Overview of the Martingale Strategy  

The Martingale strategy is an old, well-known betting strategy for roulette betting. This betting strategy is devoid of calculations and hence very simple to implement. This betting system is one of, if not the easiest, Roulette bet strategy to learn for games like Bitcoin Baccarat. 

The Martingale betting system is a betting system whereby you increase the stakes of a bet after every loss. The reasoning behind this strategy is that losing a long list of bets in a row is low. So when you eventually win one, you can recover your losses with a little extra money on top.

The initial reaction to using the Martingale betting system is usually positive because of its simple implementation. It also gives the impression of a long term win, no matter how many times you lose, you will always win a little money.

But the sad truth about this betting strategy roulette sure winner is that long term anything is possible. You can go on a long losing streak and never be able to recover every loss. With the number of losses you may incur, increasing your stakes multiple times in a row might be impossible.

Roulette martingale strategy for a different number of coups

Origin of the Martingale System

The originator of the Martingale approach to betting was former London based casino owner, John Martindale, who used to encourage gamblers at his casino to use the Martingale betting method to make a little money to cover their losses. It is common knowledge that this betting approach got its name from the former casino owner.

Over a hundred years after the Martingale system was invented, Mr.Charles Wells applied the strategy to a roulette game and beat the casino. Using the Martingale system, he won the casino, 12 times in a row, in a matter of 3 days. His unbelievable win of 1,000,000 francs was generated from a mere 4,000 francs.

How to Implement the Martingale Strategy

The Martingale strategy has very few and easy to understand rules to consider when gambling on any of your favorite casino games. This system is usually at its best when playing games where people are allowed to place money bets or when learning how to play Baccarat. You decide your minimum stake before you place bets. This step is significant because if you start betting with large amounts of money and get a losing streak, you lose in the long run.

Below are the two basic rules to consider when implementing the Martingale system: 

Increase your minimum stake every time you lose

The prevailing ideology behind this strategy is to increase your stake every time you lose. If your bet is $10 and you lose, you bet $20 next time. If you still don’t win, you bet $40 again. With a win in one out of four games, you will always come out on top. ( Player bets $10 and loses -$10, bets$20 and loses -$30, bets $40 and loses -$70, then bets $80 and wins $10).

Return to Your Base Stake When You Win

As the Martingale system is a progressive negative system, there is no need to increase your bet after every win. Instead, every time you win, you revert to your minimum stake. So if your base is $10, you are obligated to bet that amount the next round after you win. It is very tempting to increase your stake, believing that you just enter a winning streak.


  • Easy to use

One of the greatest things about this system is that it is straightforward to learn and understand. It’s basic and doesn’t need you to be a math whiz to apply it.

  • Short term profit

This system can help you win a little bit of money for the short term. Implemented right, and you are bound to make a small profit on your investment.

  • Choose your stakes

The system is prevalent among a list of Bitcoin casinos because base money can be set very high or very low. It’s all down to you.

  • Fun

Gambling is more enjoyable while using the Martingale betting system.


  • Unlimited bankroll

This strategy requires unlimited money to achieve profit. Going on a losing streak with limited funds is a recipe for failure.

  • A small reward

The money you make as profit is merely a grain of sand compared to the risk you are taking.

  • Knowing when to quit

It is challenging to know when to leave the game because of how much less profit you are making. The average player tends to stay more than they should play the game.

  • Reaching the casino table limit.

With a few losses, the odds of hitting the table limit are very high.

Stake size rapid increase

Every game you lose drastically increases your wager for the next one.

Types of the Martingale system

Other variations of the system were made to try and fix its shortcomings. They are as follows:

  • The Mini Martingale system
  • The Great Martingale system
  • D’Alembert
  • Cancellation system
  • The Anti-Martingale system


The Mini Martingale system 

This Martingale variation is the same as the original system. The only difference is that this variation was designed to address when a player should stop betting. It reduces the number of times you will increase your stakes, but your losses will be small. You are not going to make a huge profit with this system.

The Great Martingale strategy 

This betting system is also known as the grand Martingale system. As with the original order, the stakes double after each loss. But, with this system, one more unit is added to the betting sum. After a win, the stakes are back to the initial amount.


Jean Le Ron designed this method. In this type of betting, you increase your stake by one unit with every loss and decrease it every time you win. This approach provides the best method of betting where you can recoup the losses you may have incurred.

Cancellation Strategy 

As with Martingale’s variations, you have to increase your bets when you lose and decrease when you win. But you don’t have to double your stakes. Instead, it works with your personal decisions.

Anti-Martingale Strategy 

The Anti-martingale or reverse Martingale is the opposite of the regular Martingale. In this system, instead of increasing your wager after losing, the anti-martingale strategy employs you to increase your minimum stake after each win. After all losses, your stake is reduced. The reasoning behind this process is that while a player is on a winning streak, increasing the stake will maximize profits. The losses are minimized during a losing streak.

The argument from scientists is that in casino games, players cannot get specific streaks. But according to the Betcoin casino review, streaks are a reality. A player can make a lot of money during one of those winning streaks, increasing their wager.

The main criticism of the regular Martingale is that people risk more money during a losing streak and hoping to win once. In this process, there is the possibility of a big payout if a player can hit a lucky winning streak of four or five wins. Imagine if you bet $10 and win $20, then $40, then $80, then $160, and then $320 in just five wins in a row.

In theory, rather than lose all their winnings, people can stake conservatively by betting a small piece of each win to increase their wager. By doing this, the player’s funds will grow with a few winning streaks.

Is the Martingale System a Winning Strategy?

Yes, the Martingale system is a winning strategy. This strategy can get you a little bit of profit in the short term. It can probably work for a longer time if losing streaks can be avoided. As positive as people are when going to the casino, you eventually lose at some point.

You don’t need a long losing streak for your stakes to have exponential growth. Let’s take our earlier example, and start with $10, imagine losing six times in a row and see how much you will need to wager next.

After the sixth loss in a row, you will have to wager $630 for the next game. There isn’t any guarantee that you would be winning the next game either. If you did lose that game, your next stake would rise to $1270. By this time, your bankroll will probably be exhausted, or you may have hit the table limit.

Ultimately, the Martingale system is a failure. In a perfect world, where you have an unlimited amount of funds and a casino with no maximum stake, it is the ideal strategy. If this is your go-to, you will always get to a point where you are out of money or have to wager more than the maximum allowed on the table. Any profit made will be long gone by this point.

Martingale Trading Strategy

The Martingale trading system is identical to the Martingale betting system. It involves a trader doubling down on a losing bet.

In trading, a trader’s purpose is to make money by benefiting from a particular trend. When a buy trade is open, the aim is to gain from a pattern that moves upward while they benefit by selling during a downward trend.

These trends are difficult to spot and, therefore, very risky. If a trend can be identified, this trading strategy can thrive in such conditions rather than betting with bitcoins.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Martingale Strategy Work?

Yes, the martingale strategy works, and there are ample results and research to prove this.

Is the Martingale System Allowed in Casinos?

Yes, the martingale system is allowed in online and physical casinos. However, players must understand the risks involved and be ready to accrue certain losses before a possible big win.

What is a Martingale Trading Strategy?

A Martingale trading strategy is identical to the Martingale betting system. It involves a trader doubling down on a losing bet.


The Martingale strategy has logic going for it, and in a perfect world, it’s probably the best betting method for the Baccarat game out there. But as simple and straightforward as it sounds, it’s not for the average gambler. With a few strings of losses, you can be out of funds or reach the casino table betting limits. If you have unlimited funds, then, by all means, go for it. If you can stay in the game long enough without reaching the table limit, you can make some really good money. What are you waiting for? Try it out today and start winning big!




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