How to use bitcoin to play blackjack online

Bitcoin blackjack is the most widely played online game. Basically, this game is based on players skill and luck, or many online casinos offer this game, and they use Bitcoin currency. As the bitcoin is the most trending way of playing such online games and it also offers seamless banking.

It is easy to use as players just have to make bitcoin deposits in a matter of minutes without providing any bank credentials. Most online casinos offer live dealer bitcoin blackjack, and it is easy to play the game with bitcoins.
It’s one of the oldest game, as this game was started with the card games which were brought into Europe.

How to Select an Online Bitcoin Blackjack Casino

While choosing an online bitcoin casino, you should need to go through some important criteria such as:-

  • Security
  • Banking facility
  • Online Reputation
  • License
  • Online player support
  • Fairness


When choosing an online casino, your first step would be to check the security measures the bitcoin casino sites use or whether it uses SSL encryption or not. Or after these process where they store the bitcoins, no doubt Bitcoin currency offers secure transactions, but you should need to take care of it. Because anything can happen in the future, so choose wisely.


As all, we know that bitcoin allows seamless deposits and payouts. But if you want to make a transaction, then it is necessary to enter a Bitcoin address or the number of amounts which you wish to deposit or withdraw.

Online Reputation

Well, online reputation matters a lot. Because players give reviews as per their experience so always select Bitcoin blackjack casinos which have a good reputation and are run by well-known game operators. As you can read online reviews about the casino’s site or check their reputation by reading players feedback.


You just need to check the license of the casino as they are legally licensed or not to offer gambling products such as blackjack.

Online player support

Check the player support team of casino sites. As they are responding to the player’s queries on time or not.


Blackjack is based on players luck and skill. If you want to win more, you need to follow the basic Blackjack game strategy. As to check the luck is in your favor, play the game that produces fair and random results based on these statistics. All online casinos sites are using fair technology for the game.

How to Play Blackjack Online Game?

You’re first to step us to signup on your chosen Bitcoin Blackjack Casino then make a deposit to play and use bitcoins to bet on different places. You should know the rules of this game, how it works? How can anyone win, it’s advantages and disadvantages many such things you need to know!!

So, when you place a bit, you and the live dealer of blackjack game will be dealt with two cards. Based on those cards, the cards of your and the card of dealers will go through the face-up process after you can decide whether to draw cards, Split cards, hold cards or double down your bet.

Some rules for the blackjack game:- the live dealer stands on all 17 and blackjack will pay 3 to 2, insurance pays 2 to 1. Then the game players can double down if they have 9, 10 or 11. They have many choices like hit split aces, split aces, or the live dealer many not peek for blackjack.

To win this game you have to select a variant with such favorable rules and use the effective strategy which will tell you what you should do in such situations while playing the game. By following this process, the odds will be in your favor, and the house edge of the blackjack game will get to be at a lowered rate.

Blackjack game rules are easy to understand, and you will love to play this game if you follow these seven points.

  1. First, decide your bet when the game begins and then make sure that available betting ranges all depend upon on the casino which you are playing.
  2. You have to deal out with your two cards after that the live dealer deals two cards for himself. As you cannot see the dealers second card, so you don’t have an idea of how long the game goes. Try to have a choice of strategy which is based on the dealers face up card.
  3. You can go with various options such as Hit, Double, or stand down. You have two choices during playing the game you can deal a pair; otherwise, you have an option to split. When you go with your move, the live dealer can show up his second card. If the dealer goes wrong on that move, you will win easily.
  4. If your and dealers move to draw then neither the dealer nor you win. Or if it is less, then the dealers move you will lose.
  5. Your focus should be to collect bitcoin blackjack free bitcoins before going ahead in the game. And it is necessary for you to know the basic twists and turns of the game.
  6. To have a knowledge of how to play a game and remember those tips will help you to win. Sometimes we are not able to remember the basics of everything, so do not lose your hope.
  7. Try not to take a big risk while you are using bitcoin blackjack free bitcoins. So, bet carefully, only try to take a risk when you understand the gameplay successfully.

Well, Bitcoin Blackjack is a skill game, and this is what you might enjoy playing because it is different from the other games. High payout is more enough to get your blackjack betting started, and you also have a good chance of getting a high score; it all depends on your luck. You have full control of your gameplay the cards you will play and the strategies you are going to use in playing or betting. These game rules are very simple, low house edge and various effective techniques to win.

Online casinos offer these game because of its popularity, and they offer bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to play the game. You can also find out some broad range of blackjack games, and there are some rule variations at some bitcoin casinos. In this game, the live dealer deals themselves, and if a game is a pitch game, then cards were positioned face-down in front of the game player.

Card Values

Blackjack card values are:-

  • Face cards:- these are jacks, kings, and Queens or worth ten points.
  • Ace:- it is valued at eleven, as it will bust a game player when the points value is changed.
  • Other cards:- cards, three to ten worth their face value is just shown as an example like, eight is worth eight and five is worth five.

Most Important Blackjack Rule

The important thing you should know is to remember while playing bitcoin blackjack or any other variant of blackjack game. Cards with other players are irrelevant, and if the two players beat the dealer successfully on a current move, then they both will get a payout.

Bitcoin Blackjack Variant Online

There are a short list of types of Bitcoin blackjack, which fit under the following categories:-

Multiplayer Bitcoin Blackjack:- In multiplayer blackjack when the players get a chance to play with their opponent players in real time that makes the game much more interesting.

Multi-Hand Bitcoin Blackjack:- in this type, you can play with more than one hand during a round. It makes this game to play fast and sometime makes it more difficult or challenging to play.

Live Bitcoin Blackjack:- Go with liking the brick and mortar casino variant.

It’s just an amazing game to play, while if you play blackjack table game in a land-based casino, you will also enjoy the game. As to play online is the most convenient way to play as compared to go to a physical casino. It has many advantages such as no download required and you no need to fund multiple casinos, just register, and play this most popular game.

You can withdraw your winnings instantly when you want that! And there is no human interference while withdrawing your winnings, your all work will be done easily by just clicking on the buttons while it is a more convenient and quick way to withdraw bitcoins. After all this process you should know how you can use your bitcoin winnings and how to manage them. As your withdrawal winnings are in digital currency so use it wisely.

And the nicest thing about blackjack game is that, as it offers a nice pastime to their game players who want to gamble without risking single money. Or it also players to play card games without investing lots of money. In short, you can play this game by depositing less amount of money. Those who have good luck will win a sizeable sum of money easily.

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