How to Bet on Horses

Horses are one of the most magnificent animals, and watching a horse race can be a thrilling activity! Your eyes move from one horse to the other through consecutive races, trying to see which one is better or which horse will win. The answer is they are all amazing! Horse racing is also a popular type of race that has been going on for years. Jockeys ride more than two horses over a specific distance to win the race. It is also organized for racing bets and gambling on the outcome of the competition. A considerable amount of money is generated by the organizers from gambling and by online wagering websites. Most of the money goes back into the sport. However, the rush horse racing cannot be compared.

Is it illegal to bet on every horse in a race?

When it comes to betting on the horse to win, it’s not illegal to bet on every horse in a race. However, if you start betting on more than one horse, it can result in you losing more money as you will lose money on all the horses except the horse that won. Types of bets and helpful facts for horse racing can give you a better understanding of how things work.

There are mainly two types of bets that gamblers make on horses. They include straight wagers and exotic wagers. For starters, it’s recommended to only stick with straight wagers as they are straightforward and are cheap. In straight bets, you simply choose a horse and make a betting on which position they will come in. As at most tracks, the straight wagers start as low as only 2 dollars. No matter even if your bet on racing is on the horse that placed first second or even third in the last race, straight wagers start as low as 2.

In comparison, exotic wagers are very complex as they let you make multiple bets on various horses with a single wager. They are harder to win as compared to straight wagers even in consecutive races. It’s only recommended to make exotic wagers if you are well informed about horse racing. There are also top online betting apps nowadays that let you wager from within the comfort of your own home.

Two racehorses race on a racetrack

Types of horse racing bets

Let’s discuss the types of bets you can make on horses so we can develop a better understanding when we get down to the business of placing wagers. First of all, there is one key factor to remember regarding straight wagers. That is, you are always betting on one horse only.

The types of bets in straight wagers include the following. The first one is called a win. As the name suggests, you are making a wager that your horse is going to secure the first position. Hence, if your horse wins, you collect the payout. The second one is known as a place bet. In this wager, you are betting that your horse will secure either the first or second place. The odds of this one happening as compared to the other one are more significant. Therefore the payout of a place bet is less as compared to the winning wager. Another one is called the show. In Show, you are wagering that your horse may come in any place in the top three. The probability of this one happening is even higher than the Place one.

There is another one called across the board. In this, you make all three of the win, place and show wager. So this wager costs three times as you are making three bets. The payout depends on which of the three bets you win. Lastly, you can also make two bets at the same time. They can be either win and place or place and show. In these cases, you are again making two bets; therefore, they will cost you twice. The outcome depends on the wagers you win even for consecutive races.

Moving on from more straightforward straight betting to more complex betting, exotic wagers allow a gambler to place a bet or multiple bets on various horses in a single betting. It will enable the gambler to maximize their profits but at higher stakes as they can be costly. This high-risk, high reward wager requires an advanced level of skill and knowledge regarding horse racing and horses in general. It’s not recommended to place exotic wagers for first-timers who don’t know a thing about how to bet on racehorses. As betting on racing can cost you real money. So placing race bets, one has to be very careful with his own money. One can start going for exotic wagers if they have straightened their hand out in achieving the mastery of straight wagers.

Types of exotic wagers

There are several types of exotic wagers. The first one is the Exacta. In this wager, you are betting on two different horses to win that will secure the first and second place in the exact order you placed your bet in. A gambler can also box their exacta bet meaning the law may not matter, but the boxed exacta bet costs more. Exacta bet being an exotic wager requires more. Therefore, the payouts are desirable as well.

Another exotic wager is also known as Quinella. In this bet, you are betting on two horses to come in the top 2 spots. It’s very similar to the boxed exacta bet except for the exacta bet costs and pays more, but quinella chances don’t. Trifecta, as the name suggests, is an exotic wager that you bet on three horses securing top 3 positions in a specific order. Just like an exacta, you can also box your trifecta bet. As in trifecta bets, you pick three horses. In the boxed trifecta bet, the request of the top 3 horses won’t matter. But it also costs more as compared to a usual trifecta bet.

Superfecta is another exotic wager that you can place in which you are betting on four horses putting on the top 4 positions in a specific order. Just like the other bets, the superfecta bet can also be boxed. As there are going to be horses, the play first and second. So these bets exist for gamblers to place bets on daily double or first, second-order kind of specific bets.

Can you bet on a horse to lose?

You can bet on a horse to lose. It’s called a lay bet. Bets can also be traded with other bets while the race is going on. No matter your bet on a horse to win or lose, finish first, second or third. You place and show, or you pick three horses betting them to put in a specific order, also known as a trifecta. You need to know your horses, jockeys, and the tracks to make a well-informed bet. There are a lot of factors that professional gamblers look at before making their bet in horse racing. No matter they bet on one horse or two horses to finish first, or in a specific order, they always keep an eye out for all the variables that may influence the outcome.

First of all, they keep track of trainers. They keep a record for the trainers that train the horses as a pattern can be found in the horses that perform the best that are maybe trained by a specific trainer. They analyze the statistics in detail regarding their training, for example, which breed of horses did they have the best result with, etc. A trainer can only train the horse to perform well, but the driver behind the seat can’t be overlooked. If a horse is to finish first, this means a jockey must be playing some kind of role to achieve such results. In horse racing, there are times when horses even place second or third, but there can be times when some jockeys can always be seen on top of the leader board as jockeys are usually committed to specific barns if they are seen changing horses. There are even jockeys who perform their best under specific track conditions such as distances or level. So keep an eye for details like these as they may play a crucial part in your betting choices.

Gate positions is another variable that can sometimes affect the outcome of the consecutive races and decide the horse to win. Different positions provide various distances and conditions that can be deemed advantageous to certain jockeys or horses. Make use of online websites for betting as they also have a lot of fun statistics that can give you a competitive advantage. They even have data on the speeds of horses in the exact order. All of this can prove to be vital information that may help you choose your winning horse, who will finish first. Remember to place a bet while keeping this information in mind.

What is the best way to bet on horses?

The best way to bet on horses is to keep track of all the data regarding horse racing and analyze it to make a well-calculated judgment. Apart from that, making multiple bets on various races but not all of them can prove to earn you more money from wagers in the long run. As exotic wagers are where you get to start cashing in, but one cannot merely just underestimate straight bets in racing bets.

How do you place a horse bet online?

There are a lot of websites and applications online that you can use to place a horse bet online. These include BetAmerica, TVG, Twinspires, and Xpressbet as they provide you the overwhelming luxury of enjoying your recreational gambling of betting on horse racing. So why not indulge yourself in virtual sports betting. Remember always to keep a bankroll, so you are smart with your money. Always remember to never bet with money that you simply cannot afford to lose, especially during consecutive races.

online horse betting

What is the best bet in horse racing?

The best bet in horse racing is the show bet. It is because the show bet has the highest odds of you, resulting in a win. The cost of placing the lottery isn’t very high, and the payout seems fair too. Apart from the show bet place and win bet are the next best thing. It’s always suggested to pair your show bet with a place for ultimately increasing your chance of winning with the best payout.

How much is a $2 Win Place Show bet?

A 2 dollars win place show bet, also known as across the board bet, will cost a person 6 dollars as you are making three bets in total. The odds of you winning one of the chance is very high hence giving a person a payout of some kind. It may or may not cut your looses depending on how many of the three bets you won and what the odds were on that specific horse.


Gambling on horse racing can be entertaining and exciting. The thrill that you get when you pick it is something that a person always gets to keep with him even after the race is over. Just always remember to be smart with your money and have the fun gambling with it. Don’t forget in this day and age you can even do it within the luxury of your own home as nowadays there are also bitcoin casinos with virtual sports betting!

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