A Guide to Slot Machine Algorithm

Playing in the casino, especially slots casino machine, and cashing out is often perceived as a matter of sheer luck or pattern prediction by some game players.

This is perceived so because a lot of slot casino machines players only form their hypothesis as a result of what happens at the front-end of the online slot games. This is that when they select any of the gaming slots machines of their choice either on their devices or in the casinos like Betcoin.ag; all they need to do is select their betting plan, place their bet, start the game, and wait for the results that come.

The outcome of the reels can fall in their favor. When it does, the player attributes it to luck that was on their sides at that point in the game.

Peradventure the characters on the reels of the particular game of slots don’t end up matching, and the outcome of the game doesn’t fall in the player’s favor, they say they are “out of luck.”

Carrier-sense multiple access in a slot machine algorithm

Is it Luck or Not?

Sheer luck is not what determines your odds in the games that you play on slot machines either on your device or in the casino. What determines if your spinning of the reels will end up in your favor or not are the numberssystems, and formulas that have been programmed to make the spinning reels work.

These systems, numbers, and formulas are what make up the slot machine algorithm.

What is the Slot Machine Algorithm?

For different sectors and people, the word “Algorithm” mean different things.

For example, in the Google Algorithm for SEO, Google algorithm updates (which consists majorly of Fred, Panda, Rankpage, Hummingbird, Penguin, and Pigeon), are mathematical calculations that are designed and used basically by Google Search Engine to optimize what users search for and also rank websites.

In the slot machines, algorithms are also formulas, numbers, and systems designed by the manufacturers of slot machines to make sure that there is a different and controlled winning ratio for players.

Having this at the back of your mind, let’s deviate a little and go down memory lane to what was obtainable in the gaming industry, i.e., in the casino before the invention of the mathematical algorithm system.

The Casino Before the Advent of the Algorithm

Before the advent of Algorithms, the slot machines operated in an electromechanical method. This electromechanical method featured a unique system comprised of sensors and a braking system that helps to start the reel-spinning, stop the spinning, and is also responsible for the outcome of the spins.

After the advent of the electromechanical slot machines, there came an upgraded version, which was the built-in electric engine. 

These newly upgraded slot engines allow players to play on the slot machines in the casinos or on their devices without having to pull the slot machines’ handles to commence play.

With these two types of slot machines, players of slot machines games have an idea of winning goes on the slot machines.

For example, the electromechanical slot machines featured 22 stops on each reel, and by then, a player can have an idea of how to spin the reels in a way that would earn winnings for him or her.

slot machine jackpot

The Coming of Algorithm and How it Works in the Slot Gaming Industry

As the world evolved, of course, the slot machine gaming industry didn’t experience a standstill. Like every other industry and sector, the slot gaming industry also evolved. One of the features that came with the digitization of the slot gaming industry includes the advent of algorithms for slot machines games both in the casinos and on devices.

The evolution of the slot gaming industry and the addition of the algorithm system into slot machines games that are available at the casino or on the devices brought about the addition of complex in-game coding structures that help measure and create a multidimensional winning ratio for slot casino games players.

Unlike in those days when there was a fixed number of stops and limited spinning outcomes on the reels, now the slot machine algorithm, i.e., the random number generator, has paved with an unlimited number of stops and an equally unlimited number of spinning outcomes.

What is the Random Numbers Generator?

The random numbers generator is the software programming used in slot machines to generate spin numbers randomly at every point in time.

The RNG spawns different sets of different numbers every second, minute, and hour of the day nonstop. This number generation method is not one that gives room for repetition or duplications of numbers, as each stop is independent of any other result.

Therefore, this banishes players’ idea of second-guessing or predicting the numbers or results that can come up after a reel-spinning stop.

With this random number generator, slot games players cannot determine or predict when a slot machine is about to hit the jackpot both on their devices or when they play at the on-site casinos

Of a fact, a slot machine might not hit the jackpot for so long a time. In the same vein, a slot machine can hit the jackpot consecutively for hours or days!

These happenings (loss or wins) have nothing to do with how the player plays with on his device or at the casino, how fast the player spins, how fast the player ends a spin, etc.

It all boils down to the Random Numbers Generator system!

With the invention of the Random Numbers Generator RNG system, modern slot machines have become digitalized and computerized on devices and in casinos all around.

This (the Random Numbers Generator system) means that unlike the electromechanical and electric methods that yield a winning or losing choice from a limited reel-spinning stop, this Random number generator RNG method works independently of any stored spinning memory on the modern slot machine.

The lack of memory of the random number generator simply means that the unlimited numbers generated by the seconds are independent of the slot machine; i.e., the reels of the slot machines don’t feed or influence the result(s) of the number generator.

Meaning that whatever the outcome of spinning is for a player during game time (either he experiences a consecutive straight loss or he experiences a consecutive straight win), it is attributed to the numbers generated by algorithms and as programmed by the programmer.

A programmer has the monopoly of deciding which symbols he or she wants on the reels, how often he or she wants the symbols to appear in stops, and the number of stops that should happen during the game time.

With the random numbers generator, a player can’t keep tabs of what character sequences had come up the reels, so that they can determine the next sets of character sequences that would pop up the reels in the nest spin time.

Slot Machines Algorithm

While the random number generator’s universal purpose is to generate combination numbers for the slot machines, this doesn’t mean there is one particular or specific algorithm for all casino slot games.

There is no one specific algorithm for all the casino slot machines games in the world. This is because the different gaming manufacturers have designed their slot machines with unique algorithm math systems that are peculiar to those games.

We all know that there are different slot machine games and casinos in the gaming industry. These different slot machine games feature different gameplays, betting lines, paylines, and symbols.

Take, for example, Fruits and Stars powered by Bspin. This slots machine casino game features symbols and characters such as watermelons, oranges, plums, grapes, lemons, the stars, and cherries.

For algorithm purposes, these three rows and five reels slot game would only work with the symbols featured in this slot game, and it would generate numbers based on these symbols.

Looking at the most popular slot games this 2020 like the Pirate Booty slot game powered by Bspin, you would see that these three rows and five reels slot games feature a different set of symbols.

The symbols featured here include the BAR symbol, the 7 symbol, the bell symbol, and the diamond symbol.

For algorithm purposes, the random number generator would work with these symbols and not with the symbols attributed to the first slot game mentioned above (Fruits and Stars).

All of these means that algorithm random number generators hit differently with the different games, while still carrying out the universe purpose of churning out random numbers or combinations.

Besides, for each slot machine game, there is a Par sheet that helps to supply information about the odds that can be achieved on each tile on a reel.

Each time the algorithm generates a certain number of combinations, each reel is designed to attain a definite number of spins.

Hence, the lower the number of combinations displayed by the reel, the lower the chances of winning for a punter.

Can the Slot Games Algorithms be Tweaked or Predicted?

Nowadays, slot game algorithms cannot be tweaked or predicted. Since slots were launched in the gaming industry, many punters have tried to find a way to predict or tweak the slot to their favor.

They succeeded a few times with the electromechanical and electric slot machines. This was due to the limited combinations and the fixed number of stops that characterized the machines in those early times.

Fast forward to these days of algorithms, a lot of things have changed with the slots. Not only can a player not predict the outcome of a spin, but there is also a wide range of numbers and combinations that the machine can display.

Against this backdrop, even the most experienced punters in the gaming world can’t tweak or tamper with the numbers to their favor; all thanks to the machines’ algorithm

Asides from the random number generator RNG, there are other features of the slot machine algorithm, which includes setting up of winning combinations, display designs of the machine, and pay line settings.

Most importantly, the slot machine algorithm also features the payback percentage calculator. This setting explains how much a punter can likely win during a round of spin.

With this payback percentage calculator, a punter is likely to make a 0.3% winning rate out of a 100% spinning.

This payback percentage calculation doesn’t have anything to do with the punters or how he plays on the machine, but it has more to do with the ratio of winning on that particular machine.

Regardless of this, there are some games where punters can earn a considerable winning peradventure your spin makes a stop on any of the winning combinations.

Examples of such casino slots games are the Pirate Booty, Burning Ice, Tropical Hot, Pirate Gold, and Crystals of Magic, to mention but a few. You can play slot games here and also learn how to play Pirate Gold.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often do Slot Machines Hit the Jackpot?

Slot machines don’t hit jackpots as often as a player would desire, and this is as a result of the RNG, which produces uncountable combinations, and this reduces the chances of a player getting a winning combination.

Is There a Way to Tell if a Slot Machine is Going to Hit?

No. There is no way to tell if a slot machine is going to hit the jackpot.

What Are the Highest Paying Slot Machines?

The highest paying slot machines are Thunderkick (98.5% RTP), Bloodsuckers (98% RTP), Mega-Joker (99% RTP), and 9k Yeti (97% RTP).

What is RNG in Slot Machines?

RNG is an algorithm software system that enables slots to generate combination numbers randomly on slot machine games.


RNG is a welcome development in the gaming industry, most notably in slots games. This random number generator algorithm helps to increase the odds of the game punters and promote a balanced and fair play between the machine operators and the players.

To achieve this balanced and fair play and to prevent any form of discrepancy by game operators, all algorithm models are tested and verified by independent labs via the chi-squared method by installation on the games.

In conclusion, luck and predictions are not what guarantee your winnings or losses on any casino slots even when you take the time to learn how slot machines work.

Whatever your fate is at the end of spinning a reel, don’t blame it on your fingers, your device’s network, the game operators, just blame it on the ALGORITHMS OF SLOTS CASINO MACHINES!!

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