What is Slotomania?

The simple answer is that Slotomania is a Free Slots Online casino designed for Facebook (Social) play only.

Playing and betting games in online casinos has become a better alternative for having fun and winning real money from any device.  It gets even merrier when you can have a free casino and Facebook friends in your gaming network to play with.

For a  free slot social play casino, they are famous for free-risk gaming. For this reason,  Slotomania has more than 100 million people playing free slots in their casino.

The downside with them is that they do not have video casinos and gambling games like blackjack, video poker, or other table games. But the upside with Slotomania is that they are entirely devoted to offering their 100 million players with free and advanced Slot games alone. You can play as many variations of slot games in this Casino just as there are many slots in Las Vegas or on bitcoin online betting sites like Bspin and Bitcoin casinos.

Secondly, Slotomania casino games mainly rely on free coins, gift chips as well as boosters to advance to the pro league. You should be able to constantly play to improve yourself and unlock the pro levels.  As it is a social casino, you only play with virtual money. This guarantees a 0% risk that you’d lose money playing with them.

Although, if you want to avoid all the hassle of leveling up, you can buy chips at one time or another to keep the Slots reels rolling for as long as you can.

Slotomania Casino


When you sign up and start playing, you get 10,000 free coins as a free welcome prize from Slotomania.  However, only players above the age of 21 are allowed in this Casino.

Slotomania game developers and reward programs are by Playtika. They have got all rights reserved. Playtika company was the first to create social casinos in the world.

Slotomania is fully allowed to play and run in the USA, Australia, and Canada.  There are lots of Playtika offices around the world.  Majorly found in the United States, Canada, Romania, Argentina, Israel, Belarus,  Ukraine, and Japan.

Slotomania Pros & Cons

As with most things in life, Slotomania is no different either. It has its list of pros and cons as well.

Let’s dive in and see what their list has:


  • True Social Experience

By now it’s crystal clear that Slotomania’s primary focus is on social gaming. With a customizable Leaderboard, players can get their performance stats compared to their network. Interacting with a network of Facebook friends is an ultimate social experience with this Casino.

  • 0% Financial Risks

Since they are a free slots social casino, this means no real money wagers on any slots gamble made on this casino. Unlike the traditional and other online casinos, you get the amusement, fun, thrill, and the adrenaline rush all for free

  • Slots, Slots, Slots, And More Slots Games!

If you are a slot player then this is your little haven. Slotomania has over 140 slot machine games. As you level up the games become more and more competitive and rewarding. With tons of slots variation, a slot lover wouldn’t ask for more.

  • IOS and Android support

As technology advances, so are the devices too. With slotomania games, whether you have a windows PC, an android mobile phone, or an iPad from Apple, you can play their games on any device. Besides, their app can be found in all app stores. This includes Apple store, Windows app store, Amazon app store, and Google Play store as well.

  • Promotions & Rewards

Being a registered player with this casino, offers, promotions, rewards, and more prizes will be heading your way all through. Again, after every 4 hours, they reload your coin balance to enjoy more slots. As your rank rises, so are your promotions and rewards too.



  • You Never Win Real Money

Since slotomania is a social online casino, real money cashout is not an option. unlike many other casinos, like the Bspin review shows that players earn a lot of money. You can collect as many coins with your impeccable slots gaming skills. However, none of those coins can be cashed out. Maybe just to advance you to the next level and unlock the locked games on the platform.

  • Slots Only

Slot games are the only plays in Slotomania. Although with different variations, if Slots is not your game, then this Casino is not what you are looking for.


Review of Slotomania

What Player Levels are there in Slotomania?

Categorically, there are 3 main player levels on slotomania. They are the bronze, silver, and black diamonds levels.

New players have to be on the Bronze level at first. If they improve their game experience, they can reach the top levels.

After you complete this step, you will be on Silver rank. Silver level people have 2x more bonuses than the Bronze one.

When it comes to Black Diamond rank, they are the masters of using slot machines. Also, they are regarded as the Slotomania game developers at this level. For this, the Playtika program rewards Black Diamonds with numerous prizes and in high quantity.

How do you get Slotomania Badges?

Badges are also needed to enhance your level in Slotomania. They are used to gain access to high rating games. You can use badges when you want to play these games if you have the badge required.

Slotomania Badges

There are many ways to get badges on slotomania. You will have to collect symbols of wildest animals and hit the win all wedge. This is on the slot called “Mammoth stampede”. The symbols belong to mammoth, sabretooth, aiolornis, and stag. Also, you ought to complete all 4 maps and play the diamond pot bonus game on the slot termed “Clover adventure”.

When it comes to a slot called “Old Man’s Gold”, you would have to get 4 or more scatters in a single spin, win a major jackpot or win a grand jackpot. Besides, you can earn badges on a slot called ” Fu Fu Flip”. In this slot, you will have to trigger the super flip bonus with 8 or more symbols and hit x88 or x888 in the super flip bonus with one or more coins.

Can you cash out on Slotomania?

No, You can’t. No money comes out of your account. Besides, as a player, you only play with virtual coins. Additionally, Slotomania is only a social casino, unlike other casinos that use real money wagers.

However, money can go in. Yes, a one-way transaction applies to this casino. When you want to boost your level or even access locked slots, you can make a one-way payment for the service.

Do you win real money on Slotomania?

The simple answer is no, The slot machine game is just an amazing and interesting social casino for everyone to play with virtual monies only.  All fans of slotomania. described the casino as the home of fun. But not a real money-making Casino.

Slotomania - Collect you bonus

However, instead of real money, you can win a lot of things on these social casino slots. You can achieve coins and gifts in this game. Additionally, mystery gifts are also available as one of the casino prizes which you can share with your friends. Free slots sometimes offer big prizes for active and lucky users. But you can never win real money or bitcoin casino experience here.

Is Slotomania a con?

We have no right to add slotomania among “con” casinos because there is no money involved in real sense. People just play for fun and excitement in this Casino.

Concerning games, the slot machine games are fully legitimated and all rights reserved. As a legit casino, Slotomania is allowed in few countries namely United States, Canada, and Australia, slot machines are becoming common around the world.

What is the Slotomania app?

Most casinos have their website as well as an app (APK). On most of them, both the site and app are almost the same. In contrast, the website and phone app of Slotomania have significant differences. Both have the slot machine game but they offer different features and benefits all the same.

Slotomania app

If you can gain game offers on both the website and the app. Your casino slots great performance can level-up your rank very fast. On the other hand, it is hard to navigate on both the website and the app with no guidance. So, it will be hard for you to reach all the offers and you have to find the best choice among them.

The good news is the app can be accessed by all devices. It is readily available on all app stores, You can play the casino games on all iPhone, iPad, laptop, Mac computer, and any other android or windows running devices.

How do you play Slotomania?

As mentioned before, you have to be a slot die hard. There are many slots on Slotomania to choose from. In this section, we will discuss how you can play free slot games.

Slotomania Collection

  • The first step is to log in to slotomania.
  • When you are on the site or app, you have to sign up via email address to start the slot games.
  • After finishing the above steps, all you need is to verify your account. And you are all done.


Yes, playing slot machines is that easy.  The minimum price of playing is 200 coins whereas the maximum play on a game is 350,000,000 coins.

The only task is to play by spinning the reels on slot machines.  If you invite your friends to the game, you will get special game promotions on the casino slots games. With every new reference, you get more and more bonuses and promotions on Slotomania.

Payment Methods for Slotomania

You can buy boosters to level-up your rank in a quick time on Slotomania.

I should point out that you do not have to invest real money at all to play. However, it entirely depends on how fast you want to rise in the ranks.

slotomania offers a range of opportunities to purchase coins with real money. Payment methods can be done via PayPal, Visa, Visa Debit, Master Card, Maestro, Discover, Diners Club, and the app is available on the Apple app store, Google app store, Amazon app store, and Windows app store.

Conversely, If you want to improve yourself in terms of slots, try these tips to win in online casinos.


To conclude, Slotomania is a 100% legit and free-risk casino. You will have a lot of fun and opportunities to make friends on this platform.  Join in a happy and friendly team of millions of players from all over the world. You can also enjoy many bonuses and promotions on this casino.

But if free Slots is not your thing and you need real money betting casinos, then bitcoin casino and fruit zen slot have got your back. Just sign up and start playing right away!

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