Book of Bruno Slot

A fan of slot games? Of course, this is where you want to peek! This is a 10 line 5 reel slot game where the characters are fishy with all their attractive appearance will confuse you if you try to identify who is the real Bruno.

In the beginning, there is an option to play the demo game, which lets you understand the algorithm of the game, very clearly enough. Here you get to spin the wheel which when results in winning combinations makes you win money.

What’s in there… do you want to know?

After opening the Book of Bruno Slots, you will be greeted by shady-looking gangsters including the suave leader, possibly Bruno. There are three more characters, and they are so realistic that each of them looks like Hollywood superstars. The simple 2D, TV-like layout contains five vertical reels and 10 pay lines.

However, it is on you to select the number of pay lines and adjust the amount of bet. The total bet will be the product of the bet amount and the number of pay lines active. The bet limit is as low as $0.20 per spin to as high as $200, and there are a plethora of options between this maximum and minimum limit. Thus you can set any betting amount you feel comfortable with.

Winning in Book of Bruno

The reels start from left to right and spreading across active lines on reels adjacent to one another. The card symbols are 10, J, and Q are lower value cards each worth 10, 50 or 200x times the pay line stake when they land on reel number 3,4 or 5 respectively.

Cards K and A are high-value cards worth 10, 80 or 300x of the line stake. The characters with close resemblance to Rihanna and Ray Liotta are worth 10x each if they land on just 2 reels. You can get up to 1500x if the pay lines get filled. Meanwhile landing Mr. De Niro can win you anything from 10x to 4000x. The main boss who looks a lot like James Cagney, can fetch you up to 10000x.

With every spin, there are chances of winning cash. But of course, there are ample chances of losing your earned cash as well if your luck is not that active, cause why not! Nobody can predict the future and bet accordingly. Just remember, with every spin, cash equal to the product of the lines and the bet placed will be deducted except if you have received some free spins.


If you think about the number of betting options available, it includes
1,2,5,10,20,50,100,200,400,500 and 1000. Since there are 10 lines, therefore the total bet would sum up to ten times the bets placed, i.e., if you have placed bets of 500 and selected 10 lines then the amount that will be deducted after a normal spin is 500. If you win that much back, good and if you don’t, then it’s gone.

As you might have noticed, there is also an option of a gambling game where your win can get doubled, tripled or quadrupled if you can take the risk of guessing the correct color of the card which rapidly flashes between black and red in the first, second, third or fourth attempt respectively. All you have to do is to correctly time a click. If you get the color of the card right, you are going to win big.

Any Jackpots, eh?

Yeah, of course, the slot game, Book of Bruno has jackpot prizes. There is a number of progressive jackpots listed on the bottom-left corner on a rotation. You can win any of the Platinum or Diamond progressive jackpots on any given spin at random, and a small percentage of every single wager is added to these amounts. Winning these jackpots do not depend on doing anything special.

That means it does not depend upon on you hitting a certain set of symbols or you getting a pay line or scatter win. However, keep in mind that the higher the stakes are, the better are your chances of getting paid under the jackpot. Suppose you bet $2, then your chances of winning the jackpot are twice compared to betting $1. This is mainly done to keep things square between players.

Wild Scattered Symbol

The picture of Bruno’s Book is the wild scatter symbol in this game. It is a wild symbol that can act as any other and it awards scatter payouts, irrespective of its position on the reels. This makes it easier to get payouts.

You can get 2500x wins if you have 5 of these wild symbols, 250x if you land 3 of these wild symbols, and 20x if you get 3 Bruno’s Book on the reels. That is. It can fetch you anything from 40 to 5000 coins when it lands across a line with no substitutions. If you land at least 3 of the wild symbols, you will be awarded a round of FREE SPINS!

The Free Spins Round

The spin round will contain 12 consecutive free spins. Before the 12 free spins begin, a symbol is selected at random, and it will always expand when it appears on the reels, it will fill up the reel and increase your chances of getting a complete winning line. There have been instances of free spins being added to your already received free spins if you can have some consecutive winnings. And it comes out of nowhere. Isn’t it amazing?

Final Words

This game has a highly developed graphics. This isn’t based on a deep analysis or anything. It’s totally about luck, be it winning cash or the jackpot or even losing the cash. As a result, huge wins might be less frequent, but mostly, there is a sufficient return for experienced people.

The bonuses are the real deal and are a quality feature. The free spins you get are a get way to earn as much as winnings as possible, though during spins you cannot change the bet amount.
But overall, this is the game you would think of if gambling is your deal.

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