Lucky Charm Used for Gambling

When it comes to gambling, there’s often a constant debate about lucky charms and its effectiveness. Do they work? Is gambling a matter of luck, or does it have some form of a hidden mathematical formula where the smartest person with the highest IQ wins? What about bad luck? Can lucky charms help me get rid of the bad luck and hopefully improve my chances of winning at casino games? While there is no real scientific evidence to prove these traditional superstitions’ claims, there are also plenty of non-negotiable gambling rituals when it comes to gambling beliefs on the gaming floor. These items can include carrying particular charms, amulets, or perhaps practicing a specific habit or routine before entering the casino, all for the sake of helping one improve, enhance or negate any deterrents from possibly standing in the way of good fortune. For others, it’s a matter of keeping things safe and crossing their fingers not to anger or displease the gambling gods. Either way, these gambling superstitions lived through many generations. While it may cost you a dime to buy a lucky charm, people believe that what is it really to buy a lucky charm as compared to the potential good luck and good fortune it can bring you in the casino? With fingers crossed having lady luck on your side, one might win millions, and people believe that these small things can make a world of difference.

How Can I Improve My Luck?

To improve one’s luck means satisfying a set of conditions that favor the different strokes of gambling luck. Gambling is something that leaves people crossing fingers and twitching nerves every casino, hoping to make that one single bet can potentially change their life. Whether in Las Vegas, Macau, or even your favorite online casino, there’s no denying that gambling luck plays a significant role in winning big in the casino. There is also the idea of good luck and its opposite because the world needs; it could either be three-parts good luck and one-part bad luck or three -parts bad luck and one-part good luck. Gambling luck meanders between these odds. Therefore, by a set of conditions, one means to have a way of engineering serendipity. Basically, to say there is a way of engineering luck to work for you. One can engineer good luck, meaning you can ameliorate the level of good luck you have in your gambling and life. Whether you have a good luck charm, traipsing along a stream, and you come across a four-leaf clover or an elegant piece of an equation, all qualify to be part of the set of conditions to bring good luck and keep engineering good luck as it is, indeed. You can try your luck with this online Bitcoin casino. While you are doing this, you can start with this Bspin casino review and other Bitcoin casinos review. You could, for instance, try out minesweeper.

Once you enter a casino, whether on land or an online casino, it creates the feeling that you can win and finally buy that thing you wanted to buy; for instance, how they use the color red because red is associated with prosperity. A casino has engineered serendipity over the years, and its part of your job to beat the casino. Indubitably, good luck charms are effective in increasing one’s ability to win at gambling. Emphatically, good luck charms are part of the process of engineering serendipity to improve your luck. Once you have your good luck charms in place, you can combine them with practiced luck. The more you play a game, the better you become at it, and the better you become at it, the more luck you have in it such that it appears that you are always riding in a wave of good luck charm. Therefore, how do you improve your luck? You improve your luck by becoming the engineer of your luck.

List of various good luck charms that people use:

1. Horse-shoe

Old horseshoe and rope on wooden background

Horseshoes have come to be known as lucky objects. Various famous people have come out to attest to the lucky powers of these items. The common lore about their luck is because they traditionally consist of iron. Another fairy tale says that roguish fairies could not stand the touch of iron, so most people hang them as talismans so that naughty fairies could veer off. You can always get one on Amazon.

2. Japanese Omamori

Omamori and Sensu

In Japan, there is a higher chance that for every temple or shrine you visit, someone is selling an omamori, which is a loose translation to ‘amulet’ or talisman, the former providing protection and the latter offering luck. You can put them on your phone, wallet, home wall, pocket, purse, et cetera.

3. Four-Leaf Clover

four leaf clover

The Celts thought a four-leaf clover could ward off baleful fairies who were a common source of ill luck. The four leaves represented love, faith, hope, and luck, imbued with mystical powers to affect the same. In your case, it can be useful as a gambling luck charm. Another lore has them standing for health, wealth, and faithful love. Another legend has them standing for fame, wealth, health, and steadfast love. Since this organic four-leaf clover is rare to come by, you can get a token of the same, which works just as well.

4. Lucky Dice

lucky pair of red dice

“God does not play dice,” or so said Einstein. Undoubtedly, they are many games of chances played with dice. Unsurprisingly, they have become a symbol of luck. For example, dice were used by fighter pilots during World War II. As a reply to Einstein’s statement, Niels Bohr said that Einstein should not purport to tell God what to do with His dice. A philosophical debate that has dice as an item of existential thinking, an object of rational thought towards understanding existence. And if you are feeling fancy enough, you can get one in a gemstone.

5. Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddha Gold Figure

Because who doesn’t love a laughing a Buddha! The Laughing Buddha is also known as Hotai or Pu-Tai. It is a Chinese ‘monk’ with a stout disposition and a smile to make the grouchiest of people smile. Rubbing the belly of this monk is said to bestow wealth and prosperity. So get yourself a laughing Buddha for a good vibe and a chance of random smiling when you take a glance at him, take him to a casino or place him on your desk when accessing an online casino.

6. Hamsa Hand

Lucky Hamsa Hand Evil Eye Israel

The Hamsa charm, also known as the Khamsa charm, is an open right palm symbol that has an eye in the middle. It protects against the evil eye. The Jews believe that the hand represents the hand of God and the five books of the Torah. The five fingers are the five pillars of faith: worship, belief, almsgiving, fasting, belief. Additionally, the other lore is to portray the hand Fatima Zahra, daughter of the Prophet Mohammed. That said, it is well-known in both Middle-Eastern and Western cultures as a shielding arm, whether in jewelry or wall hangings. You can wear it to a casino as a bracelet.

7. Three-Legged Toad

Good-fortune three-legged toad

The charm also goes by the name Jin Chan, or Golden Toad or Chan Chu, aka Toad. This Fengshui charm is a bullfrog endowed with resplendent eyes and a coin in its buccal. Have you seen a three-legged toad? Possibly not. The three legs are, in actuality, two different front legs with a tadpole tail. Lore has it that it will appear during a full moon near households, which represented that excellent news was imminent. Maybe you should go or log into a casino on a full moon. If you are in the mood for a croak of luck, get yourself a Chan Chu.


Lucky charms. Do they work, or are they just another gambling gimmick? Verdict? They do work because they combine humans’ innate ability to pull from inertness action into what we call-matter! Fundamentally, you can engineer serendipity and the human-imbued magicalness of these good luck charms. Next time you access a casino, get this luck charms for yourself, but then again, remember it’s all in your power! So, is there such a thing as a perfect bet? To find out if there is such a thing as a perfect bet, start with these tips to win in online casinos.

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