If you’re a big fan of classic slot machines and all its features, then you’ll absolutely love the Triple Red hot 777 slot machines. Unlike most recent five reel bitcoin casinos with better interactive gameplay, the Triple Red hot 777 slot machine retains the vintage three-reel features, but with a twist.

The Red hot 777 free spins feature three rows in one reel and exciting bonuses.

How Do You Know When A Slot Machine Is Hot?

You know the Triple Red Hot 777 slot machine is “hot” when it might payout. Similar to the Betcoin review, it is a bit difficult to tell.

Although there isn’t a direct way to know when a bitcoin casino slot machine is hot, there are ways to get the best odds;

  • Make use of the best bonuses
  • Always check the return to player percentage before betting

Terminologies of Triple Red Hot 777

To fully enjoy this slot machine, it is important to understand the different terms of the free triple red hot 777 slot.

Auto Spin

The Auto Spin feature helps gamers play the game automatically for a specified number of games at the current line bet & the amount of pay line selected. Basically, all you need to do is press the “AUTO SPIN” tab and choose how many games to play at the current bet settings, after choosing your desired bet configuration.

The Auto spin feature can only be stopped when you press STOP.

3x Wild Multipliers 

Another one of the amazing features of the triple red hot 777 slot machine is the 3x wild multipliers. With this feature, gamers can get as much as 9 times the payout at the end of the game. Basically, the 3x wild multipliers bonus symbols triple the payout of any line win. Hence, you can win a lot of money (as much as $1000!)

Free Games 

The next great feature with which the triple red hot 777 slot machines incorporate the modern twist is its bonus games. Similar to bitcoin blackjack, free games allow players to increase their earnings easily. For instance, matching the rainbow-colored symbols can earn you 7 free games. Plus, you can keep winning free games as long as you continue to match the bonus symbols.

This is a common feature in many games. However, each has its own twist. For instance, play 888 dragons slots here and you can see a difference.


Akin to a lot of online slot games available, there are some rules you must adhere to. Below are the important rules governing  the triple red hot 7 free spins;

  • Any misuse or foul play voids all plays
  • The highest winner gets paid for a single play line
  • The highest scatter win is paid per each scatter symbol. Essentially, scatter wins are multiplied by your total bet for the final amount
  • Taking the slot winnings tax into consideration, your final wins are depicted on currency
  • Every transaction comes with an award cap, regardless of your bet size. A transaction basically consists of the results of a free spin bonus and the play, which resulted in the bonus. So, if you happen to reach the award cap during the free spin bonus, then the free spins automatically comes to an end. This, also applies if you still have some free spins left.


The very next aspect you need to consider to fully enjoy the Triple Red Hot 777 online slot machine is the instructions. Here’s how to play;

  1. Select a bet per line: The first thing you should note is that the game offers 5 pay lines. So, select the perfect number for bet per line, which is displayed in your preferred currency.
  2. Select the number of pay lines: Remember the highest number of pay lines offered is 5. So, you can choose between one and five.
  3. Submit Bet: submit your bet and you can proceed to spin the reel.

Betting Options

As much as you can earn a lot of free spins and so much money, placing a bet on the triple red hot 7 slot is a bit pricey. The minimum bet for a single line is $25, which makes 5 lines over $125.

The maximum bet you can make for one line is $200, thus making 5 lines, $1,000. So, if you’re feeling adventurous & lucky, you can try this out.


The triple red hot 7 game is like every other classic slot machine, so the principles are basically the same. For instance, if you take a look at “how to play tens or better,”  there isn’t a specific secret that can guarantee a win always. However, here are a few strategies you could try;

Determine the amount of money you’re ready to part with. This will prevent you from spending more money as you play

Find the best bonuses and promos that suits you. However, try not to increase your play just because of a bonus

Don’t bet on a higher wager, because it means a higher payout. What’s the guarantee that you’ll win? Bet on what you’re comfortable with always and focus on getting 3 bonus characters.


With the triple red hot 7 slot, the return to player percentage is 96.13%. Also, the maximum amount of money you can get is $250,000.


In conclusion, the triple red hot 7 online casino game is fun, exciting and a mixture of both the classic features & modern gameplay. Although it does require up to $25 to place a bet, getting your money back can be easy.

All you need to do is focus on betting with as much cash as you’re comfortable with and getting the multiplier bonuses. That way, you can get your money back and some more easily.

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