Different Types Of Slot Machines

Slot machines can be classified into different types; these classifications are established based on several factors. In virtually every casino, there can be several types of slot machines accessible, such as video slots, touch-screen, multi-coin, and online slot machines sites such as Betcoin.ag, etc.

Selecting the right machine is incredibly important for players because playing a slot there cannot afford is nobody’s wish. Furthermore, players choose slot machine games that are comfortable and feels good. Whether you play in a physical casino or online casinos, a slot game is meant to be fun.

The advancement of the most popular slot games is propelled by technology, even if the new type of slot or rather, modern slot machines are alien to you, it’s nothing to worry about because they are straightforward and fun. There is usually an explanation of each slot game on every machine.

Online casinos make the learning process easier because online slot games include icons that can be clicked, and the game’s full explanation is readily available.

Classifications of Slot Machines

Slot machines are generally divided into two main groups:

  • Denominations

The easiest and most effective way of arranging slots into types is by taking their denomination under consideration; some games can only be played with pennies as payment, while other games accept dollars for payment. There are multi-purpose slot machines that accept many different forms of payment.

  • Number of Reels

This refers to the spinning symbols on the front of the slot machine. They used to be big hoops of metal that twirled inside the machine, but they are now just a show in recent times. Most of the modern-day type of slot games have a video screen that shows these reels spinning.

The typical casino slot machine has three reels, while the most refined types of slot machines use five reels. These reels generally have 20 to 24 stops on each reel. In times past, pulling a lever will mechanically spin the reels, but it’s done automatically today.

The three-reel slots were invented and shown to the world by Charles Fey; these are deemed by many as the original game.

Types of Slot Machines

When you see a picture of a slot machine today, you realize that a slot machine has developed into a fascinating game with immersive sound, 3D effect, and other features. Gone are the days of the primary slot machine. Below are some of the many different types:

1. Second And Third Class Slots

Slots are documented as a second or third class slot in the United States. The regular slots which are found in places like Vegas, Atlantic City, and other top gambling destinations are third-class slots, while a slot game found in other smaller gambling places is called second class slots.

The third class slots are also known as a “Vegas-style” machine; each free spins are registered as an independent event, spinning the reels determines the outcome. Winning or losing within the rules is close with every spin.

A second class slot machine is identical to games like bingo or lottery. The players compete against each other rather than playing against the house. With the use of slot themes, the game usually feels like a typical slot machine, but its core is bingo-based.

2. Flat Top Slot Machines

A long time ago, there was only a fixed top jackpot, but things are presently different. Names of slot machines with only a fixed top prize are Flat top slot machines that are still relevant today. With this type of slot, the big winner gets a lower price; the progressive jackpot scheme provides a higher chance of winning the same prize.

3. Progressive Slot Machines

Many different slot machines can be classified as progressive slot machines if they pay out a standard jackpot. In progressive slot machines, the jackpot can be accumulated over time, and this increases the payout. The payout jackpot can be compared to winning the lottery.

The house usually collects a small percentage of each placed bet and puts it in the jackpot until anybody wins. After that, the whole process starts all over again. Once there is a winner, the progressive jackpot resets and continue growing from there.

There are different types of progressive slots; for example, some jackpots are unique to a slot machine – it is called a standalone progressive. The other type is the one used by a casino with several machines connected to a network; their jackpot is shared on it.

Currently, with the creation of online casinos, progressive jackpots are thriving in popularity. It is now normal to see casinos giving players the option to hit a progressive jackpot created using their online platform. Casino owners link slot machines from multiple casinos, usually in the same state; these help the progressive jackpot reach astonishing figures.

Standalone slot machines are not connected to any progressive jackpot network, and the machine posts the schedule for their payout. This is convenient for players who are going to play for longer but are still interested in economizing their bankroll. The payout is higher because this particular one is devoid of progressive jackpots.

4. Online Slot Machines

These slots can be used through a computer or mobile device with the aid of the internet. There function identically to a traditional Vegas-style machine except for one thing, and money transactions are done online. An advantage of online slots is that it can be accessed anytime and from anywhere. The main advantage is possibly a higher payout percentage.

One of the fundamental disadvantages is that winnings can not be accessed instantly. There is usually a processing time from the casino and your choice of payment. Examples of online slot games are the Pirate Booty slots and the pirate gold; Players can learn how to play Pirate Gold.

5. Loose vs. Tight Slots

A game is regarded as a loose game because it’s the one that pays more frequently, while a tight game is the opposite of that one. A player cannot evaluate a slot machine’s payout frequency, and it is a matter of opinion. This is a vastly discussed issue on gambling forums.

6. Paylines

There are lines in every single slot machine; these lines become a payline when a winning combination appears. Slot machine games usually consist of a single pay line. This line goes across the middle of the three reels; the game pays out if the correct symbol combinations line up.

A modern slot machine game has multiple pay lines on five reels, quite a lot of the patterns can be complicated. This type of slot machine game makes it easier to win small amounts with every spin.

The older slot machine games generally take one coin and had one line, but that is now a thing of the past. Presently, with more than one coin, you have more lines. One line was initially allowed by the initial technology, but with modern software, much more than one line is allowed. Computers first generated lines that we’re straight, and then after a while, slot designers figured out a way to make lines zig-zag and diagonal.

In 2020, there are games with more than 50 lines, but the most common amount of lines in multi-play slots usually is between 15-25. A line needs to be activated on a multi-play line slot machine by betting on that line before it can pay. This type of slot can be quite complicated, but it’s well-liked, even by newbies. Nonetheless, a common mistake is not betting on a pay line by the time a winning combination appears.

Slot machines’ names can be strange, for instance, the new slot machine that is made with only the concept of pay lines, which is called The 234 ways. This one pays out once the right order of winning combination symbols appear from left to right on the monitor.

Newer machines have features such as an assortment of bonus games and special wild symbols that work in a variety of ways.

7. Single-Coin And Multi-Coin Machine Games

Single-coin machine games are hard to come by because they are not considered useful since the invention of the multi-coin machine. The newer machines provide way more entertainment value; this is generally what casinos are after. Single-coin machine games can be found in some senior casinos, and if you like a nostalgic feel, you can try it out with the added benefit of your bankroll lasting longer.

As for the multi-coin machines, these types of machine games accept more than one coin and pays out according to the number of coins played. Bally inaugurated the first machine of many coin gaming machines in 1987, and casino owners used it as a tool to encourage people to bet bigger.

The vast majority of casino slots are multipliers. Occasionally, you will find a single slot coin machine in some casinos. One of the advantages of a slot with more pay lines is giving more action to players. Slots with 30-50 pay lines can be found in Electronic slots and online casinos. More than one pay line does not increase players’ chances of winning the jackpot.

8. Buy-Your-Pay Machines

These types of machines are usually a little bit tricky, but not overly concerning. These machines can be recognized by looking at the payout schedule; this is generally displayed on the display screen. These games are multipliers and typically accept up to five coins. Each coin put in by the player, buys them a winning combination. If the right amount of coins is put in, the winner appears, and the player gets paid.

These games are not as prominent as they once were, but can still be located in some casinos. Note that if you desire to play this sort of game, the maximum amount of coins will have to be bet every single time in other to unlock every possible winning combination. Altogether, these games should be avoided at all cost because it can be quite frustrating.

9. Video Slot Games

These slot games are computer software that resembles reels spinning and symbols lining up. The overwhelming difference between a video slot from the others is that they offer more than five pay lines. Video slots with more than 100 different pay lines do exist. They also offer various features like free bonus games and free spins to help a player increase their winnings.

Once upon a time, the five-reel bonus slots were the latest and greatest of online slot machines. They possess more reels, combinations, symbols, and pay lines. The payout schedule is understandably higher because these machines generally make more money.

10. 3-D Slots

These slot machines are the latest generation of slots. 3D storylines are incorporated with standard slot concepts, which gives them a very interactive and exciting feel among players. They offer different types of storylines; some are adventures, while others can be romantic. This technology is relatively new, so not every casino has adopted the idea.

11. Touch-Screen Machines

The introduction of touch screen technology hugely affected the gambling landscape, and this prompted many manufacturers to start integrating high tech solutions in building slot machines.

Since then, touch screen slots have been top-rated and very successful, most notably those slots with the screen positioned in such a way that players have a hand rest.

12. Multi-Game Machines

These machines have become very popular among players because they give you the option of switching between games without changing machines. Players can either play slots, video keno, blackjack or video poker on one machine. They also allow numerous denominations.

13. Bonus Games

The majority of slot machines offer extra incentives for players in the form of bonuses. Players can enjoy these bonuses on separate free slot machines. The payout on these bonus games is subject to the bet that created the bonus.

The most popular slot bonus is the Scatter symbols. Different rules regulate these; It is much easier to win with scatter symbols than in regular slot games. 15 Free spins are generally award for every scatters win. However, Betting on free spins is not allowed because initial bets placed are used to generate the payouts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Most Popular Slot Machine?

Some of the most popular slot machines are Deal or no Deal, monopoly, Wheel of fortune, Jumanji, etc.

How Do You Pick A Winning Slot Machine?

You can pick a winning slot machine by picking one with high payouts, increasing your bets, and trusting the opinions of other players.

What Are The Symbols On A Slot Machine?

The symbols on a slot machine are Five in number and are called; Hearts, Spades, Diamonds, Liberty Bell and Horseshoe.


Regardless of the type of slot, the most famous games in the gambling scene are online slot machines. Nevertheless, they offer the most excellent variety of fun and diversity, whether they are offline or online slots. After reading this article, going through the various types of slot machines, the hope here is that this information will help you locate the right slot machine for you. You can play slot games here.

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