As you spin the reels when playing online slots, does it ever come to mind whether or not the game is being fair to you? Do you ever wonder if you are just wasting away your money by spinning the reels not knowing the game is just leaching out all your funds disguising it as bad luck?

With a bunch of online slots available in online casinos, it’s hard to trust if the slots you are playing are being fair or not. Ease your worries as we are about to take a look at how slot games are tested and reviewed for fairness even before they are launched by game providers to online casinos.

TST Slot Game Verification

Some game providers collaborate with a company called TST to supervise and conduct the testing of their new games before they are officially launched online. TST offers a testing facility for game providers to ensure consistency on the quality of the games and maintain the way it works based on its original design. This service is availed by some of both major and less popular online casino game providers that choose to have their game certified and issued fair by a legal third party.

The TST logo that can be found in the online casino website indicates that the games have all passed random testing and are verified fair. This will assure players that the games they play operate fairly and exactly work as their original game design.

Offline Testing

Online slot game designers like NetEnt, Playtech, Microgaming, and other trusted game providers have maintained their good reputation by providing online casinos with highly commendable games. Before getting launched online, the games produced undergo vigorous testing to ensure the games are on par with the provider’s standards and that includes the fairness of the game. The games they provide must be, of course, designed to provide players a fun and fair online slots that they would want to keep on playing.

New slot games go through a vigorous beta testing period to test its quality. The games are tested through millions of simulated slot spins that are played through. The results of the test plays are analyzed to ensure that the game reaches its expected long term payout percentage. The games are doubled-check to validate the result of the testing. Once it passes all the offline testing procedures, the slot game is officially released to casinos online.

Random Slot Game Testing

In order for online casinos to operate legally, they will need to have a legal license from their own jurisdiction. The licensing process for all online casinos involves their games be tested for fairness. They are also continually checked for consistency if the games they offer are working exactly as how they are designed to do.

Third-party companies offer casinos auditing services. After the audit, online casinos are issued with certificates to prove that the games they offer passed the random game testing. To know if the online casino offers games that are verified and audited for quality assurance and fairness.

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