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Think you have what it takes? Gambling can create an environment in which people can get in touch with their essential cognitive skills, mathematical knowledge, and use that to their advantage to win bets. Individuals can dive into the world of gambling through mobile betting apps. Ditch the rushy sports bars and let online sports betting apps take over you! Each person has a different reason for betting on sports, some like the thrill of knowing they can predict the outcome of a game, others simply like the fun of risk, and some view it as something they can invest in and make a profit. For whatever reason people may choose to gamble, there is a wide variety of choices people can decide on today.

Bookkeepers have been evolving with time and technology’s progress, which means they are continuously improving their services in terms of replacing physical currency with bitcoin. Not only that, but instead of physical bookkeeping, they rely on a mobile app to carry out all the processes, making it more efficient, faster, and more fun! With the improvement and advancement of technology, bookmakers have made themselves into the Internet, giving people a more accessible means to gamble on sports. Hurray! Now you have got sports betting apps in your corner. It is an innovative means to play live games, attain endless offers, get free bonuses, and so much more through a mobile betting app. Today, the best and most reputable bookmakers are available on a mobile app, you must have questions regarding the use and functioning of these free mobile apps, but lucky for you, we are here to help!

Which is The Best Online Betting App?

Many online operators offer sports betting apps, and having access to these offers a player with the opportunity of placing sports bets anytime, anywhere! Most apps usually have the same features and promotional offers as their desktop counterparts, with the advantage of convenience. The tricky part about finding the best sports betting app is that there are so many choices out there, it makes it a challenge to know where to look. Out of the thousands of options available for sports betting apps, we have narrowed down the best ones for you. The ones which offer free contests, the highest odds, and so much more!

Below is a comprehensive guide of the best sports betting app available in 2020. When it comes to the best online betting app, it has to be Bet365, William Hill, or BetVictor. It is essential to find not just a top-quality app but an app that is also perfect for your needs. It can come off as an overwhelming task, we have come up with a list of the best apps to bet on sports, you can find in the market. Keep in mind that all these apps work in states all over the USA. We recommend that you first read our football gambling tips before betting any real money or crypto.

William Hill

On this bookmaker, a player can choose to place bets on a variety of rates. Through this sports betting app, they can bid on football, basketball, tennis, hockey, rugby, boxing, and more. With a William Hill login, you’re experiencing one of the best and most popular bookmakers in the UK, with a history of betting shops in the country way before apps made their use into the sports betting world! Use the William Hill Log In site to gain access to the most significant sports betting app out there! Sports betting can be exciting and eccentric, but this betting app makes the whole experience ten times better. Some may even say that when it comes to the best betting app, this is the one.

William Hill Betting App Homepage



BetVictor offers one of the best mobile betting experiences you can find. With a wide variety of options and secure payout methods, there is no doubt BetVictor will make it into the list of experts. You can place bets on any sports game that you would like through this app; there is no limitation. Not only that but last we heard, registration was completely free. Stay up to date with all the information from the betting world through this sports betting app. If the odds are in your favor, who knows what offer you might come across.

betvictor online betting app

Onside Sports

This app gives access to rates on a wide variety of sports. Multiply your bets instantly through this in-demand and top-notch sports betting app. The best part about this is that its sporting results are updated every second. So you are live with every single change in the figure, what are the odds?! Open yourself up to a new offer every day with BetVictor, the ultimate sports betting app!

Features include:

  • Live updates of every single match
  • All bets come directly from Las Vegas.
  • Fast notification of changes in the bill, lines, games or injury
  • Online game tracker
  • In-app statistics of each game
  • A list of the most successful players on the rates
  • Open forum for opinions

onside sports online betting app

Betfred Sports Betting

This app provides information about all significant sporting events in which users can place bets. With its exclusive features and smooth interface, Betfred Sports Betting offers an incredible experience for sports betting. Players can test their odds by placing bets on some of the most popular sports such as cricket, tennis, football, golf, basketball, and more. Also, you can keep track of your easy bets as the mobile app offers the best statistics and performance graphs.

betfred online betting app


This sports betting app is known as one of the biggest betting sites in the world. Bet365 is a bookmaker with a reputation of having an impressive line of events, a comfortable user interface, free registration, and higher chances of winning.  This betting app is for all those sports fanatics; it can offer players a very easy yet enjoyable betting experience! Additionally, they can also track live scores through this sports app.

screenshot of Bet365's mobile website


This app maintains an impressive selection of traditional betting shops, which makes this perfect for older generations who still enjoy betting. Age is just a number; you are never too early to go on this live sports app and check if you still have what it takes to win! With its easy interface, Coral offers a simple yet enjoyable experience for anybody looking for the classics of free and live betting.

coral online betting app


Betway Live Sports Betting

This application gives a player the chance to bet on more than 15,000 different sporting events in the world. It provides access to information to sports like tennis, rugby, cricket, football, hockey, basketball, and more. Additionally, there are experts ready to help in just one click.

Betway online betting app


This bookmaker app offers a wide variety of sports to bet on for free. With just a click of a button on this betting app, you can take part in open contests. With a worldwide reputation and a line up of well-known sports teams, Ladbrokes is one of the most trustworthy options you can find. Additionally, this betting app is known for its attractive design and speed, which makes it easy to understand why people would opt for this.

ladbrokes online betting app

Paddy Power

It is known as one of Ireland’s most significant bookmakers in history. The presence of this app in the betting scene has made it to up to thirty plus years, proving their modern, comprehensive, and sophisticated experience.

paddy power online betting app


How Can I Legally Bet on Sports Online?

Betting is not like it used to be. Today, technology makes it a lot more exciting and more accessible from the comforts of the home. If you want to learn how to legally place bets on sports online, use the following steps:

  1. Consider where you want to start betting – There is a wide variety of options you can choose from when it comes to betting apps. Once you have found the right one, you can create an account and deposit an initial amount.
  2. Learn how to bet – The procedure for sports betting is the same across all sports betting apps. However, you should make sure that you are familiar with the way the application works. Before getting into it, tinker with the app and find out how everything works.

On the app, select the sport that you want to place your bet on and review the events that are available for betting. Once that is done, add the event to your bet slip and make the payment necessary.

  1. Choose wisely and consult with experts – When selecting a sport to bet on, it is essential to consider the significant factors. For instance, football and basketball have been the most popular sports, but experts will tell you it would not be smart to place your money on them.
  2. Do not bet on telecast games – Experts will advise you to bet on telecast games lower than you should bet on those that are not. A successful player will get to know what goes on behind the scenes, whether or not they understand the game completely.
  3. Understand the terminology – Make sure that you are familiar with the terms betters use in the game to avoid making mistakes.

Favorites vs. Underdogs

When oddsmakers release a line on a game, they will decide which team will make as the favorite, the team that is most likely to win, and which one will be the underdog, the team that is m.


It is a type of bet for the favorite and the underdog. This bet revolves around which team will cover – the favorite gives points, while the underdog gets points. It is usually used on football and basketball bets. For example, The Patriots are seven-point favorites (-7) against the Jets. If you bet on the Patriots, the team needs to win the game by eight points or more for you to win the bet. It is called a cover. If the Patriots win by exactly seven points, it is called a push, where you can get the money you bet with back. If the Patriots win by six points or less, you lose your bet. On the other hand, if you bet on the Jets plus points, the Jets need to win the game or lose by six points or fewer to win the bet.


Another way to bet on favorites and underdogs is called the Moneyline. It is as simple as betting on which team will win the game. It is used with baseball, hockey, and soccer. Favorites receive a minus designation like -150, -200, or -500. If a favorite is -200, you have to put down $200 to win $100. If the favorite wins, you get $100, but if the favorite loses, you lose $200. Underdogs are given a plus designation like +150, +200 or +500. If an underdog is +200, betting on $100 for a win will get you $200. If the team loses the game, you lose the $100.  Favorites are most likely to win. So, there is more risk when betting on them, and underdogs are more likely to lose, so there is more reward when betting on them.

Over/ Unders (Totals)

Oddsmakers will set a line for the favorite and underdog. The total or the over/under is when they set a total number of points scored in a game. You can place a bet on whether the game will go over or under the total.


You will notice a -110 listed next to your bet. It is known as the juice, takeout, or vig, the commission you will have to pay to the sportsbook before they accept your wager. So if you want to bet on a team as a 5-point favorite, you will have to risk $110 to win $100. This number can also be positive. If a team is -7(+110), this means that if you bet $100 and it covers, you win $110. If your team loses, you only lose whatever you risked.

Are Betting Apps Legal?

In the United States, the supreme court passed a bill to allow legal sports betting across the country in 2018. Before this, it was only legal in Nevada. Slowly, more states are getting the legislation, with New Jersey being one of the first states to legalize sports betting. Betting apps are legal. Now you can place bets online without having to worry about being put behind bars! Given this, it is safe to say that people in America can legally bet on their chosen teams, and the best apps available today are here to cater to those who love the game. Find a betting app that suits you most and prepare yourself for offers and free rewards that are heading your way. Also, do not forget that you can place live bets and test your odds with sports betting in a completely legal manner!

States Where Online Betting is Legal In America

What Betting Apps Work in the USA?

If you are looking for the betting apps that work best in the USA, then you must know that DraftKings Sportsbook, PlayMGM are the top three! We will take you through each state and tell you which ones work the best.

New Jersey

New Jersey is one of the first states to accommodate US sports betting apps.  Casinos and bookmakers are already lining up with their offerings. Make use of any betting app that you like! The betting apps that work in New Jersey USA the best include DraftKings Sportsbook, William Hill, and FanDuel Sportsbook


Online horse racing betting is the most famous sports people bet on in Delaware. Any person above the age of 18 is allowed to download betting apps. As long as they are a resident of the state. The app is available in this state presents prices that most would see in on-site betting establishments. Some of the applications that the people of Delaware turn to include SugarHouse Sportsbook, 888sport, and FOX Bet.


US sports betting apps have been available in Nevada for over nine years. It is one of the best states a player can choose. However, users in this state need to register in person and cannot be done directly from an app yet. Betting apps are available for residents and non-residents as long as they are within the borders of the state lines. The app can detect this by using geolocation technology, so nobody can get away with wagering outside the state. Some of these amazing and highly addictive applications include the best of the best, PointsBet, Unibet, and FanDuel Sportsbook


Mississippi is the second state to allow online betting app when they went on record in August 2018. However, they currently do not have mobile sports betting outside of their land-based casinos. If you are from Mississippi, then Resorts, Caesars, and Bet365 are the go-to apps for you!


Mobile gambling has also made its way into Iowa. As long as the residents and visitors are aged 21 and above, they are allowed to access online gambling apps. However, people who have this app on their phones are required to wager in person at a land-based casino.  Borgata, Golden Nugget, and Hard Rock are the betting apps that you need in your life.

West Virginia

West Virginia also joined in August 2018. They created their own set of rules which allow mobile sports betting across the state. In this state, betting on any game except for high school teams and eSports events, where there are participants under 18. Those who reside in West Virginia need PlayMGM, BetAmerica, and theScore in their lives.


As times move forward with technology, betting on sports only becomes more comfortable and more exciting. The app stated on this list can only get better as time goes by, promising progressive and advanced experiences in the future. The online betting industry has come a long way but still has a lot more coming its way. Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, there is more to look forward to than we realize. If you’re not into sports betting, you can try online casino games. It’s also a good way to experience the fun and thrill sports betting has to offer.

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