Litecoin Gambling Guide

You might’ve noticed the buzz being created in the digital world by cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. Litecoin was first introduced in 2011 as a fork of Bitcoin in technical terms, which means that Litecoin was developed in the same way as Bitcoin and then modified to have a low block generation time, different hashing functions, etc.

Because of these changes, Litecoin transactions are significantly faster and thus came the idea of using Litecoin for gambling. Routine gamblers are not fans of the idea of waiting for their transactions to finish processing, which is why Litecoins have been widely accepted by Casinos for deposits and withdrawals.

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer to put your money in poker, dice games, or betting on sports. You will find many trusted online crypto-gambling websites that allow you to use Litecoin. In this article, you will find all the information you need before beginning with Litecoin gambling online.

Litecoin Casinos

Litecoin has now become the second most popular accepted gambling cryptocurrency after Bitcoin in many famous gambling websites. These websites have numerous games with live dealers and immediate Litecoin exchanges that make it difficult for casino-lovers to resist gambling with this cryptocurrency. The following are popular online Litecoin casinos where you can make your lucky trades while having a grand time.

#1. FortuneJack

FortuneJack is one of the most popular online casinos for trading with cryptocurrency. It has a special section for Litecoin gambling that offers live casino games, dice games, sports betting, and more. Gamers will instantly get lost in the Litecoin gaming world on FortuneJack, and there’ll be no coming back.

Bonus – On your first deposit, you get 250 free spins, 174 LTC (1.5 BTC). Without deposits, you get 25 free spins.

Link –

Features – Diverse selection of card games, dice, slots, betting, poker rooms, live dealing, regular bonuses, multiple deposit/withdrawal options.

#2. mBit Casino

With an excellent variety of games, the mBit Casino also offers promotions with which you can get the added benefit of bonuses. You can also play in weekly tournaments or frenzies that online gamers seem to be addicted to, and mBit offers a VIP program that includes exclusive bonuses, loyalty rewards, and dedicated managers.

Bonus – 124 LTC and 250 free spins after your first deposit, 50 free spins with no deposit.

Link –

Features – Wide range of slot games, tables games like American Blackjack, Roulette, etc. Regular tournaments that gamblers can participate in.

#3. CryptoWild

CryptoWild also has a VIP club in which users are eligible for cashback according to their VIP level i.e., 25% cashback for Silver, 30% cashback for Gold, and 35% cashback for Platinum users. In addition to that, payments can be done with any of the cryptocurrencies from Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and Tether.

Bonus – 150% welcome bonus on first deposit which amounts to 50 LTC and 150 free spins. 50% bonus on the next three deposits. 50 free spins every Wednesday.

Link –

Features – Jackpot games, Poker games, lottery, card games, roulette, etc. Multiple cryptocurrency support. Tournaments to win free spins.

#4. BetChain

Along with Litecoin support, BetChain accepts other popular cryptocurrencies as well, but most conveniently you can also transact with your credit cards, debit cards or e-wallets. They conduct various engaging tournaments to entertain their loyal customers and give away many rewards to the players.

Bonus – 116 LTC (1 BTC) on first deposit along with 200 free spins. 50% bonus on second deposit and 75% bonus on the third deposit.

Link –

Features – Bgaming casino games, jackpot games, high roller rooms, craps dice games, etc. VIP Club with added benefits every single day. Up to 50 free spins every Friday.

#5. CryptoGames

One of the most popular places to hang out for gamblers is the CryptoGames online Casino. They support numerous digital coins, and you can play all of the games using any of those currencies. You can also try out some games for free before placing actual bets.

Bonus – Faucet cash back based on your level in the game.

Link –

Features – Casino games, plinko, minesweeping, video poker, etc. Convert one cryptocurrency to another. Rewards for referrals.

#6. Playamo

Playamo has a large variety of games to reel people in and make them stay forever. Playamo also has a VIP program, but it works differently in the sense that the more you gamble, the higher your VIP level goes and you become eligible for special rewards and bonuses.

Bonus – Deposit USD 100 or more and get double the amount as a bonus with 100 free spins.

Link –

Features – Game lobby with exclusive games and new games added regularly. Betting on weekly slots for free spins.

#7. BitStarz

BitStars is known for offering many bonuses to customers along with exciting promotions in the form of table wars, slot wars, and many new challenges that are updated every day. You can also get free spins on every Wednesday by making deposits.

Bonus – 116 LTC (1 BTC) and 180 free spins as a welcome bonus on first deposit. 580 LTC (5 BTC) as a combined bonus of first four deposits.

Link –

Features – Numerous promotions available all the time. Special battles and slot wars. 50% reload bonus on Mondays.

#8. Bitcoin Penguin

Bitcoin Penguin has a wide range of games from multiple software developers so you will always have something new to try out. They also have an affiliate program with which you can promote the casino and earn money.

Bonus – 23 LTC (0.2 BTC) and 30 free spins as a bonus on first deposit. More bonuses and cash back occasionally as updated on the website.

Link –

Features – Broad range of casino games and live online games. An affiliate program that shares revenue with players who promote Bitcoin Penguin. Fun tournaments with multiple games.

Litecoin Bonuses

Bonuses are important for the casino owners as well as customers because they stand for making a bond between the providers and consumers. Plus, with bonuses, we can try out the variety of games and see which ones we like. So here is the list of online Litecoin casinos that offer generous bonuses.

  • FortuneJack Casino – 170 LTC on first deposit.
  • 7Bit Casino – 174 LTC (1.5 BTC) on first deposit.
  • mBit Casino – 124 LTC on first deposit.
  • King Billy Casino – 115 LTC on first deposit. A total of 575 LTC in the first five deposits.
  • DuckDice Casino – Plentiful bonuses in the form of Faucet, Duck Hunt, Jackpot Bonus, Rain, and Lucky Hat.
  • BitCoin Casino – 115 LTC on first deposit.

Litecoin Free Spins

Who doesn’t love spinning the wheel and trying their luck? Physicists may even go out of their way to try and apply calculations to win. So, it’s obviously fun to win free spins and more fun to win money by spinning. Here are some online casinos that offer the most amount of free spins.

  • mBit Casino – 250 free spins on first deposit.
  • FortuneJack Casino – 250 free spins on first deposit.
  • King Billy Casino – 200 free spins on first deposit.
  • BetChain Casino – 200 free spins on first deposit plus 50 free spins on every Friday.
  • BitStarz Casino – 180 free spins on first deposit.
  • CryptoWild Casino – 150 free spins on first deposit plus 50 free spins on every Wild Wednesday.

Litecoin Games

Gamblers who call Casinos their second home usually don’t stick to one game. They try to master multiple games to keep things interesting for themselves. Complying with their needs, casinos offer a variety of games which are described below:

Card Games – The two most popular card games for gambling are blackjack and poker. Now blackjack is simple enough. You just have to get the highest number less than or equal to 21 to win. While with poker, you’ll have more to learn if you’re a newbie gambler. Other popular card games include baccarat, Faro, etc.

Dice Games – Dice games are not a troublesome mathematical equation. You simply predict the outcome of the dice and take your chances. On second thought, it may as well be a play of probability. But regardless, they’re simple to understand and fun to play.

American and European Roulette – You may have seen this in a movie or in a casino where the operator spins a wheel (Roulette is French for “little wheel”), and you can bet on whether the pointer will point to color red or black, a specific number, etc. after the wheel stops spinning. The only difference between American and European roulette is the order of numbers.

Slot Games – Slot games are quite popular in casinos where you pull a lever and wait for your luck to work out. While this game does not require any input from our brains, it surely makes us happy when it brings us our winnings.

Lottery Games – Lottery games are exactly like lotto tickets, sometimes you can choose the numbers as well, and the winner is chosen if the lotto numbers match the ticket numbers. Even if all the numbers don’t match, you still stand to win various prizes.

Litecoin Betting

If you’re a sports fan and have experience with predicting the outcomes of a match, then it’s possible that you’ve already tried betting. If not, now’s your chance. Cryptocurrency has made betting on matches all the more interesting and created a whole new market for gamblers to bet on sports online.

It doesn’t matter which sport you like – cricket, football, tennis, rugby, badminton, or any other, you can bet on it and win money with your judgment skills. Most of the Litecoin casino websites offer the feature to bet on live sports so you can try it easily by picking any casino from the above list of Litecoin casinos.

LTC Exchanges & Wallets

While dealing with cryptocurrency in the digital world and real currency in the outside world, you need e-wallets and converters that let you exchange one currency into another. Since Litecoin is quite popular, there are various software applications to help you with this, and some of them are listed below:

Cryptonator – You can easily store your Litecoin in this wallet. It also allows secure sending and receiving of Litecoins. You can exchange Litecoins with other currencies such as BTC, ETH, DASH, ZEC, and more.

FreeWallet – This software offers a free wallet for multiple currencies, including Litecoin and can be used on iOS and Android devices as well. You can perform transactions and exchanges as per your wish.

CoinsBank – It offers reliable depositing and withdrawing. You can also store multiple cryptocurrencies and transfer them to other accounts as well.

Final Thoughts

With the ever-increasing popularity of cryptocurrency and digital transactions, if you still gamble offline in casinos, then now is the perfect time for you to start online gambling with Litecoin and stay on-track with the fast-forwarding world.

With so many platforms to choose from, you’ll definitely find one that suits all your needs and offers exciting bonuses and tournaments. So, now that you know much of what there is to know about Litecoin gambling, you can try out one of the popular casinos and see which one stands out for you.

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