Blackjack 5 Boxes

Blackjack is a top-rated game you can find in almost every casino in the world. But if you are unaware of this game, we will guide you through it. We will also tell you about blackjack five boxes, which is a slight variation of the same game but might get you higher returns.

About Blackjack 5 Boxes

The blackjack five boxes is a version of a good old blackjack you already love to play. But if you haven’t played blackjack in your life, don’t worry, it is too easy to learn. In blackjack five boxes, you can play with five hands at a time rather than just one in regular blackjack. Therefore, you can use this feature to play for higher stakes and in turn, more significant returns. The percentage of money return in this game is 99.58%.

How to play Blackjack 5 Boxes?

The Blackjack game generally has five betting spots and another place for the dealer. The primary objective is to get as close as possible to the total sum of cards to 21. If your cards are higher than the dealer’s cards without going over 21, you will win the game. But if your hand is more than 21 you will lose your bet and the dealer will win the game.

The dealer will provide you two cards then you can either draw any additional card or stop withdrawing and make the dealer show his unturned card to check for the result. The dealer will get two cards, one with face up and one with face down. You then have to guess whether you will be closer to 21 or the dealer.

While in Blackjack 5 boxes you can place your bets in 5 different boxes, which means you can risk more of your money at the same time for higher returns. The minimum bet in the game developed by is five coins per box, and the maximum bet is 10000 coins.

Count the value of cards at face value for cards 2-10. And for the cards as jack, queen and king have a value of 10. But, if you get the ace, you can either use it at face value (i.e., 1) or 11 as per your convenience.


  • HIT – If you want to draw another card, click on “Hit.” If you are still not satisfied and you want to bring another card, click on the same button again.
  • STAND – If you are satisfied with your cards press on “Stand” and you will no longer receive any additional cards.
  • DOUBLE DOWN – Normally you are not allowed to place any bets when they distribute the cards, but before drawing any additional card you can double your bet using this option. So, double your bet if you think the situation is in your favor.
  • SPLIT – If at the distribution of the first two cards you get two cards with the same rank, you can split these into two separate hands. After splitting, you would have to make an additional bet for the same amount.

Betting Rates

If you alone hit the blackjack (i.e., the sum of 21), you will get a 3:2 payout for your bet. But if you hit a blackjack along with the dealer, that is called a push, and you will get your stake back. And if the dealer alone hits the blackjack be prepared to lose it all.

There is also an offer called insurance. The dealer will offer insurance only if the dealer gets an ace in the show card. It is a kind of side bet of the amount up to half the original bet. The bet is whether the second face-down card is a 10. If it is, you will get 2:1 of the second bet. But, if the dealer has an ace and you have a blackjack, you can have even money instead of 3:2. But if you don’t take the even money, you will have a push.

Tips and Tricks

The game developed by recommends the step you should take on the basis of your cards. But there are some tricks we can recommend to increase your chances of winning.

  • If you have a sum of 17 or better, you should STAND
  • If the first card of the dealer is 2-6 and the value of your cards is 12-16, you should STAND
  • If you have a sum of 12-16, you should, and the dealer has an ace you should HIT.
  • If the first card of the dealer is 7 or higher, you should HIT to make a total of 17 or higher.
  • Always split when you have two aces. There are higher chances of getting a blackjack in one of them or both.
  • Split the hand if you have two 2s or two 3s, and the dealer has a card of 2-7.
  • Split the hand if you have two 4s, and the dealer has a show-card of 5 or 6.
  • Never split if you have two 5s
  • Split the hand if you have two 6s, and the dealer has an upcard of 3-6.
  • Split the hand if you have two 7s, and the dealer has an upcard of 3-7.
  • Split the hand if you have two 9s, and the dealer has the first card of 3-9.
  • If you have an ace and 2-5 as the second card, consider your ace as the value of 1 and HIT to get a total of 17 or higher.
  • If you have an ace and 6as second card, consider your ace as the value of 1 and HIT to get a total of higher than 17. But if you are not willing to take the extra risk, you can also STAND.
  • If you have an ace and seven as the second card, you should STAND considering the value of ace as one and hope the dealer does not get a higher total.
  • If you have an ace and 8 or 9 as the second card, consider your ace as the value of 1 and STAND.
  • If the total of your cards is 11, then DOUBLE DOWN your cards except when the dealer has an ace.

In 5 boxes blackjack, you have an added advantage if you get five good hands and the dealer is weak. And if you manage to double down or split cards, you can even earn more. So, you have good chances of winning at least a few hands.

You can also use a strategy chart available online to increase more chances of winning, but the best learning comes with the practice. As more strategies you use, you will decrease your house edge and have more chances of getting returns.

Special Rules

In Blackjack 5 Boxes game, you have some special rules than the regular blackjack game. There is no Surrender mode in this game. That means once you wager your amount you will lose it all once you have lost the game. In Surrender mode, if you know you have weak cards, you can minimize your loss.

There is also a “Non-peeking rule,” which means the dealer does not peek his down-facing card when the up-facing card is ten-valued. Whereas, in regular blackjack, the rule does not exist.

User Interface

The game starts when you swipe up in a mobile device. The game has a simple user interface. They show five boxes in front of the screen, and the dealer’s place is at the top of the semi-circle. You can place a bet with 1, 5, 25, 50 or 100 coin in any of the boxes. Just select the currency you want to use where the least coin is the default selection.

Press “Deal” to lock your bet and then comes four options to split, double, stand or hit. You will also get recommendations as per the book based on your cards at the bottom of the game. You will also get to see your total and the dealer’s total in a box near the respective cards.

Where to Play?

BlackJack 5 Boxes is exclusively available at which has an amazing platform online and works great. They accept Bitcoins and not PayPal. So, you don’t have to worry about your identity and privacy while playing the game. Moreover, you can also try the game for free online for a demo. If you love it, add the amount you wish through your BTC wallet and start winning.


Blackjack 5 boxes is a better variation of the Blackjack game for most people. The main advantage is that you can put a bet on five hands at one time. A higher bet does mean higher risk but higher risk also meaner greater returns.

But you also lose some excellent features like surrender and peeking options. So, if you want those features, this game isn’t made for you.

Overall, it is an extension of the game you already love with an added advantage of higher returns. So, make sure you try it out free on and see whether it works for you or not. And if you liked it practice upon it and you shall become a better player in the game than you were before.

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