5 Neon Hot Slot

5 Neon Hot Slot game is for conservative gamblers who want to win more with the lowest value possible. Five pay lines in a neon hot slot game, but the amount of bet per line can easily be adjusted. The cool (or as they say “hot”) theme in this game is super intuitive and straightforward. Considering the low bet amount, should you go for this game? Let’s see it!

About 5 Neon Hot Slot

5 Neon Hot Slot is readily available on the popular casino website Bspin.io. The simple design of the game is pleasing to the eyes. The low bet amount due to fixed pay lines justified the moderate returns.

They created this game for every gambler who wants to win more by putting less bet amount. The game is so easy to play that it forms as a perfect game for a beginner gambler. The minimum bet is five credits, and the maximum bet possible is 5000 credits.

5 Neon Hot Slot Features

5 Neon Hot Slot is known for high returns, pleasing theme, and easy rules. There is no boring card faced symbols; instead, there are juicy transparent fruits that you’ll love to play. The neon faced background makes it look like it is from a sci-fi movie. The game has simple rules where you will win when you get the same symbols in a line from left to right. The lines are pre-determined, and reels are always adjacent. Different symbols have different rates.

This game also has an industry-standard gamble feature in which you can double your earnings if you guess the correct color of the card when they flash the cards on the screen. You can either choose the “Red” button or “Black” button, and if you click it at the right time, it will double your earnings, but if not, it will turn to zero.

You can gamble your winnings again to get double each time, but once you get it wrong, you lose them all. There is also a 2000 credit limit on the gamble feature.

This game also has a progressive platinum jackpot that you can win after every spin. Before starting the game, the game puts a percentage of the wager towards this jackpot. And the chance of winning the prize increases when you put higher stakes on winning the bet. If you are lucky enough to get this jackpot, you will get a fortune of credits.

Payout Options

The cherry is the only symbol in this game which pays out even if you only get two symbols. Any player will win 5x, 20x, 50x or 200x when having 2 or more reels in a bet and getting cherries. The strawberry, orange, and apple pay the same rate but starts from 3 or more reels.

When you have a full line of grapes and BAR symbol, you will win up to 500x but if only three or four you will get 20x and 200x respectively.

The highest paying symbol is the neon-colored significant seven numbered symbol in a box. If you get to line 3 of these symbols, the game will payout 100x the stake, 4 of these symbols will get 1000x return, and if you get 5 of them, you will get the largest 5000x return.

The star symbol represents the scatter symbol, which pays out even if you don’t get a line. The returns on this symbol are 10x, 50x and 250x returns if you get 3, 4, or 5 stars respectively. The profits of the game are not at all lower if you see the win-cost ratio of the game.

Design and Theme

The symbols of the game justify the name and theme of the game. All the symbols have a model with a considerable amount of detail. The symbols are glowing like the neon color in the dark. The symbols are so different from the regular ones that all the colors pop out, giving this game a unique look. The shadows and depth of all the symbols including orange, strawberry, cherry, apple, grapes, seven numbered symbol, bar symbol are specially designed to give a 3D look of the game.

And the slot is put on a clean purplish background with multiple lines.
The music of the game works well with the design of the game. All the information is directly on the screen, and you can easily access the information or adjust it as per your convenience. Once you start playing this game, you will fall in love with the graphics, animation, and overall design of the game. It adjusts the size of the screen of your device smoothly.

Where to play?

To play this game log on to bspin.io and open “5 Neon Slot.” You will be asked to play with real bitcoins or play the demo version without any cost. Select the demo version, and you will get a reward of 1000 coins. You can use these coins to bet and try out your luck or learn the reward system.

If you want to earn some real money, you have to register on the website. To do that, choose a unique username, and a secure password and enter the security check code as shown on the dialogue box. You will register yourself when you have agreed to the terms and conditions of the website.

You need credits to play a game just like chips in the casino. You can buy the credits through your bitcoin wallets very easily and quickly. Using bitcoins means that you can play the games anonymously without any fear of getting your identity leaked.

Now, that you have added the credits go-ahead to the 5 Neon Slot and enjoy the game, similarly, if you want to withdraw your money, you can transfer it to your BTC wallets. The whole withdrawal process is so easy, and the transfer takes up very soon.

Anybody can access this website on any platform like mobile phone, tablet, and laptop. You need a browser on the device and a working internet connection. If your internet connection is weak, it may not load the game correctly and show an error. So, grab any device you have, visit bspin.io and start surfing for the turbo 5 Neon Slot.

How to play?

To place your bet, press the green-colored “start” button, and the slot will start spinning. It will stop after one complete spin, and you may collect your winnings, and a “gamble” button will become active so that you can play a side bet to double your profits. But if you want it to spin automatically, click on the auto button just below the gamble button and game will play itself.

Another window will pop in where you can set the limit on auto stop and if you want quick autoplay. Press the “i” button, and you will learn the reward system, returns on each symbol, and the progressive jackpot. You can also use the expanding symbol to play the game in full-screen mode, which exits when you press escape.


The most impressable fact of 5 Neon Slot is how much it pays despite having a bet of such a low amount. It may have fewer returns than the competitors, but it also takes so much less bet per spin than the other competitors. With a pleasing eye theme, crispy sound effects and such high return-cost ration it steals the show and makes it worth considering your next slot game.

The pay lines are fixed, which you might not like, but that is what makes the game so unique and still so enjoyable. It also doesn’t have a wild symbol, but the seven numbered symbol gives somewhat higher returns than most of the games in the market.

This game is more what you could expect out of a simple slot game and so much less flawed than what you expected after seeing the five fixed pay lines. If you are that kind of person which wants so much more in giving out less try the free demo and enjoy the game.

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