Pirates Slot Review

Inspired by the great Pirates of Carrabien movie, the pirate slot is a beautifully designed slot game. The outstanding graphics, attractive visuals make this game an excellent option for a slot game. But does it beat the competition in terms of returns? Let’s find out!

About Pirate Slots

Pirate Slots is a game developed by Fazi and readily available on the popular casino site bspin.io. When you first look at the game, you will be amazed to see powerful pirates and symbols of life on the sea, and a pirate with a hook hand. The crisp sound effects, coupled with visually appealing graphics, makes the game enjoyable.

The game truly justifies the name with the variety of symbols on the slot and corresponding effects. The straightforward and user -friendly intuitive design works flawlessly and doesn’t trouble at all.


The pirate slots have a gamble feature to double your earnings if you are fortunate enough to guess the right color of the card. If your guess is correct whether the card is red or black, you will double your earnings but if it is incorrect, be prepared to lose all your profits. This way you can bet up to 5 times but if you fail in any of the gamble game before you can’t move further.

The game also features an autoplay feature which has minimum auto-spins of 25 and maximum auto spin as 1000 spins. You can choose the quick autoplay feature to make this autoplay process faster. You can decide when to stop the autoplay if win increases or decreases by a certain fixed amount or you can also stop it on any win.

Betting options

Pirate Slots is well-matched with the industry when it comes to the variety of betting options. It can have a maximum of 15 pay lines. The minimum bet is one credit; whereas the maximum bet is of 1000 credit.

You can also gamble all your earnings by pressing the GAMBLE button. You have to guess whether the next randomly drawn card will be red or black. If your choice is correct, you will double the amount earned, but if it is incorrect, you will lose it all. But, do note that there is a gamble win limit of 2000 credits.

You can also earn a mystery jackpot which displays on the screen. Whenever you begin a spin a specific part of the money directed towards jackpot and the increment increases after which they award a player with a progressive jackpot. The player who reaches the randomly chosen pot will win the jackpot amount.


The ship, patched eye pirate, skull with crossed swords, a charming dressed man and a woman are the various symbols designed without missing out any detail. The attention given to detail when it comes to the design of the game is exceptional. The colors of the game pop out visually and makes the game too attractive. You can also find an ace, king, queen, jacks, and ten symbols. There is also a unique treasure symbol and a compass symbol.

As you will enter the game, the beautifully designed game looks clean. The start, auto, and gamble features are at the bottom right corner of the game with the appropriate size of the boxes. You can also adjust the pay line and bet amount easily with the plus or minus signs. You can also see your history with a button on the right of the slot. Platinum Jackpot amount is easily visible to the eyes under the main game.

The “i” button for the general information about the game, expand button and music volume button are in the game for a better experience. The sound effects of this game turn on your excitement and build up the suspense every time a big bonus might come. It makes the game more enjoyable to the players.


The woman substitutes all the symbols except for the treasure one and pays out the highest rewards of up to 10,000 credits if you manage to get 5 of them. The man pays 500 credits for 5 of them, and the patched eye pirate pays 2500 credits. The skull pays up to 1250 credits; whereas ship pays only 1000 dollars. The highest valued cards ace and king pays 750 even if you get 5 of them and the other three cards pay only 500 for the same.

If you get to have a treasure bonus, you will get 3 or 5free spins with locked wild symbols. While the compass symbol will trigger one respin during the free spins. This way you can earn maximum bonuses which most of the slots don’t offer. There is a great chance to double the credits you had at the start because of such high paying bonuses.

Where to play?

To play this game log on to bspin.io and open “Pirates.” You will be asked to play with real bitcoins or play the demo version without any cost.

Select on the demo version, and you will get a reward of 1000 coins. You can use these coins to bet and try out your luck or learn the reward system.

If you want to earn some real money, you have to register on the website. To do that, choose a unique username, and a secure password and enter the security check code as shown on the dialogue box. You will register yourself when you have agreed to the terms and conditions of the website.

You need credits to play a game just like chips in the casino. You can buy the credits through your bitcoin wallets very easily and quickly. Using bitcoins means that you can play the games anonymously without any fear of getting your identity leaked. Now, that you have added the credits go-ahead to the pirate slots and enjoy the game, similarly, if you want to withdraw your money, you can transfer it to your BTC wallets. The whole withdrawal process is so easy, and the transfer takes up very soon. The learning curve to this process is so minimal that anybody can learn it quickly.

Anybody can access this website on any platform like mobile phone, tablet, and laptop. You need a browser on the device and a working internet connection. If your internet connection is weak, it may not load the game correctly and show an error. So, grab any device you have, visit bspin.io and start surfing for the pirate slots.

How to play?

As you enter into the game, choose whether you want to turn on the sound or not. After which a 5*3 slot pops on the screen with different sea creatures and symbols. Press on the green-colored “start” to spin the slot for one time.

Alongside, this button, you will see a “gamble” button which will become active when you win any earnings so that you can wager it for double the amount.

To turn on autoplay, click on the auto button just below the gamble button. Another window will pop in where you can set the limit on auto stop and if you want quick autoplay. Press the “i” button, and you will learn the reward system, returns on each symbol, and the progressive jackpot. As you earn anything, you will have an option to take win or gamble. Choose your option and spin for the next time. Continue spinning till the time you want it.


Although slots are majorly dependent on luck, there are some tips you might follow:

  • Always use all the 15 pay lines. It is not at all advised to decrease the pay lines to decrease your bet per spin. Using more pay lines means there are more chances of winning the slot.
  • Go for small chunks of bet for more spins. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Aim for more spins and small wins in masses.
  • Don’t gamble every winning you earn. Make sure to gamble only low winnings so that you can strike a balance between risks and rewards.


There are not many slot games in the market which earns so many high bonuses that earning credits more than the original coins is entirely possible. The pirate slots are fortunately one of those games. It truly lives up to the promises when it comes to design, use, and features. It has all the crucial elements a slot game needs and ticks all the boxes.

There is no such flaw in the game which can resist us from recommending this game. The beautifully designed theme and matching sound effects couldn’t disappoint you in any way. So, we will recommend this game to anyone even thinking of going with the slots. Also, if you have the slightest luck in your favor, you can make the most out of this game.

Nevertheless, whether you win or lose, you will enjoy this game very much and love to play it again and again. This game is one of the games which glues you to your seat and forget how much time you have been playing this game.

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