Top 8 Best Gifts for Gamblers

If you have any friends and family who love to gamble, then you know how obsessed they must be with it! Well, one of those friends have their birthday coming up, and you know they will love something related to gambling. It is hard, isn’t it, buying gifts for gamblers.

Before you go right in, in buying gifts for your audacious gambling friends, do you exactly know what do they like, because there are many gambling games out there.

How many gambling games are there?

There are hundreds of gambling games but divided into three general categories including casino games, electronic gaming machines, and random number ticket games. Maybe your friend loves roulette or is a blackjack person. Now, this necessary because a roulette person will go for a roulette clock while your blackjack friend will prefer a customized playing deck. If you want to know all about occasion games, check out Bspin review. Once you are sure about the gambling game your friend is interested in, you may proceed with buying gambling themed gifts.

But before you do, try to categorize your choice, for example, a category for online gamblers, slots players, roulette players, craps players, card players, and general gamblers.

Whatever gift your buying, first, you need to place your friend in any of those categories, and you can do it for more than one group. For instance, if your friend is a poker player with occasional love for roulette. You can get a roulette customized playing deck.

Here are some of the suggestions[1] right out of the gambling gift basket.

1) Gamblers Keychain

Remember, a gambler has an identity, and its essential to keep up with it. Here is the thing, even something as small as a keychain means a lot to a player. For instance, the theme, whether it is craps or a slot machine or roulette, for that matter.

2) Custom Playing Cards

Assorted playing cards

What makes a gift unique is an intention, not the dollar value associated with it, get you to friend a custom playing deck, you can imprint your friend’s picture or be creative about it. Add motivational quotes or tips to win in online casinos on the card.

3) Personalized Mug

While searching for gift ideas, remember everything does not have to be about las vegas or money clips. Gambling is just like any other habit. Choose a gambling gift, but it can be something as simple as a coffee mug with an ace of spades. Who does not like coffee mugs, right beside their gaming laptop?

4) A Real Slot Machine

slot machines

For a slot player, there is nothing more important than the slot machines. In that case, a customized real slot machine will have an everlasting impact. Firstly your friend does not have to go to a casino now and then and can enjoy back at home. That lowers his dependence on going to a casino

5) Casino themed lighter

Imagine your friend at a casino table, and when that fuel lighter flicks, the sound of it, its a call to attention notice for every other gambler. You’re wondering if your friend is a nonsmoker, so what? Imagine your friend is at the table with a casino themed lighter, and someone else needs one to light a cigarette. That lighter would do wonders. And who says lighters are exclusively for smoking, fire up a kitchen stove or barbecue grill in a garden, who cares until it is useful.

6)Lined notepad

When you are pursuing any card game. Get your friend a lined pad to work on strategy, enter details after every card game, and make pointers to ace those long card games.

7) Dice Bracelet

There is this certain aura attached to a gambler in general and a card player in particular. That includes a bracelet and not just any bracelet. A casino themed dice bracelet. You know what the best part is, it is more of a unisex bracelet and suits both men and women, makes them look more gallant.

8) A trip to the casino

Trip to the Casino

Out of all the gamblers gifts, what can be more adventurous than an all-expense-paid trip to  Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Macau or Monte Carlo for that matter. It does not matter until and unless the one gift recipient lands in a casino. You can also sign up for your friend for an online bitcoin casino if that applies. Just enter a search query at bitcoin casinos review, and there you go, chose one. Remember, if the casino is in vegas or an online casino, make sure that it says all rights reserved, and you cant use casino property for any personal endeavor.

What do you get a poker player as their birthday gift?

You should get a customizable poker set for a poker player for their birthday. You know, why? Because Poker players are unique. One can tell that from their facial expressions on the table. From poker chips to every aspect of the game, everything holds a significant value to them. And if your friend is one of that weekly poker night folk, next thing, you can turn the home turns into a mini-casino from that poker set of yours, sounds about right.

How much does a poker set cost?

Poker Set

A decent poker set from Amazon costs from 50$ to $100, there may be more expensive sets but you need to look for the right theme. You must be wondering that’s not possible, poker sets are damn expensive and way out of your league poker set has several features such as poker chips, now lightweight chips are cheaper but heavier chips are more durable. It depends on what you are looking for, you need to chose a set appropriate for your friend. Again while buying gifts for casino players, look at the overall value instead of the dollar value.

What do you get a gambler for Christmas?

You should get a lucky charm for your gambler friend for Christmas. There is something a gambler always needs, and that is luck or perhaps good luck. If you want to a particular gambler’s gift for Christmas, buy a good luck charm such as a laughing buddha or a blue-eyed amulet. Maybe you are not that superstitious, or you think these charms don’t work, but believe me, your gambling friend needs one. Get a charm bracelet, and while you are at it, customize it to different games. You can add chips or blackjack cards, whatever suits your gambler friend.

Forget birthdays, this time, it is the holiday season, and your gambler friends are spending most of their time in a real casino or playing on an online bitcoin casino. It can be as simple as playing a minesweeper game because you know what, a courageous gambler never stops.

While you’re looking for gambling gifts, and if your friend is a regular casino goer, you can opt for a casino gift card for Christmas. It is ideal for holidays, with a gift card you can cover up or at least partake in giving your friend an excellent time in a casino city. Gift cards are beneficial for you as well. If you are unable to choose between those dices and customized sets, go for a gift card, and your friend can opt whatever deems fit.

Do casinos have gift cards?

Yes, casinos have gift cards, a personalized gift card, or you can email one to your friend, it is just like an Apple gift card with a gambling connotation. Remember, these casino gift cards are not restricted to the casino itself. They go beyond it. Gift cards apply to restaurants, accommodation, souvenir shops, etc.

You don’t have to buy an expensive gift card, start with small denominations, get your friend a 50$ or a100$ gift card. After all, its the intention that matters, not your gift card denomination. What if your gift card turns out to be 500$ or perhaps 5000$, you never know in a casino

The perfect gift for gamblers

When you are looking to buy a gift, firstly, there is no such thing as a perfect gift for gamblers. And really, why does it matter, something as simple as a good luck charm can land your friend thousands of dollars in winnings. It depends on your friends and their love for gambling.

Make sure you gift them something special if you can look out for their interest in a particular gambling game, which means you know what you are doing. It is often hard to determine a person’s gambling interest, what looks a roulette person to you might be into slots. When you are buying your gift, just to be on the safe side, look out for the general categories like mugs or bracelets.

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