Starlight Kiss Slot

If you ever want to get lost in a galaxy and keep on spending time with the stars, you should consider playing Starlight Kiss Slot. With a straight forward themed user experience, impressive returns and unique features Starlight Kiss Slot is an excellent slot game. Let’s go in deep about what does this game offer.

About Starlight Kiss Slot

Starlight Kiss Slot is a ten pay line slot game set in a galaxy far away. It is readily available on the popular gaming casino The ruby and stones in the game make it unique from all the other. It doesn’t have the regular kings’ jacks or ace as the symbol. This 5*3 slot game has all the features like autoplay, gamble and much more so that you don’t miss out on anything for choosing it.

Starlight Kiss Features

Any of the fun slots available is made interesting with the sound, animation, and graphics. The symbols are specially made to make you feel like you are into the game. And, Starlight is nowhere behind all of the other great slot games when it comes to design.

The special wild symbol which makes the entire reel wild and gives a respin on 2nd 3rd and 4th reel. The game turns on your excitement every time you spin the wheel as you don’t know what prize is there for you. The rewards make the sport famous between the gamblers and a better slot option than most of the slots available on the market.

There is also a mystery jackpot which gives a fixed award and increment. This jackpot is displayed continuously on the screen of your game. After the game starts the game sends a particular part of the money to the prize.

This increment turns it into a progressive jackpot which player might receive as an award. This chance of winning the jackpot increases with the bet amount of spin. After a uniform distribution between the starting value and maximum possible jackpot, they choose a random point at which the prize will hit. Note that they do not include RTP in jackpot’s contribution.

Game Rules

The game starts from left to right like all the other slot games. It pays on the adjacent reels on selected lines. The five-colored stone symbol substitutes all other symbols on the same reel. The lucky 5 of a kind wins are only paid once as per the rules. The wild symbol also gives a free respin of other reels.

You win at least 50 credits or at most 250 credits if you get a bar symbol more than three times. This is the paying symbol. And if you get the same blue symbols three times or more you will get 5-25 credits.

Getting a red symbol pays 7-40 credits, and the green symbol pays 8-50 credits. The golden ruby gives 10-60 credits. The lucky 7 symbol pays 25 credits at least and a maximum of 120 credits by getting 3 or more than 3 of a kind. This way game pays out well to all the players.

If you still think the returns are not suitable, you can always gamble your earnings at each win of the game. The gambling process is exciting if you are willing to take the returns. No matter how much you have earned in a single set, you can double it by guessing the right color of a drawn card. But if you are incorrect in your guess, you will lose all the credits you have earned. And if you win, you can gamble like this for a total of 5 times and double the winnings every time you bet.

Where to play?

To play this game log on to and search for the game “Starlight.” You will have the option to either play with real bitcoins or play the free version. You will get 1000 free credits in demo.

To play with actual money, log into your account, or register yourself on the website if you don’t have an account. Enter a unique username, a secure password, the security check code shown on the page, and an agreement to the terms and conditions and get yourself registered on the website.

You can buy the credits to play the game using your bitcoins to play any game without anonymously. You can transfer your money back to your BTC wallets anytime. You can play this game on mobile devices, tablets, and laptops with a browser and a working internet connection. If you are sitting out anywhere in the world with mobile in hand, you can anytime login to the website and gaze into the galaxy by playing Starlight.


Although slots are majorly dependent on luck, it is not the only thing you need to win a slot game. You also need an excellent strategy to make a sound judgment in using your luck. Some of the tips are:

  • Use all the ten pay lines to increase your chances of winning. When you use the highest pay lines, you increase the chances of winning in a single bet.
  • You don’t have to increase your bet per spin too much that it will make you lose more but don’t decrease so much that you get to pay less. So, adjust your total bet accordingly.
  • Gamble only a few earnings. Doubling your earnings sound fun but not if the cost of losing the credits sounds too much. It is also essential to try your luck sometimes but not every time.


Starlight steals the show with fresh-looking model complemented with such soft, enjoyable music. Its slot looks simple at first, but as you look closely, you would find a galaxy image in the background. The cool galaxy with stars all around makes this design a lot of beautiful. And in no time, you will fall in love with the animation of the galaxy and get lost in it. This illusion makes you glued to your seats.
And the complimentary music to the game makes the game experience so beautiful. The music in a slot game is so important for anything it will either let you play more or if it hurts it will stop you from playing more. We are in no doubt that this game doesn’t fall in the latter category.

The symbols of the slot are red, green, blue stones in the shape of a diamond square, hexagon and many more. There is also a lucky 7 number symbol for higher returns. There is no jacks queen or aces like other games, which makes it free from any clutter. There is also a scatter symbol bar and a wild symbol as five different colored diamonds glued together.


Starlight Kiss Slot is just like any other slot but unlike any slot game made. It has all the features a slot game has, so you don’t miss out on anything. And at the same time, the unique theme, design and various other advantages like the reward system makes it so much more interesting than any other slot game.

We can quickly tell you to try out the demo version of the game and have some fun. If you find it pleasing like we do go ahead and encash your luck, but remember, before playing this game, it is not only about success; it is a lot more than that.

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