Forest Fruit Slots Review

Forest fruit slots is a fun online game you could play either for free or for real money. It is a simple game which works on any device and gives a 97.01% payout than other slots. You can easily earn decent returns from this game, but should you? Let us get through it.


Forest Fruits Slot Machine makes regular slots much more attractive with high-quality graphics and huge payouts. This slot game is famous for its bonus features, decent graphics, neat and intuitive theme. It has cute forest characters like cherries, melon, and lemons.

Forest Fruits Slot Machine is neither some old-fashioned basic game nor some stylish game with 3D graphics. It is a modern, intuitive game but with that same old simple look.

What does it offer?

Forest Fruits is played on five reels and three rows and works on every browser without needing any space to download it. The game works fine but makes sure you have the latest version of adobe flash player installed to play the game.

The game gives you feel as you are in the forest itself. It has some subtle quirky sound effects to make you feel close to the forest. It also has some pretty great visuals to do the same.

You can choose your pay lines to be 1-10 or 20, and the bet ranges from 0.2 coins to 20000 coins. The game also provides you with an auto play function where you can run from 50 to 500 spins consecutively.

How to play?

You can visit any online casino website on a browser with adobe flash player enabled and provides this game. Next, you will find a 5X3 symbol page where the left side is for the menu and right hand for quitting the game. There is a reload button for a spin. The menu option contains options to decide bet and lines. You can also turn sound on and off from here.

So, if you need to start your game, place your bet and hit the spin button. And if you want to start an auto spin, you can do this from the menu button. All the necessary information like credit cash, winnings, and total bet displays at the bottom of the game.

Winning options

The wins are broadly divided based on fruit symbols. The slot table considers symbols of melons, oranges, plums, lemons, cherries and a special symbol with the face of number 7.

You are in the same position if you get oranges, cherries, or lemons. They are the lowest paying out symbol in the game. If you get three oranges, you will get 10x the amount you put on wager. But if you can manage to get five oranges, you can earn 100x for your amount.

But if you can get five melons or plums, you will get 200x of the amount you wagered. The bell usually pays out up to 400x with at least 20x the amount for three of a kind. And you are super lucky if you get the symbol faced as 7, it pays out from 40x to 1000x.

But the free spins are not that much compared to recent modern slots. After you use free spin, you can gamble your earnings for a card color guess, and you might be able to double your profits. You have to guess whether the next card drawn will either be red or black and if you think it right you will get double the earnings but if you think it wrong, forget your winnings. The profits earned from this can be doubled again by staking another guess keeping all the winnings at stake.

The game also offers progressive jackpot slots which can make you earn a decent amount of money. It triggers at any random after a real cash spin. When you make a wager, a portion goes towards the jackpot and increases your chance of winning the prize. This jackpot is helping a lot and can increase your earnings substantially and might give you better returns than ever.


  1. Wild – A wild gift is one of the highest paying out bonuses to get. You will only get a wild bonus when you are successful in getting the same symbol all five in a row. Four wilds can pay 400x and 10000x if you are lucky enough to get five wilds.
  2. Scatter and Free Spins – If you get 3 or 4 of scatter symbol, you will get three free spins. And if you get 5 of scatter symbol, you’ll get five free spins.
  3. Jackpot symbol – If you trigger at any random after a real cash spin, you might hit the jackpot. You can turn your money into thousands if you hit the jackpot. The payout ratio

Where to play?

There are many different online casinos providing forest themed fruit slots in their style. You can log into any casino, and the game is quite similar everywhere. The Fazi’s Forest Fruits Video slot is quite popular due to its excellent theme design and simple, easy to use the intuitive website.

You can visit to play this game. You might see an error if you do not have adobe flash. We also faced another error as communication with server lost, but as you click on “reload” the game opens up. Hope they fix it soon except that the game works excellent.

You will also see a squirrel in this version which claps and somersaults as you win. These little things make the game much more exciting with its sound effects. If you want to play for free, you will get 5000 credit cash to play for free. You can see your earnings to brag in front of your friends. But if you want to earn real money, you need to put it first


The payout rates are pretty high in this slot, and the volatility in the mobile slot is extremely low. You won’t be a millionaire by playing fruit slots, but you can still earn handsome pocket money by playing this game. The theme is fascinating to make you glued to your seat until your all credits are washed out.


Jungle Fruits has an annoying menu bar which pops up on the screen and covers the whole screen. It blocks all the view and makes it disturbing for the user. The sound effects and visuals are good but not as good as other slots. Only three free spins are also disappointing with such low in number compared to different slots.


Overall, forest fruits slot is a well-themed slot which lies in between of a stylish modern-day slot and a classic simple old slot. This theme makes it stand out from all the other slots and make a pretty decent option due to its suitable payout ratio.

You can try this game for free online on any device which can connect to a web browser or put your real money and make something out of your fun. Like every other slot machine, this can’t turn you into a millionaire overnight, but you can make enough to enjoy this light game during your free time.

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