How To Become A Professional Poker Player

A poker game is one of the variants of card games played either at the casino or online, in which players wager that they have the best hands. In the end, the player(s) with the highest-ranking hands win the particular game that has been wagered on. The game has become increasingly popular in America in recent years, and there has been a higher influx of poker celebrities more than at any other time in history.

As stated earlier, there are different variants of pokers that you can choose from, and the game has even been simplified in recent years to accommodate a lot of new entrants as it can now be played either online or offline. This means you don’t even need to visit a casino to play the game of poker. There has been a sharp rise in the number of players in recent years, as we now have an unprecedented number of people of all ages playing poker, and the number of tournaments has also increased significantly.

As a result of these developments, there is the need to inform the public, and most especially potential poke players on how to go about becoming someone who makes a living out of poker, because, gambling at the poker tables has now become a job in modern America.

Before we head into what you need to know about how to become a professional poker player, let’s quickly look at some of the pros and cons that come with being a professional poker player.


  • Earning from Your Passion

One of the major pros of being a professional poker player is that you would be making money from your passion. It’s a fact that a lot of us have a special love for card games, if you can make money from what you love doing for free then, it makes it even more beautiful.

  • Freedom Over Your Earning and Daily Activities

Nearly all of us want a job that would allow us to determine how much we can earn, while still having the total freedom over your schedule and daily activities. This is exactly what you get with being a professional poker player. Your expertise and choices determine your earnings and you have total freedom over your daily activities.

  • You Can Attain a Celebrity Status

All you need do is to play very well, and you can achieve celebrity status in no time as a poker player. In recent times, we have a flurry of players who have become so popular that they can rival even the biggest name in Hollywood in terms of fame. People like Phil Ivey, Dan Bilzerian, Chris Ferguson, and David Peters are names that readily come to mind, and you can attain such status as well.

  • No Age Restrictions

Unlike what is obtainable in the formal sectors, age is no barrier to being a professional poker player and by extension, what you can earn. Players like Justin Bonomo started playing poker professionally at a tender age of 16, and he has worked his way to the top since. You can learn to play poker at any age.


  • Uncertainties

There is a high level of uncertainty around building a career on playing poker. Your earnings are not fixed, and there are some times that you may go on a long spell without winning. This could really be destabilizing except you are mentally prepared for it.

  • It May be Hard to Monitor Your Progress

Until you have become really good at poker, it may be hard to monitor how well you are doing as a professional poker player. There are times you’d go on a long losing streak, and when you start winning again, you would most likely forget that and think you are doing well when in truth you are lagging behind.

  • Public Perceptions

Another major issue with being a professional poker player is the public perception of the game. Even if poker is a legal activity in the US, a lot of people still consider players as irresponsible and violent. In fact, your family and friends may not approve of your choice to follow a career in playing poker, so, you need to be ready for situations like this.

  • Getting the Needed Funds to Play

Once you move up the ladder from being a part-timer to a professional poker player, you would need a significant amount of money for buy-ins. Since you would have to wager on all games, you would have to bankroll your account, from where you would stake on individually at all times. The funds needed here could be quite significant, regardless of whether you are playing online poker or at the casinos.

Tips for Becoming a Professional Poker Player

Being a professional poker player is no mean achievement. It requires a lot of training, expertise, and a huge level of concentration to make it at the very top of the game. If you have a dream of becoming a top-class professional poker player at some point in your life, these are some of the tips to show you how to become a professional poker player.

Different colors of poker chips

  • Read and do extensive research on poker in general and how it works. There are a lot of books and materials online on how to become a professional poker player that would furnish you with more than enough information on this matter.
  • Understand the rules of the game perfectly as this is what would determine how successful you are in the long run. As a professional player, you should know all the rules that guide the game of poker and how to apply the rules to become successful.
  • Try as much as possible to know when to go all in and when to walk away from the table. You must master this particular skill as we can assure you that all top-class professionals know this. Without this, you would most likely be losing a lot of money, and when this happens, you may end up going out of business.
  • You must always be on the alert. Top class poker professionals understand the need to always be on the alert and study the environment whenever they are sitting at the table. This gives them an edge and great insight on how to win the game.
  • You must set up a healthy bankroll and learn how to manage it. As an amateur, you may not understand how to manage your funds since you are a small-time player, but that changes the moment you become a professional player, as a lot of money would be involved. This means understanding how to manage your bankroll, knowing when and how much to invest at every particular point is important to your success.
  • You must go for the kind of poker game that works for you. As said earlier, there are various types of poker games, and it is important to study the one that fits your personality and pursue it. Never make the mistake of playing the same kind of poker that your mentor or a celebrity poker player is playing if it is not the best for you.
  • Keep learning and improving your skills by playing consistently as that is the only way to get better and totally master how to become a professional poker player. You could read all the books in the world that talk about poker, but if you are not playing, you don’t stand a great chance.
  • Learn the art of bluffing and when to do it. If you have ever been to a poker table, then, you’d understand that bluffing is a part of the professional game. However, you must know how to use it, and who to use it on. Bluffing is a calculated risk, and it may help you win a lot of games by simply playing smart. Try as much as possible to learn this and when to use it.
  • Most importantly, learn to play responsibly. Don’t stake more than what you can afford to lose at any point, as poker comes with the potential to lose. Make calculated risks at all times and you should be fine.

You will find these tips extremely helpful at any point in your career. For more information on how to be a successful professional poker player and the general review of online poker, read: tips to win in casinos.

Frequently Asked Questions on Professional Poker

We have provided answers to some of the most previously asked questions regarding poker and professional poker players. Check them out below.

Is it hard to be a professional poker player? 

To play professional poker, just like any other profession would require a lot of hard work, dedication, and passion for poker. Once you are ready to put in the work, it shouldn’t be that hard.

How Long Does it take to Become a Professional Poker Player?

The answer depends on the individual and how fast he or she could accumulate and absorb the information available at their disposal, as well as their current level of expertise. Ordinarily, you could become a professional poker player in months.

Can You Make a Living Off Poker?

If you have completely learned how to become a professional poker player, you could earn as much as $100,000 per annum, and there are a good number of professionals who earn 7 digits annually from playing poker.

Are Professional Poker Players Rich?

It depends on who you are talking about, but, yes, some of them are living the good life. Poker players like Daniel Negreanu, Erik Siedel, Fedor Holz and many more have amassed wealth worth millions from winning various Poker tournaments.

How Much Does a Professional Poker Player Earn?

Again, it depends on your level of expertise and the number of tournaments you play in, but on the average, a professional poker player earns between $10,000 and $100,000 per annum.

Who is the Richest Poker Player?

There are many people that have successfully mastered how to become a professional poker player. Currently, the Richest Poker Player in the world is Dan Bilzerian with a net worth of just over $150 million as of the time of writing.

Are Professional Poker Players Allowed in Casinos?

Yes, and they live most of their lives in the casinos to be sincere, especially those who are involved in cash games. Poker is a legal activity in the United States and many other countries of the world, so, they are allowed.

The dream of a large number of young people all over the world is to make a lot of money while playing card games, and with this article, you will find that dream to be very valid. We do hope this article would help in guiding you on how to become a professional poker player in the not too distant future.  What are you waiting for? Get up and start playing!

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