Hot Star slots

Slot machines have been a worldwide phenomenon and have been suppressing other table games largely. Since many years these have been gaining popularity not just because they are easy to play but also because of the fun, entertainment and money the online and modern-day slots bring to a standard wager’s life. Born in the era of 1800s, slot machines have undergone a lot of incarnations and a more relevant process of playing the game.

There’s virtually no learning scope in playing a slot machine. At the most basic, you just have to slide in currency to a bill validator to buy credits, you just push a button or pull a handle so that the reeling starts and you patiently have to hope for the best pay line. It involves no form of high-level strategies and most importantly, no criticizing at any point in the game.

In addition to this, the allure of money has never made anyone pass by without putting his or her luck. You can win from a single penny to millions of bucks just at the stake of your own choices. This kind of thrill keeps the slot players coming back to where they left.

Before you start navigating through the huge world of online slots, you could find a great casino to play at, one that is safe and legit and has a big and exciting slot selection.

Hot Star- A Sneak Peek in the game

No matter what is the game strategy you wish to play with. Those little wild moves of yours shall be paid off. This retro symbol game is truly a delight to play. It does help you fetch those extra bonuses and magnificent prizes after assembling all those desirable symbols such as cherries, oranges, lemons, plums, melons, and grapes.

They also have that Calling Wild feature which helps you to land a star on the reels serving the same as a substitute for other symbols. And not to forget its peculiar feature of turning those neighboring symbols into Wilds which act as the substitution as well, which obviously can give you a major lead over your competitors.

Slots in Hot Stars

Hot star slots tend to start the line bets from only a single coin. Thus, this can be appealing to those multiple levels of slot players. Be it the ones who are just starting out on the slot or the ones who have aced those slots a hundred ones, a welcome is guaranteed to all those people out there.

Some of the slots are mentioned down there to help you know this game a little better.

1. Casino Style

Casino style is a simple 5 x 3-reel grid slot which does resemble that old-style casino slots which had been ruling the game for over decades. Also, there are all in all no tricks, tactics, or clever gimmicks which might distract you against winning those exciting prices. For the beginners, this is actually the best spot to try out their luck and get deeper into the same.

2. Star Prizes

If you think that your first spin will help you fetch awards, then yes this is possible. That first spin can actually help you add a number of prizes to your name in absolutely no order. However, it must be mentioned here, that the lowest payout symbol to fetch you bonus is that sweet little candy, which can actually make you fetch up to 2,000 coins which is no sense a small amount as well.

From here, comes the list of those which start making your pocket heavy by adding additional coins. These include- the top oranges and lemons, plums and grapes, melons and 7’s. The prizes offered by them in the same order of groups are- 4,000, 6,000, 8,000, 25,000 coins.

The actual fun begins when you really get goofy with the game by opting those wild stars. When that wild star lands on the reel, it quickly sets each neighboring symbol in a wild state as well.

On the other hand, if the same symbol happens to land in the corner, it turns the 3 neighbouring symbols to wilds, thereby furnishing a 2 x 2 block of wilds which automatically acts as a substitute for other symbols which are helping you to win those exciting prizes and mixing and matching a number of combinations.

Remember, if in any case the wildlands on the center window position on reels 2, 3 or 4- then a 3 x 3 window block of wilds pops out which is a surety for you to multiple winning lines and some unexpectedly high wins.

If you are someone who is extremely into those gambling, then you can obviously gamble all those won prizes on that side gamble feature, which enables you to double your prize by following a simple prediction as to whether a card will be red or black. To quadruple the same, you need to predict the suit of the card.

3. Star Stakes

Stakes were designed to make the game reach multiple people in a single time. With star stakes, you don’t need to go for higher-order tricks for the same. Just stake the 10 lines with those lines- stakes of between 1 and 100 coins. This corresponds to a minimum bet of 10 coins per spin and a maximum bounce to 1000 coins per spin.

4. A True Star

In case of a true star, the solid symbol payout, and a promising great Wild Bonus. This slot in all aspects truly has some of those serious stars quality, which gives you that real scenarios.

Tips for playing good slots for Hot Star

Now that you are aware of the hot star slots, here are some of the tips that can come handy when playing with those slots.

1. No deposit bonus codes to be searched

Remember, no deposit bonuses are actually free if money. So, if you are thinking to invest your time in finding for those no deposit bonus codes, then this can only fetch you mere chances to play for the same but definitely not those wins for real.

2. Divide and conquer the casinos

This point mainly focuses on playing bits by bits in those areas. DO not go for investing the whole of your investment in one single casino. Remember, competition is the sole of the game. Every casino follows a different policy to attract the players. SO why not taste every casino’s flavor.

3. Know your slot before investing

You might be the one rendering for a huge bonus but investing in those small machines, or you might be the one with a small budget but investing in high machines. This is where you make a mistake. Take a look at all the machines and invest as per your need and condition only.

4. Practice for free beforehand

If you are someone who is wishing to consolidate their hold on those slots. Then, obviously, you need to practice more to solidify your grab in this. Learn the tactics, tips, and tricks to earn high bonus and prizes.


In the present rate scenario, you will actually find a number of slot machines waving to the customers in the market. But choose wisely. DO not fall in the trap of the same. Use your own tactics in learning the ways how to fetch out that extra penny. Providing you with the provision of playing with those thousands of pay lines available, the probability of betting a number of coins on each line, can be a little tedious task for you yet the most engaging game at the same time.

Remember that it is absolutely mandatory to look for the bonuses that don’t come with a maximum cash out. A number of casinos will actually limit the amount that you take out from those extra bonus winnings. The warning “no max cash out” should constantly be your guiding light here.

Be cautious that the casinos are highly competitive when it comes to business strategies and are constantly looking up for new players to increase in the casino. They might offer you those actually help you to find out more about the game and get to know about your bets without spending any extra amount.

Do take advantage of all those bonuses and special offers and study the pay tables to discover more about the winning of slots. AT last, do remember that gambling can be extremely addictive. At one point it can help you foster those extra credits but at the same time can make you lose those savings of future. Do play this game only for entertainment. DO not make this a habit but only a thing to be utilized in free time.

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