What is a Round Robin Bet?

Like in round-robin tournaments where all teams play against each other, many of you ask yourself this question: What is round-robin? It is a game where one creates a type of parley that requires the making of a multiple bet. Round-robins are simple ways of placing multiple parleys at once. If you wish to place a round-robin wager, you are placing individual wagers on every possible parley combination within the selected stakes.

A round-robin betting is, therefore, a three-team parlay selection wager consisting of ten bets. As a better on a professional gambler salary, you can choose between 3 and 8 betting lines and combine these bets into multiple parleys of 2 to 7 teams. Out of all these winning selections, one will guarantee you a return, placing robin bets at an advantage over a Trixie bet.

Round robin bets are two-team parlay bets from 3 to 10 teams mixed in. The more stakes involved, the larger the component parlays can be. Let’s say you have three teams to bet on Los Angeles Lakers, Golden state warriors, and Miami heat. You can decide and bet on each team individually or rather form different team parlays. You can also place bets on casino games like American BlackjackBitcoin Blackjack, and when learning how to play RNG Blackjack. 

Let’s say you can do a round-robin where you now combine a three-team parlay, forming a two-team parlay. In this case, we will have Los Angeles Lakers and Golden state warriors, Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat, Golden state warriors, and Miami heat. In any event that one of your teams does not win, each parley the team appears in is a loss; in case it is a push, the round-robin parley becomes a straight bet with the remaining team.

How Does a Round Robin Bet Work?

Round Robin

Got yourself thinking, what is a round-robin bet? Let us have a keen look at the example we had above of the three teams to understand how a round-robin bet works. Using point spread bet in this illustration, although you can still use money line bets, we have three bets with odds as shown below,

  • Los Angeles Lakers +5 (-110)
  • Golden state warriors -3.5 (-110)
  • Miami heat -1.5 (-110)

Instead of combining all the teams in one three-team parley, this bet offers three, two-team parlays.

  • Parlay 1
  • Los Angeles Lakers +5 (-110)
  • Golden state warriors -3.5 (-110)

Parlay 2

  • Los Angeles Lakers +5 (-110)
  • Miami heat -1.5 (-110)

Parlay 3

  • Golden state warriors -3.5 (-110)
  • Miami heat -1.5 (-110)

Given that each game’s standard odds are at -110, a payout on a two-team parlay on a $100 bet would be +264. For round-robin betting, parley odds do not change. Provided that each side listed at the standard sports betting odds of -110, it follows that two team parleys will have odds of up to +264. In round-robin bets, it should be noted that while combining several teams in a parlay, each parlay appears as an individual bet. It is important to note that, for round-robin bets, not every parley must hit for your ticket to win.

Five-team round robins, depending on the number of team parlays. You can have 5 parleys of 4 teams each or 10 parlays of 3 teams each or even 10 two-team parlays each. You can have as many as 25 different parlays. The choice is yours on how many parlays you wish to make. This makes it an excellent bet that works for many Bitcoin casino reviews and slots.

Is Round Robin a Great Strategy?

Just like any other sports betting where great strategies are key, round-robin betting is an excellent strategy in the sense that, unlike traditional betting where finding multiple bets and missing one pick leads to the parley wager resulting in a loss. For bets, if you have a three-team round-robin bet and two teams cover, you finish the bet on the positive side. Round robins take a larger investment than traditional parlays due to the numerous parleys but increases potential profit and lessen the chances of a total loss.

Applying this strategy well offers you the opportunity to hedge and minimize the losses. This involves picking the other side of the wager, and although it minimizes the potential profits, it mitigates losses and assures you of profit. This, therefore, implies that this bet is an excellent strategy of sports betting, which, when carefully applied, can assure you of huge returns.

How Do You Win a Round Robin Bet?

Like in round-robin tournaments where every team meets each other at least once, a round-robin also bet pairs all individual teams with each other at least once. If you created a round-robin based on three teams, you would have three different and two teamed parlays. A standard two teamed parlay with the two teams listed at -110 would pay out at +260.

Assuming that our stake is $5 on each of the three parlays if it happens if all each team is covered, you will win $39 in profits and recoup back your three stakes of $5 each back. If one team in our round robin bet fails, we would still win $13 and recoup our $5 stake back since one of the successful parleys will return $18 inclusive of our $5 stake. In such a case, you still break even if one leg fails. Suppose you create a three-team parley with a single bet of $15 for all the three teams in one parley. You will lose your entire stake in the event where one leg fails. This implies that if you wish to get rewarding parleys that are equally secure, this bet is the way to go.

Other Forms of Bets

Besides the round-robin bets, there are also other types that people opt for, which include: win bets and money line bets, total and over/under bets, point spread and handicap bets, futures and outright bets, proposition bets, and specials bets, parlays, and accumulators, teasers and pleasers, if bets and reserve bets, permutation betting, odds converter, among others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Round Robin a Good Bet?

Yes, a round-robin is a good bet and can bring you great wins.

How Does a Round Robin Work?

A Round Robin bet works by Five-team round robins, depending on the number of team parlays. You can have 5 parleys of 4 teams each or 10 parlays of 3 teams each or even 10 two-team parlays each.

How Does a 5 Team Round Robin Work?

A 5 team Round Robin works when you choose up to 5 games for a round robin and make about 26 varying parlays.


Like in many Bitcoin casino reviews, I believe that you are by now perfectly convinced that betting round-robin is the surest way of earning profits as well as protecting your stake. It covers your stake as much as it pays you on your stake in any betting venture, unlike other Bitcoin casinos like Tropica Casino. Therefore, lets us empress the betting strategy; if you are already using it, we continue using it and if you have never tested the strategy, then try out and make your betting more enjoyable and profitable.

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