Responsible Gaming

At TBBC, we care about our readers. We take our stand to help our readers understand the effects of gambling in all aspects and we dedicate our work to educate our readers on how to enjoy gambling the responsible way.

Is Gambling good or bad?

Gambling is an activity enjoyed and participated by avid casino players who want to bid their luck and take risks with their money. While it is enjoyed by many people for its money generating potential, it should only be treated as an enjoyable pastime and not as a means to earn income.

For operators, online gambling is a serious high potential business. However, the gambling industry is a very lucrative industry especially to the consumers. If done responsibly it can be a fun recreational activity, otherwise, it can be a serious concern that needs immediate intervention before it becomes uncontrollable resulting to addiction.

Just like drugs, gambling addiction is a serious problem. For some who failed to manage their gambling activities responsibly, it has destroyed their lives and even hurt the people they care about. This is why as much as gambling is an engaging social activity, it involves risks that should be handled responsibly.

What is Responsible Gaming?

Responsible Gambling, a.k.a responsible gaming is a broad concept that is maintained by gambling operators, software suppliers and other game providers in both online and land-based gambling industry. It comprises policies and requirements that are aimed to provide a safe platform for gaming and to minimize the unhealthy repercussions of gambling brought about by this lucrative industry to customers and to the whole gambling community.

Gambling responsibly is being able to maintain control over your gambling and not letting it take over your life. However, because gambling has become more widespread and varied, it is becoming more and more difficult to avoid.

With technology, you can now simply play any game and gamble your money anytime and anywhere you want in just a simple tap on your mobile phone. With gambling platforms being very much accessible today and with the involvement of lucrative prizes that drives more people to engage to gambling, regulating these activities requires both operators and players to play important roles in promoting responsible gaming.

Areas of Concern to Establish Safe and Responsible Gambling

Here are important areas that operators and game providers should consider when offering gaming platforms:

1. Prevention of underage gambling

Any legislation states that it is illegal for individuals (under 18 of age) to engage in any sort of activities that involve gambling real-money. It is easier to control such regulation on land-based casinos, for instance, than in online platforms. Online operators must take necessary steps to ensure that no underage activities take place on their website. A clear registration process and mandatory verification steps must take place for all players to make sure all laws about responsible gambling is respected.

2. Protection of vulnerable gamblers

Operators must be concerned with the protection of vulnerable players. Since there are players that may have tendencies of becoming addicted to casino games or sports betting by spending too much that can eventually affect their normal lives. Information about special organization or support group must be displayed by operators to help players who have been victims of gambling addiction.

3. Privacy of Information

Access to personal and important private information of the users must be kept confidential by the operators in order to protect their privacy and identity against theft and other illegal acts that may cause them harm. The website must have a strong security system to secure a safe platform for players to play and gamble.

4. Online Payment Protection

Apart from protecting private information of users, operators must provide a safe betting platform that is safe for players to make transactions with. Operators must choose an appropriate gaming solutions that allows players to safely deposit, withdraw and transfer funds within the gambling website without being interfered by unauthorized parties.

5. Responsible Marketing

Operators must make sure that their marketing style is not centered in encouraging people, especially underage and vulnerable players to gamble.

How Operators should encourage Responsible Gaming

Gaming companies must be responsible in making sure that all responsible gambling principles are respected and reflected throughout their activities as well as should be understood by all parties involved in the operations.

Gaming operators must do the following:

  • set betting limits and include self-exclusion tools to control gambling addiction;
  • must have a reliable registration system that does not support underage betting;
  • must have added security tools to guarantee privacy and safety against identity theft, online threats and criminal acts;
  • must include tips and guidelines on how players can avoid gambling addiction and how to control their condition if on the verge of;
  • must deliver a secure gambling environment that follows all principles of safe and responsible gambling in all parties involved– from platform operators, game providers, affiliates and players; and
  • must only promote ethical gambling activities to players.

How to Practice Responsible Gaming

Every stakeholder that is involved in the iGaming industry must be aware of the responsibilities that should be carried out to promote responsible gaming— most especially the players. As an active participant and most vulnerable to the negative effects of gambling, it is the responsibility of every player to know the limits in engaging to this lucrative industry.

Here is a list of what you can do to practice Responsible Gaming:

1. Treat gambling only as a fun recreational activity and not as a mean to generate easy income.

2. Do not bet money that you can’t afford to lose.

3. Make a limit on hours and days spent on gambling.

4. Always set your bet limits and allowable spending and stick with it. Check your spending from time to time.

5. Check your wins and losses.

6. Contact support groups when you feel like you are on the verge of addiction.

7. Be mindful of the warning signs of gambling addiction:

  • Uncontrolled spending
  • Spending too much time of gambling
  • Stealing in order to gamble
  • Withdrawal from activities of family and friends
  • Lying/in denial about gambling habits
  • not being able to do other things except gamble
  • Loss of interest on many things
  • Changing behaviors that impacts relationships
  • Have the courage to stop what makes your lifestyle unhealthy and unproductive. Try other things to veer away from your gambling habit

8. If you know someone experiencing this condition, do not hesitate to call for help.



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