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Sports gambling podcasts have become incredibly popular over the years as sports gambling is now a global activity where individuals predict the outcomes of sporting activities and place a wager on such predictions for expected output. Individuals can now place sports bets online via various casinos using cash deposits or cryptocurrencies. The frequency of sports gambling varies from place to place depending on the type of game and the culture dominant in specific regions.

However, on average, football has been the most widely gambled sport but extends to other non-athletic sporting events like NBA, NFL, Madden Mayhem horse racing, fantasy league, and cockfighting among others. The internet space is filled with a lot of sportsbooks, football gambling tips, and gambling podcasts that can help you succeed in sports betting.

In this article, we shall be looking at a list of top sports gambling podcasts and what you can make of it for your gambling benefits.

Payne Insider and Todd Fuhrman’s ‘Bet the Board’

Bet The Board Podcast logo

If you need valuable insights with regards to match-ups, injuries, gameplay and player analysis, coaching, player line-up, and projections. This podcast is run by Payne and Fuhrman. While Payne is a professional bettor with many years of sports betting experience, Fuhrman is in charge of media and anything that has to do with interviewing. These two guys are intelligent people that you want to listen to. ‘Bet the Board’ runs for about an hour on Monday and Thursday in anticipation of the weekend action. Before listening to this sport betting podcast, you must know that these individuals will not drive you to take sides. The podcasts just provide the required analysis and understanding of the sports betting market and game. You are free to place your wages based on your understanding of the analysis.

Listen to ‘Bet the Board’  here.

‘Beating the Book’ by Gill Alexander

Beating The Book with Gill Alexander Podcast logo

‘Beating the Book’ is a popular sports gambling podcast and one of the best picks that is hosted by Gill Alexander. Alexander Gill is a host on the Vegas Stats and Information Network and a renowned figure when it comes to using sabermetrics in MLB handicapping. Gill’s major drive for starting this outlet is to help sports bettors get better at gambling. This outlet covers a wide range of related topics ranging from NBA, golf, college football, Madden Mayhem, NFL, to Major League Baseball. This podcast is listed on the top 100 category chart on iTunes but is also made available for non-iTuners. Through ‘Beating The Book’, Alexander provides you with an in-depth analysis of sporting competitions which enhances your gambling knowledge. He also provides listeners with the best sports betting strategies for each competition without forcing you to a particular side.

Listen to ‘Beating the Book’  here.

‘Behind the Bets’ by ESPN Chalk

Behind the Bets with Doug Kezirian podcast

‘Behind the Bets’ sports gambling podcasts is hosted by Ben Fawkes, Doug Kezirian, Stanford Steve and Chris Fallica. These individuals work together as a crew and over the years have been able to explore several sport gambling cultures. Considering that they are a team, they provide listeners with a wider and more holistic view of sports gambling, the best picks, and amazing strategies to always be on the winning side. With regards to individual experiences, these guys have been rated as being one of the best when it comes to analyzing sporting events like NFL. If you long for a rich conversation on sports betting, then you just have to get on ‘Behind the Bets’.

Listen to ‘Behind the Bets’  here.

‘Bang the Book’ by Adam Burke

Bang the Book Radio Podcast logo

Adam Burke’s ‘Bang the Book’ is another great outlet that has a very interactive tone offering the best football college and NFL picks. This sports gambling podcast is aired every week on Wednesday and though hosted by Adam, it features intelligent guests from time to time. Adam always makes sure he gets the best of the best on ‘Bang The Book’ at all times ranging from handicappers to writers and analysts. Every week, they make sure to discuss the sporting world, analyze how opinions are formed and proffer amazing tips to listeners. When listening to ‘Bang The Book’, you don’t just become aware of the game, you feel like you are a part of it. Adam Burke always makes sure his outlet doesn’t coerce anyone to take sides, instead, it provides the best analysis of all sides for its listeners to follow and have the best picks.

Listen to ‘Bang the Book’ here.

‘Bet the Process’ with Rufus Peabody and Jeff Ma

Bet The Process Podcast logo

‘Bet the Process’ is a sports gambling podcast that is run by two amazing sports enthusiasts – Rufus Peabody and Jeff Ma every week. Rufus, on the one hand, is a professional bettor while Jeff is known with the famous MIT blackjack team. The most distinguishing feature of ‘Bet the Process’ is that it makes it one you should follow, is how much attention is paid to the details of the game. These two individuals believe that to succeed in this gambling realm, attention should be paid to details. In this outlet, all angles of sports like NFL, golf, football, last dance, Madden Mayhem and others are covered as well as this industry. These two guys always try to ensure that you as a bettor, is informed about the pros and cons of betting including regulations governing it every week.

Listen to ‘Bet the Process’ here.

GT’s ‘Cash Considerations’

GT's Cash Considerations Podcast logo

As a sports bettor, you are missing a lot if you do not follow Dave Sharapan’s ‘GT’s Cash Considerations’ podcast. This sports betting podcast is considered to be one of the most comprehensive sports gambling TBBC. Big Dave, with several experiences from New Jersey, is a known oddsmaker who offers an intelligible analysis of the game – NBA, football, last dance and madden mayhem. On this podcast, he is joined by his very good friends Motoi Pearson and Alan Berg. When listening to this, you will hear legendary stories of game players and the game itself. You will also have insights about the previous week and projections for the coming week. This podcast spans for about two hours thereby allowing for enough time to follow through on different analyses.

Listen to this podcast here.


Now you have 6 of the best sports gambling podcast TBBC that covers college football NBA, NFL, and other sporting events and no excuse to not have your betting streak improve. As a bettor, you cannot thrive on your knowledge of the game alone. You need to ride on the wings and follow the knowledge of individuals who not only understand the game but can provide an adequate analysis of it. This analysis helps you pay attention to the details and minimizes the risk of you suffering losses from either physical betting or virtual sports betting. Don’t just enjoy football, find the best football betting podcast and earn from the game. For more on sports gambling podcast, visit our website here.

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