Triple Crown Slot

The triple crown slot is an online slot game with the classic theme. It has 3- reels, 1- playline and with its help you can win a jackpot in 5000 credits. It is very well designed, easy, and simple gameplay that makes the game more attractive and pleasant. Its Arabian theme evokes the memories of one-armed bandits and Aladdin that makes the game more exciting.


The theme of the triple crown slot is set on Arabian nights and the legend of a genie in a lamp. The icons of the slot are more exciting, and it includes icons of the single, double and triple bar, king’s palaces, genie’s lamp, and triple crown. The graphics and animations are well designed that literally gives the feel of Arabian nights and genie.

The classic sound effects of the game are more fun and relevant to the game, but it may be annoying and can distract you from the game.

Triple Crown & Slot machines

Though Slot machines have bee here more than a century, the recent association of technology in it has changed the scenario. All kudos to Bspin, you can now play the game exclusively on their platform online. Be it your smartphone or your laptop, Triple Crown Slot is available everywhere with Bitcoins as the currency. So you won’t have to worry about privacy or identity theft online since the Internet is a fragile world nowadays.

Today, modern slot machines are based on solid-state electronics that can be used at any desired frequency of payouts. Thus, the house advantage varies widely between about 1 and 50 percent that’s totally depending upon circumstances like competition from other casinos and legal requirements in a given time period. Interestingly, Slot machines make the largest contribution to the total revenue averaging 30 to 50 percent.

Why play the Triple crown slot?

There are many reasons to play this game. One should play this game because of its high chances to win the jackpot.

You can win 1000 coin jackpot with just one single coin, and by doubling the amount of bet to two, the jackpot also gets double, but with the maximum three coins, you will get rewarded the top jackpot of 5000 which is five times more than the single coin jackpot.

It is easy to play. There is no need for any experience and learning of complex terms. You just need to buy credits, push a button, or pull a handle to start reels spinning and you wait to see what symbols land on pay lines. And there is no need to beat people to win.

Triple crown slot games are fun and entertaining. Certainly, its theme that based on Arabian nights and legend of the genie in a lamp will evoke your memory of childhood.

How To Play

The game is very easy to understand and play. It has no complex graphics and fancy designs as
it just a traditional game.

Basically, the game has two options. The first option will show you the reels, and the other option will show you the full machine. If you want to concentrate on the entire reels, then probably the first view is for you. And the second view will show you all the options of bet, combination and really gives you the feeling of being in the proper casino.

It’s exciting to look at the theme of Arabian Nights that features a genie lamp, Arabian palace, and others. Different symbols on reel awards you different coins. A lamp on your activate playline can get you the maximum amount of 12 coins that are considered lowest payout. But the combination of three genie lamps will get you maximum 30 coins payout.

Similarly, the single bars on your playline pay you maximum 12 coins same as the lamps. While, the two bars will get you 75 coins, and if you are too lucky, then three will get you 150. The Arabian palace symbol pays you 750 coins, and the Triple Crown logo a jackpot can pay up to 5000 coins. Here you can place a maximum bet of 3 coins. It’s not a high stakes game, but you can win a lot of coins. There’s only one pay line in the game, which helps in complete focus on the game.


The triple crown slot does not offer any bonus or free spins, but rather it offers a top jackpot of 5000 credits on a maximum bet spin of 3 coins per line.

Wild symbols

Triple crown does not have any wild or scatter symbols on its reels. The machine has different kinds of symbols on its reels. The most profitable combination during the play is three logos of the triple crown which get you to win the top jackpot of 5000 credits.

What makes it attractive?

The most important feature of the triple crown is the existence of two views, the Wide and the Full one. When you choose the Wide mode, you will see the view of the traditional land-based machine with all buttons and levers. However, when you are playing on your phone or laptop and want to concentrate on your spinning reels fully, you should better choose the Full view with big symbols.

How to win its top jackpot?

Once you know the amount of top jackpot that is 5000 credits with just three credits in a single bet, then you must be wanted to know how to win it. To win the top jackpot, you need three jackpot symbols that is a triple crown icon on your playline.

Hot tip

The higher the bet, the higher the payout. It means when you increase your bet, your chances to win are also increases.


The theme is pleasant, and the designs have its own uniqueness that stands it out amongst competitors. The graphics are of high quality and show their skills. The music is fun, and the classic sound effects make the game more attractive.

Availability to play on mobile and tablet makes it more convenient as you can play it anywhere, anytime. It’s good to see icons that are not traditionally based on playing cards like 7 is considered lucky in most slot machines. The chance to win the top jackpot of 5000 coins with maximum 3 bets, is a great aspect. All in all, it’s a perfect slot game.

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