players, weather, past performance, etc. Betting money on sports requires complicated math if you wish to gain maximum wins on your bets.

Smart sports gamblers avoid poorly placed bets like penny slots etc. A full-time sports gambler will try and bet on more significant games.

Online fantasy sports betting is another major gambling arena for a sports bettor. It is the best way to win bets and earn money by creating a fantasy team of your favorite game. For example, you can build a team of your fantasy baseball players and bet against other fantasy sports bettors, the tournaments can go on for a while, and in the end, the gambler to have secured most points wins the game and gets the money.

Do professional gamblers pay tax?

Yes, professional gamblers do pay tax as it is not exempted from federal taxation since it is considered a proper profession or trade here in the united states. If you are winning money, that means you are generating an income from your business, which applies to all tax rules according to that particular job section.

How can I be a successful gambler?

If you want to become a successful gambler, you have to be good with numbers. As successful gamblers are smart enough to know that every skill requires patience and practice. Therefore they keep learning and growing the secrets of this trade. They invest their time in gambling with focus and are not afraid to take risks. They never get emotional about the bets they make and are never desperate to win at all costs. They measure their bests and make moves very precisely, obviously gambling is a game of chance, but with their deep understanding of very close observation, they keep the odds in their favor to win. With a positive and energetic attitude, they work hard and keep records of their wagers, either won or lost and never get demotivated to give up on trying.

Which country gambles the most?

Countries that gamble the most include Australia, Singapore, Ireland, Canada, and Finland. Although gambling is an international trade since Las Vegas is an entire city that is home to all sorts of gambling and casinos and Atlantic City, New Jersey has the most flexible gambling laws as compared to most other states. The United States is considered to be the leader in the gambling industry, which is not entirely true. Countries like Australia, Singapore, Ireland, Canada, and Finland are the top five countries where gambling takes place the most. In Australia, online gambling is legal and so popular that it leads to an increase in interest rates from the central bank. In Singapore, although the government is discouraging gambling and casinos by imposing entry fees because they fear an increase in addiction and criminal activities, however, their efforts have not been very fruitful. Finland and Ireland have a history of gambling culture in the form of the lottery being the most preferred form of gambling. Canada has restricted the issuance of tickets to minors to preventing increasing inclination towards gambling.

Who is the richest gambler?

Billy Walters is the most famous and richest gambler. If you look up his life story, you will see how things changed for him with his good luck, hard work, and excellent work ethic. He is considered the most successful sports bettor in the entire Las Vegas history. He came from a poor background, but from the early days, he worked smartly to increase his income. His net worth is 100 million dollars. Although he left gambling along time ago, some of his records remain unbeaten. Today he owns eight car dealerships, multiple properties, and several other highly profitable businesses; however, his initial financial success came from gambling.

sports bettor Billy Walters

How much money can a professional gambler make on a monthly basis?

A professional gambler earns roughly 5,000 to 20,000 USD on a monthly basis. Gamblers know that if they wish to make long term plans about making a profession out of gambling, they must stay focused and steadfast. Since the gambling industry has shifted from live to online gambling as a preferred choice, opting it as a career has become every gambler’s dream to earn a significant annual salary from the comfort of their home. Before starting professionally, you must have a bankroll to pull you through the tough times and keep you afloat during the lows because, after all, its gambling, game of chance. You might win, you might lose, you can never be too sure.

Once you are sure you have a bankroll that can support you through the rough times and downfalls, you need to choose the type of gamble you want to bet and play. There are different kinds of gambling options like the lottery, stocks, sports betting, casino games, poker, etc. you need to find out which is the type you can play easily and will have maximum chances to win since you must know the technique of your chosen gambling type. If you wish to become a professional in gambling, you should gain enough wins to be able to pay for your rent, your car insurance, your health, long term savings plans, etc. to ensure financial safety for you and your family.

Types of gambling and the salaries they generate

Let’s take a look at different gambling types, how much income you can generate from gambling in a particular niche, although the real-life casinos have been around for a long time and have produced some of the most epic gamblers in history. However, with the recent rise in online gambling and bitcoin casino business, the gambling world has changed drastically. Bitcoin currency is the king of online money transactions now. Bitcoin casinos use bitcoin to gamble, which causes much easier money flow between the gamblers and the casinos.

Online gambling takes place through their web pages. These are well-designed pages which provide many options of types of games like the minesweeper game and gambles many bitcoin casinos offer better opportunities for online gambling because of their cutting edge software. Therefore picking the right kind of casino is essential along with choosing the game. You are more likely to win. Take a look at this Bspin review to know what the right casino has to offer. You can find a lot of information online about strategies for winning in an online casino. Here are a few examples of the casino games which can lead you to win more bets.


Card counting is a critical skill that helps a gambler win most bets. Although it is not a very hard skill to learn, the card counters need to remain vigilant and keep their strategy variant. If you need to generate a steady income from games like blackjack, then you must devise a method to play, which leads to a long term winning strategy. There is no limit to how much money card counting games can help you make, but here is an estimate you can expect to make on a regular basis keeping in mind the chance of losing as much as winning a game. Before that, take a look at the factors that contribute to how much money you can make with counting cards.

people playing blackjack

  • the number of hours you play daily
  • your skill level
  • hands you play per hour
  • difference between your highest and lowest bets
  • how long you have been playing the deck
  • the counting system you are using
  • how much tip you are paying per hour
  • the game rules casino has set for the session

Now, if you make a 50$ bet on-average and play a hundred hands with the edge of 1 percent, then you can earn about 45$, keeping in mind the 5$ tip you pay every hour. On this rate, if you play 40 hours every week, you can earn around 90 thousand dollars annually. The more hours you can play, the more money you can win. Also, if you can win as much as a hundred dollars every hour, which some of the good players manage to make, and play 40 hours a week, you can make around two hundred thousand dollars annually.

Sports betting

Daily fantasy sports are the newest sensation when it comes to online sports gambling, which many people enjoy. However, only a small amount of gamblers win their bets. You require excellent math and statistics skills for betting on sports. To determine the average salary of a sports bettor, you need to consider these factors:

  • the number of entries you make for gambling each day
  • the entry fee you pay
  • the percentage of stakes which the casinos charge on your wins
  • how skilled you are in this type of gambling

Let’s assume you make about 300 entries per day and pay around 3300$ in total for the stakes and entry fees daily, and win around 3500$$ every day, then you have a daily profit of about 150$. If you play every day for the whole year, you can make an estimated amount of 50-60,000$.

horse race sports betting


Poker is the most preferred game of professional gamblers. Online poker has increased the chance of winning and learning for the players since the online game shows more hands per hour. There are two types of poker games. One of them is cash games, and the other is called tournaments. For tournaments, profit is measured by the rate of return on buy-ins. The house takes the 10% fee on the winnings, and these are more variant than cash games. The cash games, on the other hand, offer more control over annual salary, with the house taking 5$ from the cash pot on each game, and the profit is measured by the big blinds made per hour.

For a cash grinder, to estimate his annual income, he needs to track the stakes at which he needs to play with big blinds being earned per hour. If he wins 30$ per hour, he makes around 60 thousand dollars annually with a 40-hour workweek. For tournament players, the buy-in level must be decided to make sure they get the maximum chance to win more money, keeping their profits around 10$ for every 100$ they spend. It will mean their yearly turn out will be around 50 thousand dollars as well.

straight poker hand with poker chips on the table

How realistic is it to earn a living with gambling professionally?

It is pretty realistic to earn a living with gambling professionally, but you have to keep in mind that gambling is like owning your business; there is always a significant margin for risks of losing money. Therefore, even if you have enough skill to make you win, it is still advisable to choose this profession with a big bankroll on your side. You need a new support system to cover the living expenses in case your yearly income target is not met. Secondly, know the rules and stay updated with the skill sets according to the changing market. Casinos following the state laws have all rights reserved to change the game rules according to their wish. So stay on top of your game, and nothing can stop you from becoming a pro gambler, making a six-figure salary from your living room sofa!

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