Sports Betting Guide

Sports betting is an exciting niche that can help you earn from the comfort of your home while watching a sport that you love. Think of it as your dream job – you get paid for doing something you love. The type of games on which this betting takes place is highly varied but is not limited to athletic activities only. It includes betting on the outcome of reality shows and contestant based competitions like American idol.

What is Sports Betting?

With a rapidly growing betting industry, sports betting is one of the preferred choices, as it is more likely to give significant returns. You will a lot of sports betting guide websites and blogs to assist you in learning this betting system. If a sports bettor needs to know what the most profitable sport to bet on is, he must understand that there is nothing specific in sports betting to ensure winning results. There are no particular sports betting guides that can ensure success for your sports betting endeavors. If you plan to take betting on sports as your profession, you must devise a practical betting strategy with the help of online sports betting sites which can guide to sports betting rules and regulations. Even if you take up sports betting for entertainment purposes, you must be aware of gambling regulations to help you win with a higher success rate.

betting on sports

Types of sports betting

There are six main types of sports betting. They include straight, total line, money line, parlay, teaser, and head to head bets. Let’s take a look at several different types of sports betting and see how each of them works.

  1. Straight bets: The set betting line, also known as the point spread, gives you two choices, either you can bet on the favorite and give up points, or you can choose an underdog and get the points. The favorite needs to win by more points than the set point spread. Only then you get the cash-in. The underdog has to lose with lesser points than the set point spread or lose all out to win the bet. In such situations, ties are called “push,” in which no one loses or wins any money.
  2. Total line bets: In this type of betting, a number is set for the total score of both the teams. You either bet on the actual count by staying under that score or by going over the total number.
  3. Money line bets: You choose a team to win straight up with using a point spread system. This type of bet is mostly used for baseball and hockey.
  4. Parlay bets: A parlay is set off at least two bets or as many as the bookkeeper allows. In this bet, you can place multiple wagers, and successful bettors get a chance to win bigger payouts, but only when all the bits included in the parlay wins.
  5. Teaser bets: It is a type of parlay that gives the bettor a winning chance at lower but much positive rate.
  6. Head-to-head bets: Betting on results between two competitors is called a head-to-head chance. Whoever completes the game with a higher score is the winner.

What is the point spread, and how do spreads work?

The point spread is used to even the wager between both sides. Favorite gives points, and the underdog receives those points. To win against the point spread, the favorite must earn the points he has given to the underdog. The underdog can gain by using the points given to him to overcome his opponent. The point spread evens the target score, the points received on the match uphold a higher chance to even the return of your points.

what is spread betting

What is a pick or pick ’em?

Pick or pick ’em means that the point spread is even. You will not use point spread to play this type of sports bets. Instead, you have to make your team win to win your wager. A wager played with an even amount of money is called a pick ’em. This type of wagger doesn’t offer a significant return on the winning amount. In some fantasy sports betting games, a player must choose the winning team to gain points in the fantasy league.

What is an underdog?

Underdog is the complete opposite of the favorite and has the least chance of winning as per the sports bettor’s expectations. They are represented by a plus sign next to the odds. In the point spread betting, they will receive the points to make a wager even. By wagering on the money line, the underdog will get more turnout from the winning amount.

What is a favorite?

A favorite is a team or player that is most popular and is most expected to win. The plus and minus numbers given to the favorites represent their chances of winning. In sports betting, the higher the negative numbers, the more it is their chance to win a game. When betting is based on the point spread system, the favorites hand over points to the underdogs to make the wager more even.

How do plus and minus odds work?

Plus and minus odds are two types of money line odds. Plus sign is used for positive, and minus sign is used for negative ones. Positive show how much cash can be made on winning a 100$ bet and negative ones indicate how much money You need to bet to make a 100$ profit. To calculate potential returns on the plus, just add your stake to the result. For calculating the potential returns on the negatives, again add your stake to the effect of potential profits.

What is the easiest sport to bet on?

The most accessible sports to bet on are those that involve individual players or pairs of players to play, for example, boxing, MMA, tennis, etc. They are technically much more comfortable to win bets. With individual players games, there is only two to three possible outcome of the game. It makes betting more comfortable and predictable considering all the factors that influence the game, although team player games are also easy to bet on like soccer. For that, you must be fully aware of the techniques involved in the betting.

Boxing Betting

Why would you bet on negative odds?

You would bet on negatives odds as there is a higher chance for that team to win, but the payout is smaller than the amount you have a bet. When the odds are favorable, it shows that there are fewer chances for that team to win, but the payout will be higher than the amount wagered for that bet. You would like to bet on negative probability as it holds more chances to win a lottery and ensures a bigger turnout on the profit. The lesser is the likelihood to lose, and higher is the opportunity to win.

What do the odds of +200 mean?

A money line of +200 means that you are likely to make 200$ win with a 100$ bet. It equals the fractional odds of 2/1 and decimal odds of 3. Money line odds are expressed by numbers more than 100 and both negative and positive, but both mean different things.

How do you bet on sports?

To bet on sports, you can go on various online gambling websites or go physically to a place that accepts bets. You need to have a good understanding of the game rules, have a big enough bankroll to support you through the downfalls, and be good with math and statistics to play to win. If you wish to bet on sports for entertainment purposes, then you can play it even if you are not fully aware of the rules and obligations. However, if you bet on sports to earn a living and make a profession out of it, then you must learn the sports betting and gambling regulations. You can find several betting sites which help you understand the process of betting in sports.

How do you read betting odds?

how to convert betting odds

You read betting odds by determining the amount of money on winning a bet. There are two types of odds, on or against – in odds on you have more chance to win, but the winning amount is lesser than the money you have put a wager. Odds against means the money you will get after winning your bet will be more than the amount you have wagered. Then there are three formats of sports betting odds, i.e., decimal, money line, and fractional. Decimal odds show the exact winning amount to calculate your potential return multiply odds with stakes, and you will get your profit margin. If you want to calculate the possible margin, just subtract one from the odds. The decimal odds are relatively simple to use. Therefore they are becoming the standard for online sports betting.

Money line odds are indicated by minus and plus symbols. +100 is used as an equivalent of even money. In a wager against the odds, positive numbers are used, and in a bet, on the odds, negative numbers are used. The money line is most commonly used in the USA. In the UK, fractional odds are used to calculate the winning margin. Each fraction indicates how much money you can make on your bet. Add your stake in the equation to work out your potential return.

Online Sports Betting & Recommended Sites

Today the world of sports betting is a hub for virtual sports betting game with the bitcoin casinos offering bitcoin virtual betting and gaming options. These online betting guide sites provide reviews for the latest and rapidly improving gambling options for you to choose from. You can get information about top online betting apps available and with enough bankroll, on your hand. You can select the game of your choice. Look for football gambling tips on the OLBG tip sites if you want that as your preferred game to gamble on. Here is a comprehensive betting guide to sports betting for reviews on some websites for useful OLBG tips:

Nitrogen Sports review: This is the fist of its kind website to offer anonymity to its users. It provides all sorts of team-based games and e-sports. The user reviews show that the pros of using this website for gambling are much higher than the cons. Please visit to read more about the pros and cons of this web page. review: This website offers the most trending games for playing with cryptocurrency. It is a more of gambling and game betting page. It is one of the sites which provides secure online gambling options than most online gambling pages. They have all rights reserved for their unique features.

Nairabet review: This is a Nigerian website which offers a chance to the Nigerian nationals to gain extra income through gambling. According to user reviews, it is considered an impressive web page that offers competitive games and turnout rates. Please visit their website for further details.

Sportsbet review: This is a global platform for sports betting. This website localizes its website for each country. It is played in considering their rules and cultures. It helps you make more winnings than any other site. Their web page provides blogs that prove as a comprehensive guide to sports betting techniques and trends.

Betonline review: This web page is rated as one of the best in the USA for gambling and online casino games. This page uses bitcoin currency and cryptocurrency along with other payment options. Please visit to know more about what this website offers its users.

Sports Betting Strategy

With enough bankroll to play numerous games, this list can guide sports bettors to make a strategy to win more games. Here are the crucial things to keep in mind while planning your betting strategy:

  • Understand the betting system you choose to play in. It will guide you to adhere to the house rules and increase your chances of winning.
  • Bet the smallest amount of your bankroll to begin your betting games. It reduces the risk of losing more amount in the early stages of playing.
  • Keep your skills up-to-date on whatever sports you wish to bet on.
  • Keep learning about your preferred games and your favorite team. It will help increase your chances of making winning bets.
  • Be aware of trying to follow what others are doing and avoid pitfalls by taking too significant risks than you can manage.


Sports betting is an extraordinary form of gambling, which is quite easy and profitable, yet you need to know the niche and understand the rights reserved on house rules. You need to remain realistic in your expectation of the turnout and keep in mind the risks. You have to understand all the technical terms and techniques used in sports betting to increase your chance of winning the bets. Most importantly, don’t forget to have a good time while betting!

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