Postman Slot

It has been years when we used to write letters to each other. But there is one slot game which brings the nostalgia of postman, post office, stamps, and the whole process. The game is made for the post enthusiasts. It is a fantastic game you can play but is it that good that you can put your money on? Let’s find out!

About Postman Slot

Postman slot is a unique gambling game you can play on the popular website, which is an online casino. This game might seem like a regular themed slot game, but it isn’t. It has a unique theme, higher returns, fresh graphics, and a lot of excitement in it. You can spin the wheel of luck and get paid if it turns out to be good. It has a 5*3 slot and a total of 10 pay lines.

And still, after having a lot of this, it is filled with surprises. You can never be more satisfied with a slot game once you start playing this. There are also some extra features like free spins, wild wins and much more to win the additional unusual credits.

Betting Options

You can adjust your bet according to what you need. You can easily change the pay lines as 1, 3, 5, 7, and 10. And you can also choose your betting credits from 1 to 1000 credits at a time. These pay lines will be multiplied with your bet amount to formal your total bet. For example, you bet two credit on seven pay-lines; your total bet will be 7*2=14 credits. You can make a minimum total bet of 1 credit, and a maximum bet of 10,000 credits latter one will give you the highest returns possible.


The heart of the game lies in its rewards. There is a lot to win when you have luck on your side. The standard returns start from 2 credit points to 9000 credit points for a single credit bet. If you manage to get five postmen which is a wild symbol, you can get 9000 credits for one credit bet which double your returns when you substitute this symbol for all the other symbols except post stamp scatter symbol.

If you manage to get, 3 or more scatter symbol consider yourself too lucky. Getting 3 scatter symbol not only pays a high return on this spin but gives 15 more free spins with a 3x multiplier for standard returns. In this way, if luck plays its part, you can earn so many credits that you can’t even imagine.

If you still think the returns are not suitable, you can always gamble your earnings at each win of the game. The gambling process is exciting if you are willing to take the returns. No matter how much you have earned in a single set, you can double it by guessing the right color of a drawn card. But if you are incorrect in your guess, you will lose all the credits you have earned. And if you win, you can gamble like this for a total of 5 times and double the winnings every time you bet.

There is also a mystery jackpot which gives a fixed award and increment. This jackpot is displayed continuously on the screen of your game. After the game is started a particular part of the money is sent towards the prize and this increment turns it into a progressive jackpot which may be awarded to the player.

This chance of winning the jackpot increases with the bet amount of the spin. After a uniform distribution between the starting value and maximum possible jackpot, a random point is chosen at which the prize will hit. Note that, RTP is not included in jackpot’s contribution.


Design of the game is not cluttered with colors or graphics but is straightforward and relaxing to eyes. You can find a letter as a blurred background image of the game which gives the feel of the post at first glance of the game. Next, you will move your eye towards the main colorful 5*3 slot. The slot is filled with symbols like a postman, woman, post officer, post office, post van, letter, boxes valued at 9, 10, jack, queen, king, and an ace. There is also a special scatter symbol as a post stamp.

The unique point of this design is its animation. As you win the symbols, start to animate, which is so pleasing to the eyes. For example, the post van starts moving, the letters fly in the cloud, the post office moves closer, and the best one where the postman lifts his cap and winks at you. And this is coupled with some fantastic sound effects. The sound of a bicycle bell and cash rolling in after every win makes the game even more enjoyable.

Where to play Postman?

To play this game, log on to and search for the game “Postman.” You can play either with real bitcoins or play the free version if you want to experience the game. You will get 1000 free credits in demo. You cannot turn those credits into real money since it’s a demo version but still enjoy the game same.

But if you want to convert it into real money log into your account or register yourself on the website if you don’t have an account. You can register yourself using a unique username, a secure password, the security check code shown on the page, and an agreement to the terms and conditions of the casino.

You can buy the credits to play the game using your bitcoins. You can use the bitcoins to play any game anonymously without any fear of giving your confidential information. That’s it now you can play any of the games in the casino including the famous postman slots. And if you want to book your earnings, you can transfer them to your BTC wallets. The process of registering is easy and quick at that it doesn’t feel like work anymore.

You can play this game on any computing device with an internet browser and a working internet connection. Postman can be played on mobile devices, tablets, and laptops. The game adjusts its size according to the size of your devices. If you are not at your home, on vacation or anywhere in the world, you can anytime jump to the website and play this game.


Although slots are majorly dependent on luck, we have some of the tips which might help you if you follow them. They are listed as follows:

  • Always use all the ten pay lines. As you decrease the pay lines, it reduces your bet per spin. But, if you use the highest pay line, it will increase your chances of winning in a single lottery.
  • Go for a low bet per spin and try to win small wins in masses. Find your sweet spot for the day. For example, for me, a 20-credit chance with max pay lines works fine.
  • Gamble only a few earnings. Doubling your earnings sound fun but not if the cost of losing the credits sounds too much. It is also essential to try your luck sometimes but not every time.

How to play?

To place your bet, press the green-colored “start” button, and the slot will start spinning. It will stop after one spin is completed. But if you do not want it to stop click on the auto button just below the gamble button and game will play itself. Another window will pop in where you can set the limit on auto stop and if you want quick autoplay.

If you have won some earnings, a “gamble” button will become active so that you can play a side bet to double your profits. Press the “i” button, and you will learn the reward system, returns on each symbol, and a progressive jackpot. And you can also use the expanding symbol to play the full game screen which exits when you press escape.


When you analyze the game, you will find this game feature-packed with all the great features you need in a slot game. It has a pleasing theme, sweet interface, and it is fascinating to play. The bonuses and jackpot stand out the game in front of most of the slot games. The returns of the game are so high, and the wild symbol occurs so frequently that the game is worth trying. The visual appeal and corresponding sound effects make this game a complete package for you.

The postman theme might not look attractive in the name of it but certainly does not disappoint to you at all with new and unique animations not found in many slot games. After seeing so many positive sides of this game, this game comes in our must-try slot game list. And we would love you to try it yourself and if you do like it thank us later!

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