Who doesn’t like the excitement of playing online slot games? They’re full of free spins and bonuses. So, if you’re looking to play slots for real money, you’ve come to the right place.

Today we will be reviewing one of the best golden slots on the internet full of wild symbols and crazy bonuses. It is one of the unique slots for real money. Let’s dig in.

Launched by International Gaming Technology (IGT) in 2013, the Golden Goddess Slot machine is an online slot game. IGT is involved in developing games for many years and providing software and various game platforms to different online mobile casinos. Games created by IGT are of the best quality and have a large number of slots and spins on it.

You can also check out one of their best games, Bitcoin Penguin Casino review, to see the kind of brilliant other games that they make.

With the history of creating and introducing some of the best slots games with multiple spins in the online gambling world, the Golden Goddess Slots is another example. Golden Goddess is based on a fantasy-based theme and already has a vast number of players playing it. The game Golden Goddess slot is also downloadable and is available on the IOS and android store.

One of the best parts of the Golden goddess game is that there is no prior registration required for the players.


RTP Value: The RTP value means “return to player,” which a player can earn on average. All the games have different RTP values. The Golden Goddess slot game, which is a fixed jackpot slot, has a value of 96%. The RTP also depends on the rounds that are played by a particular player. The more the game played, the more will be the RTP.

Super Stacks Symbol: Stacked Symbols in these games reveal different cash prizes when choosing a bonus spin. The player is then given 7 free spins as well.

Scatter Symbol: The scatter symbol consists of a red rose that can pop up on reels. It can be used as a trigger for the bonus round in the slot. It consists of free spins and the super stacks feature.

Wild Symbol: When the words “Golden Goddess” are written in gold, then they are considered as a wild symbol. While a combination of this symbol can lead to jackpots and free spins, it can also substitute any other symbol except the scatter symbol.


Games that have the least number of rules are likely to have more players. One of the reasons why there are so many players on the golden goddess is that there are no complicated rules and regulations. The less the rules, the less you are distracted, disturbed and confused during the game.

You can play the Golden Goddess Slots for free with real money. If you want more information on the slot games, do check out the Extra Juicy slot guide.


The Golden Goddess has a lot of useful features like bitcoin blackjack. The concept of fantasy has been used very nicely in the Golden Goddess Slots game as compared to a lot of games.

These features include the player playing alongside the Golden Goddess in the game. The design is quite stunning and user friendly.

There is a wide range of coins available for the players, and it can be played in 3D. In terms of user experience, the animations in the Golden Goddess game, the sound effects, and the interface are simple and easy to navigate.

Golden Goddess Games


There are two ways to play the game. Either you play it for free and on a trial basis, or you tend to play golden goddess with money. If you opt for the latter, you sign up on online casinos, allowing you to play golden goddess slots.

You log into the game and can go to a fantasy land with the golden goddess and her prince.

Betting Options

Some games have a different range of money that can be bet, but if you wish to place your bet, the minimum amount of bet that can be placed would be 40p, and the bet can exceed up to £800, which is the maximum amount of betting money the game allows. If you want more coins per spin and volatility to be medium, you should play other games like the golden goddess.

Anyone who wishes to play the age can play it either for free without betting any real money and betting real money in the game. It depends on what you are interested in doing.

The Golden Goddess slot machine format is straightforward. It is based on five reels and ten pay lines that can exceed up to 40 pay lines formats. The 40 pay lines format cannot be changed. A player can place a maximum of 2000 credits on pay lines. There is a little restriction in terms of the credit that can be placed. In the 40 pay lines format, 2000 credits are the limit. In the ten pay lines format, 500 credits are the limit.

How To Win the Golden Goddess Slot?

You can win the Golden Goddess slot by playing more rounds. The more rounds you play, the chances for you to win the right amount of money automatically increases in this. Focus on the total amount of bet placed, don’t start by placing a tremendous bet.

Start by placing a low amount to track your progress and know when you have started to make a profit and when you have the highest amount, opt for the payout. Only place a massive bet if you have your next moves planned, and if you want to play safe, you can even go for Autoplay.

It is always better to play games that are easier and understandable instead of playing games that are difficult to understand and where you are destined to lose a lot of money.

Strategies and Tips

If you want to win massive amounts of money, then the main tip would be to keep on playing multiple rounds. The more rounds you play, the chances you will win a large amount of money will automatically increase. The more, the merrier. The tips are almost the same for most of the games played, but there is a chance that the tips and strategies might be a little different for some games as compared to others.

This tip is for the people who create an account on an online casino website where you have to provide all of the information that they ask along with your card details. Do check for their license and if they are following all the necessary rules which make them a law following online casinos site. Just make sure that all the details you seem to enter are for a safe website, and it will not cause you any harm. Moreover, you can withdraw your details at any time. There is no issue and no scam involved.

Go for the free spins and try your best to win as much as you can.


The Payout percentage of The Golden Goddess is 98%, which is enormous compared to many games and contributes to the popularity of the game. Players can easily win vast amounts of money by playing just a few rounds of the game. It is because the stacked symbols tend to offer a lot of credit.

During the bonus round, the player is given 7 free spins and multiple payout options, and the payouts can be 1000x the bet placed.

  • Two wild symbols mean ten times the money.
  • Three wild symbols mean 50 times the bet.
  • Four wild symbols indicate 250 times the amount, and if it reaches 5, it can be 1000 times the amount.


Apart from how it would be played, its user will surely get a fantasy-based theme, and hopefully, they will not get bored by the design elements. The 3D effect adds to its fame because it is a quality fewer games have placed their focus on.

You should play Golden Goddess Slots as allows its users to play for free. If their interest increases, they can even start to bet real money in the Golden Goddess.

IGT has put in a lot of hard work in terms of providing a fantastic online casino experience to its users and making bitcoin slots that everyone enjoys playing.

The players do not have to navigate to multiple pages, and they have access to every slot game and free spins.

If you like this slot game, you can also play 3 Genie Wishes, another one of the best slot games with the same features.

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