Provably Fair

What is Provably Fair Gaming?

Since its discovery, bitcoins and cryptocurrencies have become more and more widely used in many online activities. Its potential not only as an online currency but as well as the technology itself has been very significant in the modern era in recent years. However, due to the nature of blockchain, only bitcoin casinos can use this technology.

In the gambling world, online casinos are now making bold moves to involve Bitcoin and Blockchain technology in their gaming system. As a result of such innovations, provably fair gaming came into the picture.

Provably Fair Gaming is a revolutionary Bitcoin technology that uses bitcoin cryptographic function that ensures that the results of the game cannot be predicted. This technology makes it impossible for players or even the casino to tamper the result and cheat the game since the results are calculated properly and fairly making it a trustworthy form of gambling.

How Provably Fair Gaming Works?

The provably fair system works by using a cryptographic hash that is hard to crack which ensures that the information sent is unknown for both players and casino.

The Provably Fair system is a mathematical method that is used to ensure that no one, neither players nor casinos, can know the result of the game before it starts and that the casino cannot tamper with the random operation of the game.

How it works is that the system presents a concealed set of outcome which in no way both players and casino can predict. The casino creates a seed number for the bet which will be hashed and received by the player. The bet is then played out after the player adds a seed. After the bet is played out, the player then receives the seed from the bet and is verified by an algorithm if it matches. With this system, the bet payout is verified in real-time.

What makes this technology trustworthy is that the hash function would change resulting in an unverified bet if ever the casino tries in any way to manipulate the bet in the game.

Provably Fair Casinos

A provably fair casino provides transparency by allowing the players to verify the fairness and validity of their bets. The system they use for the games makes it impossible for the casino to rig the game or alter results due to the programming codes and algorithms, thus, solidifying fairness in the games. This allows the players to enjoy online gambling without worries of being ripped off with the money.

Provably Fair Slots

Slots are usually the most played games in online casinos. Provably Fair Technology allows players to verify the fairness of their game after every spin. The system works through a computer model assigning a random number to each slot on the reels. Another set of random numbers known as Secret is generated and used as a fingerprint for the individual spin called Result. The players will then add and select random numbers and input value to the slot. All these info are conducted by hashing the data. This allows players to check the actual results of every spin to make sure the slot machine is not rigged.



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