Top 17 Gambling Books You Need To Read

Did you ever think there would be books that teach you how to play your favorite games? If you expected it, you’re probably having some issues with a particular game, so don’t worry, you’re going to find a book on the list that I’m about to show you that addresses just that. Some of these books will teach you how to become a professional Poker player; some focus on only slots; some will teach you how to beat the dealer and many other strategies.

If you stick with me long enough, you’re going to find something that gets you up top to the point where you’re sure that no game is going to pose any form of difficulty to you anymore. If you’re a beginner, you’re even in more luck as most of these books start from the basics and take you up to a professional level. Enough of talking; time for revelation.

1. Beating The Casinos At Their Own Game

The legendary Peter Svoboda wrote this spectacle. It was written specifically for amateurs in the gambling industry. The prints, picture illustrations, glossy pages, and everything the book is centered on encouraging the reader to read more. The pictures are attractive; the prints are large; I wonder why any beginner wouldn’t love this one.

The book is written with simple words and descriptions that will enable a complete beginner to understand correctly how the casino is run and how to play specific games.

2. The Professor, The Banker, and The Suicide King

This book centers on the Poker game, especially on high-stakes poker, which happens to be one of the most exciting casino games to play. It centers around a true story, written by Michael Craig about the glitz and glamour in Las Vegas. The Professor, The Banker, And The Suicide reveal some prominent poker players and gamblers in Vegas. You’ll see names like Andrew Beal, who is also a guru in real estate and banking. Who told you that casino games are for the broke anyway? This is one of the most exciting gambling books you’ll see. Even though it doesn’t teach you any game, it will indeed reveal the thoughts of high stakes poker players to you.

3. The Biggest Game in Town

Which game is the biggest in town, in your opinion? Did you think about slots? Are you thinking about staking your entire fortune on it? Well, whatever it is that you’re thinking about, this book teaches you caution. It features stories of people who can go any length just as long as it has to do with their favorite games. People who could stake the entire savings they have just to pick out a card. Al Alvarez wrote The Biggest Game in Town. It would help if you read it to guide your decisions better. You can start by playing a Minesweeper game and build yourself gradually in the gambling world.


4. The Smart Money

This joins the few books on gambling that tells the true story of the author’s gambling life. This gambling book on sports gambling was written by Michael Konik, a professional journalist who, after meeting with the supposed best sports bettor in the world in the person of Rick Matthew, experienced a positive change in his sports gambling life.

Michael Konik made sure that this book, which is one of the most valued gamblers’ books of all time, is a top-notch guide on sports betting. Although it is written with some poetic undertone, it gives you a broad array of the Dos and Don’ts of sports betting. I’ll advise you not to get into sports gambling until you have read this gambling book.

5. Video Poker For The Intelligent Beginner

If you’re a beginner Poker player and Video Poker is what you want to focus the most of your casino time on, this gambling book is all you need to have. The book was written by Bob Dancer, a renowned Video Poker player with bountiful experience and success in the Video Poker slots. It is a real success story of Bob’s surest strategies for always bringing down the house and winning when it matters the most.

Bob made a living and a killing off Video Poker machines, and he’s sharing that information with his beloved readers. You just have to buy this book, read it thoroughly, and join the train of successful Video Poker gambler. The book contains fundamentals about gambling and is one of the best gambling stories you’ll see in the market.

6. Gambling 102

If you have been reading books about gambling and you have not read the Gambling 102, then you mustn’t have had a fuller grasp of the best strategies for all casino games. The book was written by Mike Shackleford, who tried to give proven strategies that work for every casino game. If you buy this book, you’re buying all in one.

As against the popular belief that gambling is all about luck and grace, many successful people believe that you only need to apply the appropriate strategies to win. With gambling books like this, selling massively, we can all agree that there could be smart things you can do always to come out tops.

7. The Frugal Gambler

The Frugal Gambler was written primarily for the low rollers. If you’re on a budget with your gambling funds, then you should learn from the gambling grandma herself. Jean Scott was given that nickname for her brilliant and budget fitted book, which has now become one of the best gambling books. She was always seen in most casinos in Las Vegas, trying to hit it big with low stakes. She exerted her knowledge and wisdom regarding Poker tables and deliver strategies that will make you as successful as she was in the gambling world.

8. Burning the Table in Las Vegas

Ian Andersen, the author, told the story of how he could master the best strategies to win at Blackjack in the first edition, which he titled Turning the Tables on Las Vegas. He later released a second edition titled Burning the Table in Las Vegas and claims the book will help you find success with Blackjack and in your life. Well, many people have attested to the fact that he did a gorgeous work with his detailing. Whether you’re a beginner, an intermediate, or an expert, this book will set you on the right path.

9. Roll The Bones

This book by David G. Schwartz contains every single story of his own experiences as a casino player and lover. This is one of the books about gamblers who have made quite a name for themselves in casino gambling. The book focuses almost solely on card games but be careful not to base your card playing or casino gambling on the strategies in this book. The book is more like an exciting novel that shows you the nitty-gritty of casino gambling and nothing more.

Roll The Bones discusses some gambling legends who rose to prominence with casino games. Some of the stories you’ll find there include that of Voltaire, who managed to win 9 million after discovering a smart trick—talk about bringing down the house; and Fyodor Dostoyevsky of Russia.

10. Gamblers Fight Back

Can gambling really become a professional activity? Well, Greg Elder answered the question when he quit his job and every other thing to focus on the adventures of the Las Vegas big name. The book’s theme is to give professional gamblers great information that will help them survive and succeed in the casino.

Gamblers obviously need to fight back after reading this book. The motivation that comes from knowing that somebody like you dedicated their whole life took a great risk with great inspiration to become a big winner in the casino world. By selling this book, Elder showed that what happens in Las Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas.

11. Blood Aces

Blood Aces is centered around the story of Benny Binion, who’s known as the father of Vegas Poker. He loved the game so much that he singlehandedly created the World Series of Poker, which has become the most significant casino gambling event in history. This book was written by Doug J. Swanson and shows you something beyond just getting yourself up to the level of prominent names like Doyle Brunson, who used David Sklansky with the Texas Hold Em; you’ll be getting knowledge that sets you up in the Poker game world. Is clarifies the theory of Poker games.

This book offers a complete guide to gambling. It even contains advice on how you can make the crooked cops work in your favor, how you can set up your own successful casino business, and several motivational quotes to help you get yourself up and running.

The book tells the story of a notorious criminal who eventually became a significant and respected name in gambling to the point where he set up big casino businesses and thrived greatly by using crazy business wits. Doyle Brunson has nothing on this man.

12. Blackbelt In Blackjack

This book that contains twenty-one chapters, is a complete guide to the Blackjack game. If James Bond had seen this book, he’d spend every single time trying to purchase it. You need to buy this book to see the full details. I don’t think I can explain how good enough it is. If Blackjack were karate, you’d have a black belt by the time you’re done with this spectacle that happens to be one of the best gambling books on Blackjack.

This book is unarguably the best of all the books on American casinos. It is detailed, and it contains techniques that you can implement to win big. A casino legend wrote it; it is educative, what more could you possibly ask from a good book? This book is perfect for both beginners and expert casino players alike.

13. Beat the Dealer

Edward O. Thorp is a pro in Blackjack games and card counting, and he used his knowledge in math to create strategies that help him win big in those games. Thorp is a big name in casino gambling who used mathematical calculations to develop a strategy in bringing down the house.

Thorp’s vital intelligence and knowledge in card counting helped him to always beat the dealer, and he’s transferred that knowledge into writing for everyone who loves this biggest casino game to use.

14. The Man With $100,000 Breasts: And Other Gambling Stories

This book contains a story for almost every prominent sports bettor, card counter, lucky grifter, golf hustlers, and many more. This is the second book by Michael Konik that made the list. You’ll get excellent background knowledge of the casino and gambling in general when you read this book. Konik ensured that he broke things down for even the most basic beginner to understand.

15. Comped

Comped tells us the story of Richie V., who lived a fascinating casino life. Richie spent most of his days at the casino; you would think he was born there. It’s another to add to the list of fantastic gambling books. The adventures, the thrills, the adrenaline, the love for the game, and everything the casino brings is what you’ll enjoy from this novel.

Although it doesn’t specifically teach you anything about gambling, there’s always something to learn from reading.

16. Lay the Favorite

Beth Raymer takes you on a fascinating ride with this sports betting book. The name might sound like another novel like the others on the list, but it is not. Lay the Favorite is an in-depth revelation of gambling’s intricacies and the several fraudulent and criminal practices that happen in the industry. Beth tried to express her feelings and experiences in writing to keep other gamblers from falling prey to the casino’s dark side. Although it is partly fiction, most of the events detailed therein are real.

17. The Theory of Poker

This book is detailed in all ramifications. You’ll hardly ever want to read or even need to read any other article on poker once you’ve completed The Theory of Poker. This unique educative Poker guide will teach you everything you need to know about the game. It was written by David Sklansky and is regarded as one of the best gambling books of all time.


All these books have their rights reserved, so ensure that you buy them and not just download them off a cheat app. You’ll be doing the gambling world a big favor by promoting the idea of buying guides that help you become a better player and winner.

Once you have gained the right knowledge and motivation from reading any—or a combination—of these books, you should ensure that you try out your skills on some Bitcoin games that you can play at online casinos such as Bspin, which is a fantastic Bitcoin casino where you can play some provably fair games. You can take my word for it or check out this Bspin review to have a full understanding of what you’re missing by not visiting right away.

Don’t forget that gambling books are meant to help you shape your mind and gambling skills with techniques and strategies to help you win. They’re not sure-fire methods of winning big. You’ll have to implement them correctly to be able to get anything profitable out of the casino. Also, a few of those books listed up there are novels. Some of them are semi-fictional, and others are entirely fictional, so don’t apply all the strategies you read about. Test every advice with caution.

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