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Spain is known as a beautiful country with a rich culture that has attracted tourists from all over the globe to visit. It is no secret that with the rise of the economy comes a lot of investors who are willing to risk it all as they glide with the convenience and accessibility of technology nowadays.

This, over time and online approach, gave birth to gambling with its new mask under Spanish casino where one can enjoy gambling and take a glimpse of Spain online.

A traditional casino used to be open to the Spanish elites but now, anyone can try their luck with a simple click and enter on the mobile casino that they can carry anywhere they want through an online casino. Spain, indeed, has become a home of this trade.

How did it start?

A guys playing poker with Ace of Heart and King of Heart in his hand

Gambling, in a traditional sense, has been around Spain since time immemorial from a simple lottery game to the advanced forms of entertainment that required one to possess a certain skill to assure victory.

It is safe to say that most Spanish players kept the hidden industry as discreet as possible to avoid getting arrested. Fortunately, there has been a positive public opinion on it as more and more players seem to fight for its legalization.

In 1977, Spain has garnered its first step of paving the way as it legalized skill-based games such as Poker and Blackjack that caught millions of people’s hearts as they rush to Spanish casinos to get their hands on these sports betting games.

It didn’t take long for other casino games to be available to the public as games like Slot Machines were added in 1981. Just as expected, people who liked an easy game tried it out for themselves which propelled the industry to become one of the biggest forms of income-generating business in the country. In fact, this has prompted the Spanish economy to grow at an exponential rate.

In 2002 and the rise of the digital village, the regulation process started that was finally approved in 2011 that encouraged online gambling of a number of casino games in Spain.

Is online gambling legal in Spain?

Yes, online gambling is legal in Spain since the country introduced the Spanish Gambling Act back in 2011 that regulated online betting which required operators to obtain a license from the National Gambling Commission where they can do business as usual through a .es domain to accommodate Spanish players.

The Act also includes advertising and game promotion as well as sponsorships to sports betting enthusiasts. If you can’t wait to get your hands on these games, you have to be at least 18 years old to join in order for you to enjoy various games from casino sites.

Moreover, it is important to be able to differentiate who has the power to regulate these websites. There are two options for operators to choose from, based on their demographic placement: local regional authorities have jurisdiction over an online Spanish casino who only operates in a single region while the State regulates sites who provide online gambling activities on two or more regions.

In Spain, online casinos cater to a lot of Spanish nationals and tourists alike with the joy of winning and maybe even getting free spins.

How many Spanish Online Casinos are allowed to operate?

As of now, there are currently 70 Spanish Online Casinos that are allowed to operate. These sites belong to both international and local companies who wish to expand their business horizon while maintaining one’s safety as their license prove their legitimacy in ensuring that you get top-tier entertainment from various casino sites without being scammed.

Notorious for its online casinos, the government of Spain made it certain to specify the respective laws and regulations surrounding these activities. The General Directorate for Gambling Regulation oversees if all registered casinos correspond to the established Spanish Gambling Act (2011). The licensed Spanish online casinos above are all accessible, reliable, and safe. If you’re at least eighteen (18) years old, you may visit these sites and start indulging and earning money from these readily-available games.

Top online casinos that accept Spanish players:

There is an abundance of online Spanish casinos to sign up for. Here is the list of online Spanish casinos that accept Spanish players:

BSPIN Home Page

  • BSPIN – The value of bitcoin has raised exponentially over the years since it was introduced in the early 2000s. Now, a lot of players are willing to gamble with real bitcoins which has the potential to become an asset that can turn anyone into a millionaire in no time. Aside from the popular e-wallets available, the site also caters to new digital bankers and applications such as Neteller and WeChat. This site overs a lot of games that anyone can try and this is why a lot of fans hover to their site every single day. You can check out our in-depth review of Bspin for additional information. Plus, their marketing materials are at par with some of the best in the advertising industry today. You can check out in-depth review of Bspin.
  • Red Dog Casino — despite being new to the scene, this website has already been commended for providing comprehensive internet betting experience. Its user-friendly design and great customer service are just among the number of reasons why the site catapulted to popularity.
  • SlotV Online Casino — with its curacao license, this site ensures that the players have a fair online gaming experience plus a mobile application for additional player convenience. They even have an anti-fraud feature to avoid fraudulent attempts with customer’s credit cards, easily making them one of the most reliable online casinos in the market.
  • 22Bet Online Casino — having been localized to a booming number of 50 languages, million players have engaged and found immediate satisfactory transactions within this website. There are various games and providers within 22Bet casino, but if players want to place bets, they can do so at 22Bet bookmakers wherein they can bet for most sporting events across the globe.
  • Playamo Online Casino — this site offers various live dealer games to choose from in excellent quality. These live dealers make the experience realistic, making anyone who prefers land-based casinos, to still enjoy them virtually.
  • Alf Online Casino — Owing to its lively design and striking animations, available on both their website and mobile application, adds to any player’s gaming experience. They offer various games powered by highly-regarded providers adding to its appeal.
  • Drift Casino Online Casino — A multinational platform with a number of around 800 games in categories. Handy and easy to use features, and overall reliable online casino.
  • Mucho Vegas Online Casino — A Mexican-themed online casino with around a whopping 1 thousand (1000) + games readily available to choose from. This is easily one of the largest mobile slot selections seen in the community.

How do I bet online in Spain?

The process itself sounds complicated but you’ll be surprised on how easy it is to bet online. We’ve laid out the following steps to guide you to make sure that you don’t miss out on anything:

1. Register an account

Just like any other media application on the internet, the site will require you to place information about you.

2. Enter your DNI number

Sometimes, a website might ask you to email a copy of your DNI to confirm your identity and ensure that no funny business is going around.

3. Deposit an amount to start

There are a lot of ways on how to do this as most deposits can be made using either a MasterCard or Visa but if you prefer to use your online credit, PayPal and Skrill works just as fine.

4. Request for a cash-out

This is the fun part where you can request a withdrawal to be able to cash out your winnings from the casino. However, give the site a few days to process it as the volume may not give you your winnings in real-time so patience is the main key to this trick.

Overall, it takes more or less only 10 minutes to get your account started today.


A casino, indeed, has changed its face while retaining its basic functionality like its rules, number of players that can participate along with the proper guidelines on who to call for more inquiries. What makes an electronic casino even more charming is the way it has brought about comfort to both the users and the operators because it provided a leveled playing field instead of the traditional casino where one has to dress in heels and tux to enter. Now, anyone can simply slide into their comfortable pajamas and stay at home with their loved ones as they share their excitement with them.

With the rise of online casinos, Spain can only expect nothing but the best as revenues come and add to the national growth of the country. This is precisely why in Spain, online casinos are part of their recreational activities as one after another player try and play as much to earn winnings and free spins. Notably, Bspin has been raising up to everyone’s expectations as they release games frequently which keeps their players hooked with excitement.

Gambling in Spain has become so common that it is almost unusual for one to not know what it is and if you happen to visit any Spanish casino – whether online or off the line, make sure to have the best time and enjoy your games.

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