Let’s Review: Stake.com

We all know that feeling of going in a casino and smelling the familiar smell and familiar noise of various machines going off all at the same time. Somehow, when we opened Stake.com’s website, we got the same feeling. It felt crowded, bustling with chatter and people having the time of their lives.

But that’s just our first impressions. There are definitely other things that we can focus on. We spent a stupid amount of time on Stake.com and this is what we feel about the whole experience.

For the Player’s Consideration

If you are looking to play and play and play for a long time, you might be in the right direction. This is one of those kinds of sites that focuses on one thing, customer’s experience. And you can feel it from the get-go.

Easy Sign-up

Creating your account is a breeze. Think of a username, a password, and email and you’re done. All you have to do next is to confirm your email for added security measures. The best thing about the process? You can directly link your Google, Facebook or Twitch account to register. That is a convenience that some might want when they are playing.

To be VIP

One very convenient thing that you can be is a VIP. Stake offers a lot of bonuses for those who are willing to be part of their VIP Club. From personal support from their team, a Stake VIP can also enjoy their Rakeback system, Exclusive VIP Bonus, Specialty Challenges that you can personalize and gifts and rewards that only a VIP can enjoy.

Deposit Options and Withdrawals

Stake boasts a wide array of deposit and withdrawal options. You can deposit some Dogecoin and withdraw them later, after some time of playing and a profit increase, of course, withdraw it as BTC. That variety of convenience in option is one of the reasons why Stake is popular among players.

We’re shooting it straight by giving you what you need to know as a player. Stake.com has a decent amount of promotions but those bonuses and come with being a VIP. If you don’t want to spend more to be a VIP, that’s OK too, since their games are pretty much straightforward and accessible to VIP and regular players.

The Playing Experience

We like how Stake.com laid their games out. Honestly, this is one of the site’s strong points. Landing on their main or home page. You will be greeted with 14 games. Yep, that’s right, just 14. While some sites will make sure that you will get an unlimited variation when it comes to game selection, Stake.com offers a select, curated and well thought out list of games. We don’t know why they only offer these select 14, but we think it works. This limitation makes you focus on what’s important, the game experience and the profit.

The Magic 14

Stake.com carefully selected these 14 games for a reason. They stick to these games and refined the gameplay and gaming experience. Included to these 14 games are some of the classics like Baccarat, Dice, High-Low which they call Hilo, Blackjack, Poker, and others that are more than enough to break the monotony if ever it sets in.

It’s also great that they have the house edge right next to each game they offer. They eliminated the step that most players will have to do before they play the game. They also boast that their 1% house edge is the lowest a player can find in the industry.

All of these 14 games are instantly available. There is almost no to minimal loading time when a game us prompted. They are designed simply and, as we said earlier, they focus on the gameplay. If you are a beginner and you’re looking for a none invasive, simply designed and very easy on the eyes kind of games, Stake’s 14 games are on the right alley.

Device Compatibility

This is one of those things that most players are looking for. Although the majority of the players use their laptops and desktops to play, some will prefer to play it on their mobile smartphones. Stake’s 14 games are readily available on your mobiles’ browser as long as you have the necessary flash updates to run the games. It may take some time when loading but the convenience and opportunity of playing wherever and whenever you want is something that an avid player should have.

Will They Take Care of You?

It’s not a secret now that Stake will give their players every advantage that they can offer to be able to provide a great gaming experience. But how does it feel to be a Stake.com Player?

Award-winning Customer Support

That is one of their selling points from the get-go. Listed as one of the reasons why you should, as a player, sign up on their platform and get the right treatment from the start. What can we say, their support is pretty on-point. They are responsive and very helpful. They took their time when we asked about the policies, promos, VIP features, games, and many others. We see that their customer support system is working because the community within the site is alive. What do we mean? This is what we’re talking about earlier, once you open the site it feels like there are people playing, chatting and simply having a good time on the casino floor. You can instantly see online players chatting with each other. There is also a chart of activities that are constantly updated so you know that people are really playing non-stop. And those added features really make a difference. You feel that you are inside a real casino with lots of people looking to win and have fun.

Forums and Community

As we said earlier, the community on this site is remarkable. You will often see people chatting on the chat field and they are very active. If you are a beginner and looking for some guidance when playing a game, you can easily ask questions on their forums or chat and most of your fellow players will give you a straight answer. That is one perk that you can’t see on most of the gambling sites out there.

Do We Recommend Stake.com?

That is a resounding yes. Stake.com is a great site for beginners and high rollers alike. All players will find something that they will love on Stake.com Whether it be their simplified and direct to the point games or the community that makes the whole site alive and bustling.

Though the number of games may be a bit too low for others, the 1% house edge is too tempting of an offer to say no. That’s definitely one of the lowest or even the lowest house edge in a site that offers easy deposit and payout system. We highly recommend Stake.com to anyone who is looking for a place that they can play easy and go back to whenever and wherever they are.

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