How To Read Baseball Odds: An In-Depth Guide

A crucial part of sports betting is understanding the odds involved and how to place bets. Without a basic understanding of how to read odds, you might find it challenging to earn more cash on video slots.

If you’re a beginner and would like to have a more in-depth understanding of baseball betting, then this guide will surely be a valuable resource. In this guide, we will be sharing some tips on understanding baseball betting odds and other important factors to note.

MLB odds Vegas

Baseball Betting Options

In the Bitcoin virtual betting system, there are different ways you can bet on a baseball game. Being knowledgeable about these different important options are vital for you to grasp every baseball odds fully:

Money Line Wager

The money line wager is the most comfortable way people, especially beginners, bet on baseball. This sports betting technique means you’re betting on the team you believe will win the game.

To successfully place a bet, you need to search for the section where the odds are placed and follow these steps;

  • Usually, the odds for each game are placed on the interface of the Kiron virtual sports platform. You can also learn how to play Kiron virtual sports on the same site.
  • The away team is listed on top and the home team beneath it.
  • The team considered the underdog has a plus sign (+) beside it, and the other team, which is the favorite, has a minus sign (-) beside it.
  • To place a bet, you have to use the number by either of the two teams to win 100 dollars. However, it works differently; let’s say the favorite team has -140, and the underdog has +120. To win 100 dollars on the favorite, you need to place a $140 bet for the underdog, with $100 to win $120.

Basically, with the money line wager, to win 100 dollars, you have to risk a higher sum to win the game outright. In most cases, they are listed using dime lines. Dime lines represent a 10 cent point spread between the underdog team and the favorite. This is usually the case; however, some money lines offer a 20 cent point spread between both teams.

Also, to place a bet with money lines, you can decide to list a pitcher or go with an option known as “Action.”


Betting with a money line by listing a pitcher with your bet ensures the pitcher must start to validate your bet. Primarily, you can bet by selecting a specific pitcher (it could be from your team or the opposing team) to open the game, and if he doesn’t, your bet will be considered a push. Your money is then sent back to you.


If you haven’t picked any pitcher to start the game, your bet becomes an action. The game progresses, and you can win depending on how your team plays.


Betting with total bets means you have to predict the total scores of both teams. You can either bet that both teams will score either above or below the oddsmakers’ final scores.

In this case, you can either place a bet for either a total or under the total. For instance, let’s New York Yankees/ Boston Red Sox, and your betting sequence is;

OVER 9- 140/ UNDER 9+120

To win the OVER, you’ll need to place a wager of $140 to get $100. However, to win the UNDER, you need to bet $100 to win $120.

Your wager is considered a push if the game ends with the oddsmaker’s exact score. Also, if the game is suspended, your money will be refunded. Asides from the UNDER/ OVER total betting option, you can also try Team Totals.

Team Totals betting means you will be betting for a specific team’s score run instead of both like the last option. This is usually the case if there’s a pitching mismatch, making it hard to win any money.

The following rules usually apply when you bet with the total option;

  • The baseball game must get to nine innings, or 8 1/2 innings if the home team wins.
  • Runs scored in extra innings are included in over/under bets.
  • All listed pitchers must start the baseball game.

If none of these criteria are met, your bet will be canceled, and your money is refunded.

Run Line

Run lines are a popular baseball betting option that is undoubtedly the closest option to a spread. According to some sports gambling podcast, the most popular run line is 1.5, so we’ll be using that to explain precisely what the run line option is, indeed.

Based on the first betting option discussed, the money line’s favorite will be displayed as -1.5 on the run line. This means that the favorite team, which is laying -1.5 runs, has to get two or more points to win. If they don’t, then you lose your bet.

However, the underdog, which is displayed as +1.5 on the run line, can either lose by one run or win the game outright for you to win. The run line option is a great way to reduce risk if you want to bet on the team displayed as favorite.

The different types of betting options mentioned above are some of the popular. Aside from those, you can try betting in other ways such as;

Baseball Parlays

Baseball Parlays allows you to place a wager on a combination of teams. The only important factor is that each team has to win before you can win.

This betting option entails calculating the cash out for your first game based on the money line, then adding it to your next game. This process continues until you win. The plus side to this option is that even if a game is canceled or postponed, your bet isn’t refunded.

The parlay reduces by a team, but the bet continues like that team wasn’t included in the first place.

What Do Odds Of +200 Mean?

Odds of +200 means that you would make $200 if you placed a bet at $100, and your team(s) won. +200 is the same as the decimal odds of 3 and fractional odds of 2/1.

The opposite of this positive line is a negative money line, which means that the amount next to the minus symbol is what you need to bet to get $100. So, if, in this case, you had -200, you will need to bet $200 to earn $100.

What Does +1.5 Mean In Baseball?

The +1.5 typically used in baseball indicates that the underdog must either lose by a single run or win for you to win the bet.

1.5 is usually the standard for the run line MLB; however, some sites such as can let you run lines of 2.5 or 3.5.

How Do You Read Vegas NFL Odds?

To accurately read the Vegas NFL odds, you need to know what each number represents on the odds board. Here’s a breakdown of what each of them means;

Rotation Numbers: These are the numbers located next to each team name. It’s used as a replacement for a team’s name in the sportsbook. You use this number to place a wager live.

Point Spread: The point spread lists the underdog team with a plus sign and number & the favorite team with a negative sign and number. While the favorite has to beat the point spread, the underdog can win or lose less than the spread.

Total or Over/Under Bet: This is essentially a prediction of how many teams will score. NFL odds for Over/under bets usually fall within 35-47 points.


Learning the betting meanings for each MLB Vegas odds is vital if you plan on making a lot of cash as you enjoy your favorite game. Pay attention to the Vegas MLB odds, line run, decide the best type of betting option for you, and start making money today.

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